Kinderland Serangoon [PRESCHOOL]

Unique learning environment with rich outdoor experiences Large indoor space is well-suited for conducting KinderFit lessons on cardio-wellness & movement Well-researched curriculum inspires critical thinking and curiosity for Maths and Science Learn keyboard music beneficial for advancing cognitive development from professional music teachers

*Kinderland Preschool @ Serangoon will relocate to Hougang (near Kovan MRT) in February 2021.

A stone’s throw away from Serangoon MRT station, Kinderland @ Serangoon is connected to the MRT station by an underpass. There is a large outdoor area within the school compound, which contains an outdoor playground and garden.

Water play facilities are available too, offering children a great early start to learning through fun hands-on play. Water play activities not only stimulate creativity and imagination; there are also many opportunities for children to develop gross and fine motor skills across the age ranges.

Within the school itself, there is a large indoor activity area, suitable for running the KinderFit programme and enrichment programmes like Rhythmic Gymnastics.

An array of educare options such as full-day and half-day childcare as well as 3h flexi-care sessions are available.

Location Information

Address:587 Upper Serangoon Road,
Singapore 534564
*Kinderland Preschool @ Serangoon will relocate to Hougang (near Kovan MRT) in February 2021.
Contact:6881 8818
Email:Please click here
Outdoor Areas:Water play, Playground
Operating Hours:Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7:00am to 2:00pm


ProgrammesChild Care and Flexi Care
Sessions:Half day, Full day (Child Care)
3h (Flexi Care) – 8.00am to 11.00am or 11.30am to 2.30pm
Level:Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group:18 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

  1. Chinese Immersion Programme (for K1 and K2 students)
  2. JACPA Rhythmic Gymnastic (for girls only)

Parent Testimonial

A big thank you to the teachers for your dedication, patience, care and professionalism you provide to my child each and every day. I can see the difference your teachings make to my child’s growth and development.

He Ying, proud parent of Foong Sheng Ting, PN1

Dear Ms Huda, 王老师 and 李老师

Thank you for the hard work you have put in to ensure that the children continue to learn during HBL. You have made the lessons interactive and interesting.

I am happy to see how my children enjoy your lessons and look forward to going to school everyday and to know they are in good hands.

Have a good break and a Happy Teachers’ Day! 教师节快乐!

Cheryl Yap, proud parent of Yeoh Rei Chen, Yeoh Rei Dong, K2, N2

The Circuit Breaker has been a trying period and we are very grateful for the Kinderland Serangoon teachers and principal, for going the extra mile to provide the children with some form of normalcy in their education via home-based learning. The Zoom sessions were fun and engaging, and the children looked forward to their e-classes everyday. With this opportunity to witness their classes, we as parents felt really assured that our children are in good hands while we are at work. Thank you Team Kinderland Serangoon.

JING XIAN, proud parent of Rei Yee & Rei Hon, K2 & N2

Thank you Ms Freda and 郑老师 for your unwavering dedication in caring and nurturing Damien.. also putting up with his cheekiness and antics. I hope he has brought you lots of laughter. He is always eager to go to school and runs in without saying so much of a goodbye. This pandemic has brought a lot of unprecedented obstacles, but thank you for your efforts in teaching and guiding Damien to reach his potential.

Xiaole, proud parent of Damien, PN1

Dear Ms Melissa, Ms Huda, Li Laoshi and Wang Laoshi,

It has been an amazing and wonderful four years for Andrea at Kinderland Serangoon with the care, teaching and kindness you have shown to her during her preschool years. Thank you for always taking good care of her and making me as a parent feel assured I’m in good hands when I bring her to school everyday. These years will be great memories for Andrea and myself. Happy Teacher’s Day and a big thank you for everything! ❤️

Michelle Lai, proud parent of Andrea Teo, K2

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Principal, all teachers, teaching assistants and the cleaners at the Kinderland Serangoon centre. During the COVID pandemic, as a parent, we feel safe and reassured that our child will continue his learning in a safe environment.

Thank you for leading our child to walk through this unprecedented challenge. Wish you all the best and stay safe.

Gloria Lo, proud parent of Nathan Wong, Nursery 2

Thank you Teachers for letting me have fun when learning!

Carl Chay, proud parent of Keira Chay, Nursery

Dear Principal, All Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff @ Kinderland Serangoon,

Thank you for all your care shown and love showered on both girls over the past 6 years, witnessing their growth and milestones at different stages. Not forgetting, the lovely cooks who prepared healthy and delicious lunch for them daily, and friendly Angie who is ever ready to take on our queries.

