We know your precious little one deserves only the best infant and toddler care for his/her early years.

At Kinderland, every infant is well-tended to by qualified and experienced caregivers. They will enjoy the responsive, tender loving touch that is so important for their proper development.

This is accomplished in an environment that is designed with the highest possible level of safety in mind and provides opportunities for sensory, cognitive, creative, social, and emotional stimulation during your child’s crucial growing months. Your baby is nurtured in a comfortable setting that is conducive to his/her total development.

  • Infant and Toddler Care Programme (2 months to below 18 months)

We believe in …..

  • Close, caring relationships with competent & responsible caregivers who are responsive to infants/toddlers’ needs,
  • Healthy, safe yet stimulating environments in which children can explore, make mistakes, be challenged and experience success,
  • Strong family connections to foster parenting roles and empower parents to grow with their children,
  • Developmentally appropriate infant/toddler curriculum that provide educational and developmental services through love, respect and understanding.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide quality infant and toddler care in a conducive and healthy environment
  • To foster social and emotional development through responsive communication and care
  • To develop gross and fine motor skills in a stimulating yet safe environment
  • To meet the physical growth and developmental needs of infants

Besides meeting the basic needs of the growing infant, the KinderBabes and KinderTots programmes are specially designed to provide individual, responsive care and affection for every child to allow them to explore their own bodily capabilities.

Sensory-motor Development
A wide range of interesting activities held in a safe environment helps the infants to properly develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Language and Cognitive Growth
Cognition is the ability to think, learn and remember. Your newborn’s brain is rapidly making sense of the world through each interaction with our sensitive caregivers. Through listening and absorbing the basic and distinct sounds of language, he/she is forming the foundation for speech.

Creative Stimulation through Senses
The 5 senses are engaged in a specially designed environment that utilises colours, play tools, textures, and sounds. By discovering cause-and-effect through play, your child will also build up a sense of creativity, inquisitiveness, and exploration.

Social and Emotional Connection
How we respond to an infant is critical to his/her development, both socially and emotionally. Through responsive and interactive communication, infants will learn about various moods, gestures and emotions as his/her personality develops.

Teacher-Child Ratio

Age of Children Teacher-Child Ratio
Infant (2 months to below 18 months) 1:5

Enrolment process
Fill out your interest in the online contact form and our customer service officer would reach out to you to provide more information about our curriculum and programmes, fees details or schedule a centre tour.