Kinderland Siglap [PRESCHOOL]

Kinderland @ Siglap is located in a private estate in Siglap, serving the residents in the area as well as Bedok. The compound features an expansive outdoor space with multiple playgrounds, and you can often see children stretching their bodies in the field or playing with the play structures. Our signature KinderFit activities are conducted there.

Kinderland’s approach integrates the moral values and interpersonal touches of the East and the innovation and inclusivity of Western methodologies, allowing our children to balance play and school readiness.

At Kinderland Siglap, we offer a family environment full of love and care. Teachers are long-serving staff who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, and have no qualms going the extra mile in ensuring the best for your child.

Location Information

Address : 6 Lakme Street,
Singapore 456903.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Water play, Sand Play, Large Playground
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7:00am to 2:00pm


Programmes : Child Care
Sessions : Half Day, Full Day
Level : Pre Nursery to Kindergarten 2
Age Group : 18 months to 6 years

Parent Testimonial

I sincerely appreciate the regular updates on my child’s progress and well-being, along with the helpful suggestions and advice.

Corinne, proud parent of Sonia (K2, 2019) and Joshua (Nursery)

We met Principal Elaine. She gave us a tour of the school and explained everything we needed to know and more! I love her enthusiasm and bubbly nature and till today she still is! My girl just loves her so much and other teachers too.

The teaching team is very engaging and warm to the children. They provide daily updates, progress and photos. My daughter looks forward to school every day! And has been doing so for 6 months now. Ultimately as a parent, I feel safe leaving my child under their care. For the past 6 months, my daughter has learnt self-independence, trust and many more positive traits. Thank you Kinderland @ Siglap for your continuous hard work and enthusiasm!

Wendy, proud parent of Lauren Faith Igg (Playgroup)

Everyone in Kinderland @ Siglap, from the Principal (Elaine) to the teachers (Teacher Sim & Wei Laoshi) and the children, are very close knit and friendly, cheerful and caring.

There is a lovely outdoor playground and the hygiene level is very high with very clean classrooms and common area.

Although we joined in the middle of the term, the classmates welcomed my daughter with open arms which was very heart warming. Kudos to the teachers for building a school culture that nurtures kind and friendly children!

Teachers are very dedicated, caring and fun, and they adopt a collaborative approach involving parents in continuous feedback on the child’s progress and development.

Kelly Fong, proud parent of Janice Teo (Nursery)

Initially I had a hard time trying to teach Jayden mandarin. Then his attitude suddenly changed, and every weekend he loves practising his 听写, and sounding his 汉语拼音. He related to me that it’s due to the fun he had in his mandarin lessons. Teng 老师made the lessons interactive and fun. I was worried about his primary school preparations but Teng 老师 observed and made good comments of Jayden’s progress and thus, there is a need for one fewer tiger mom (me).

From the wobbly little boy to a caring loving brother and a friend to all now, chit chatting and sharing food with teachers as if they are his friends, Kinderland Siglap makes schooling a delight. Academics is still important, but the teachers’ constant thinking outside the box makes learning fun for every child. How I wish my own kindergarten experience was like that. No crying and dragging any of my 2 children to school.

Amber Ang, proud parent of Jayden (K2, 2019) and Kyea Sim (K1)

Great and dedicated teachers, my kid has improve alot in school. Eg: Principal Elaine, Teng Lao Shi.

I feel the teachers in school put in a lot of effort to bring out the best in every kid.

Once again kudos.

Patrick Phua, proud parent of Tyle Phua (K2, 2019)

Home-Based Learning during the circuit breaker was challenging for both teachers and parents. I am thankful that the teachers put in extra effort to create interesting and creative online materials for the children. The Teachers are great!

Geri Goh, proud parent of Gwineth Chia (K1)



Daisy, proud parent of Qi Haojun, (K1)

The one special thing that makes me feel really comfortable about Kinderland @ Siglap is the interaction style the school has adopted.

Teachers remember every student’s name. Even students from different levels know each another’s name, revealing the intimacy between students and their Teachers. Everyone greets each other with warm smiles, which in my opinion is true and it is difficult to stage the smiles when dealing with young children.

Teachers are sincere and honest to share their thoughts about the child’s development and often point out areas which can better improve his/her development.

Teacher to student ratio is great, kids get very good attention in learning opportunities.

Cheery and vibrant outdoor playground and activities gathered all the children’s laughter and the school has a little garden which allow children to be exposed to nature.

Vanice Huang, proud parent of Dylan Soh, (K2) and Dawn Soh, N (Nursery)

Trent has loved every minute of Kinderland Siglap. He always came home with stories to tell and songs to sing.

Sheryl, proud parent of Trent Hou (K2, 2017)





Clara Wong, proud parent of Emma Fang (K2, 2018)

Placing both our children in Kinderland Siglap has been the best decision. We have certainly seen them grow in leaps and bounds, and established the much needed confidence and enthusiasm to learn.

It has the perfect blend of committed and dedicated Teachers, a balanced curriculum and an ideal ambiance; fundamental in nurturing a happy and inquisitive child.

Truly a gem in a serene neighbourhood.

June Tan, proud parent of Chua Yoong Jae (K2, 2019)

My elder child had severe eczema, sensitive skin and sensitive airways. I visited more than 50 schools in the east and none could assure me with confidence that they can love him and accommodate him in terms of diet and hygiene.

Kinderland @ Siglap stands out among the schools we visited. They are very transparent and really care for the children sincerely. We joined this school since 2013 when my elder boy was 18 months old. The teachers always ensure that I get updated on my child’s progress and never fail to address my concerns.

The teachers are very caring and are even mindful of little details which I didn’t think of. I never had to worry about my kids at work knowing that they are in good hands. I don’t think you can find another childcare as caring as the teachers, cook, and principal here.

Huang Baoling, proud parent of Low Yu Hien (K2)