Thank you all and Happy Teachers’ Day! :)

Lim Ai Peng, proud parent of Peh Wen Xin Chantel, K2

Thank you for the dedication that you have the kids. It’s not easy to even look after 1-2kids and you guys have to manage so many of them. Andrew speaks so well of you guys. So thank you for teaching him so well.

Abby, proud parent of Andrew Neo, Nursery 1

Thank You Ms Huda and Zhen Laoshi for your dedication and patience in nurturing Adelle. Adelle looks forward to school everyday.
Special mention to Ms Huda who taught my elder daughter in 2017 and prepared her well for her transition to primary school journey.
Not forgetting all the teachers in Kinderland @ Serangoon who portrayed great team spirit and worked well together to care for all the students’ well-being.
Wishing Ms Huda, Zhen Laoshi and all teachers here a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Wendy Zhou, proud parent of Adelle Choy, Pre- Nursery 2

It takes a village to grow a child. So we thank you very much for helping us in this role of nurturing and educating our son, Franco. He is growing up to be a happy kid and always the eager learner. :)

Avea Victoria San Miguel, proud parent of Franco Antonio San Miguel, K2

Many thanks to Rei Hon’s teachers for the patience showered upon him which must have been a mountain-load because at home, his handfulness and stubbornness earned him the nickname ‘Honligan’. He looks forward to school everyday and would sing a lot of songs at home which he must have learned in school. As working parents, we are very assured he is in good hands with caring teachers to mould him into a kind and spirited boy.

Tan Jing Xian, proud parent of Yeoh Rei Hon, Pre Nursery

Many thanks to ReiYee’s teachers for all the patience and nurturing that enabled her to blossom significantly, especially in recent months. She looks forward to school everyday and often speaks about what she has learned in school. It is very heartening to know she’s in good hands and learning good values when us parents are at work!

Tan Jing Xian, proud parent of Yeoh Rei Yee, K1

Dear Teachers & Staff at Kinderland (Serangoon),

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Edwin enjoys school but has had a challenging time adjusting to childcare. I’m grateful for the patience, time & dedication given to him.

Thank you for nurturing Edwin!

Edwin’s Mummy

Yong Hui Ping, proud parent of Koh Zhi Kai Edwin, Nursery

Dear Teachers of Curious 1(Ms Huda, Ms Tee, Ms Zynn, Josin),
Thank you for helping Emily to settle in school. She enjoys school a lot and always comes back to tell us how she loves her teachers and friends. Thank u for your hard work and heart work! Have a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Emily and Family

Evelyn yeo, proud parent of Emily Ngiam, Curious 1

Thanks to all staff for the effort put in. Please take care and stay safe. Adelle does hope to be back in school again. 😊

Proud parent of Adelle Choy

Dear Melissa and all teachers, thanks for your great effort and time preparing the online class. It’s a good initiative and Nathan enjoyed the lesson today with his classmates and Ms Huda ❤

Proud parent of Nathan Wong

Dear Ms Melissa, We sincerely thank all the Teachers in Kinderland for all the hard work and for looking after the children’s well-being during this period. Stay safe.

Proud parent of Raphael Jeremiah Setiawan

Thank you for the hard work, Teachers. Jia you!

Proud parent of Andrew Neo

Hi Melissa, thank you for arranging the session. I think you guys did a great job as a first timer and will improve.

For kids their age, it’s not easy to control regardless of the crowd.

Just to share, last week Iris attended a zoom session of an external enrichment programme for 5 kids and the response was not great and ended up seeming like the parents were answering more than the kids.

For kids this age, can explore using gestures to know if they are understanding. E.g. nodding, shaking their head, raise their hands etc.

Proud parent of Iris Soon

Please convey to Ephraim and Elliott’s teachers that they are doing a wonderful job! Not easy to retain the attention of the young ones! 😄

Thank you.

Proud parent of Ephraim and Elliott

We look forward to e-lesson every day.
We can see our friends and learn something that is different.
It is so easy to have a dedicated time to sing together, read together and to interact with our teachers.

It also gives mommy a short break to prepare lunch. hahaha

Thanks once again and we are praying that you all stay safe at home as well.

Proud Parent of Anne Chan

Hi Melissa, Thea has really enjoyed HBL, including the chance to see and interact with her classmates. She also felt like a ‘big girl’ having meetings online like her older Primary school sisters. From a parent’s point of view, HBL went very smoothly. It was a great chance to be a fly on the wall and see Thea in action in class. Thanks to all the Teachers, who made sure everybody got a chance to answer questions or annotate on the screen.

Proud parent of Thea Tay-Logan
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