Imagine a place thrown back in time – removed from distracting hustle and bustle of the city. Where crickets chirp merrily. Little birds come to lay their rest. And just like the good old days, children can romp around freely.

Nestling on 12,140 square meters of fertile land, off the tranquil Yio Chu Kang Road, Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang offers a unique learning environment for your preschoolers – combining a high quality music-infused curriculum with rich outdoor experiences. We have our own thriving Edible Garden with plants potted by children, Butterfly Garden attracting various butterfly species throughout the year and Animal Sanctuary where children learn to co-live and appreciate nature.

Exclusive to Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang, the Naturescape Play area provides a unique learning experience outside the classroom for children.

Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang is also the home to Singapore’s first and only Preschool Marching Band, where preschoolers play musical instruments such as snare drums, tenor drum, bass drum, marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, cymbals and more! After-all, music has always been the DNA of our music-infused curriculum which has proven to help our children gain higher cognitive development in their early years.

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Location Information

Address : 449 Yio Chu Kang Road,
Singapore 805946.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Sand play, Water play, Naturescape play area, Animal Sanctuary, Edible Garden
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Sessions : Full Day
Level : Infant, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

English Speech & Drama, KinderArt, Abacus and Science

Parent Testimonials

Dear Ms Mica,

We are extremely happy and grateful that you are Dylan’s teacher. He absolutely adores you! Thank you for your dedication, your positive energy and your passion in helping to groom these young little tikes and princesses. Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Michelle and Raj, proud parents of Dylan Kumar, PN2

Dear Ms Ding and Guan Laoshi,

Happy Teachers’ Day!!! Layla loves you both very very much. It is a true testament to your teaching skills and I have seen the hard work, dedication and commitment you put in the children. You are the main reason Layla enjoys school everyday. THANK YOU!

Love, from Layla’s parents.

Michelle and Raj, proud parent of Layla Kumar-Cheong, PN2

The live teaching e-Classroom sessions are great! It kept my daughter busy and entertained. She was so happy seeing her classmates online. Thank you, Kinderland Team, for making great effort on e-learning. Stay safe and healthy!

Crystal Tan, proud parent of Kinderland Pre-Nursery Child

Ms Sharini is a dedicated teacher who shows passion towards guiding her students. She always delivers her lessons with creative ideas and builds good rapport with the kids as they are very close to her. Ms Sharini always puts on a very warm smile and is sincere in her interactions with the parents. Indeed, she is an exemplary educator and I am very appreciative of her being my son’s teacher. Keep it up! :)

SOH YEN MENG, proud parent of Edrian Soh Zhi Lun, K1

Dear Ms Joann and Wang Lao shi,

Thank you for preparing such engaging lessons for your pupils! We parents truly appreciate all your patience and efforts to help educate our children to the best of your abilities amidst these unprecedented times. 😍

Mrs Joanne Teo, Proud parent of Kayler

Dear Ms Ding,

Thank you for all your passionate dedication and care you showered to your PN1 kids. Layla loves you :) I truly appreciate all that you do for her. Hopefully she gets to have you in next year as well!!!!

Michelle and Raj, proud parents of Layla Kumar, PN1

Clover has been very fortunate to have Ms Carrie and Wang Laoshi as her teachers. She has progressed a lot ever since she joined the school this year under their care. We, as her parents, are very thankful for what the two teachers have done for her. They have been very caring yet strict in teaching the kids and we get updates on what we will need to help Clover in her learning journey. It’s hard to find dedicated teachers who makes efforts for the kids and also show so much love for them. Thank you Ms Carrie and Wang Laoshi. Please continue to keep up the good work for the kids.

Josephine, proud parent of Clover, K1

Thank you Ms Carrie and Fu Lao Shi.

Appreciate your excellent care of the kids. My daughter likes you a lot.

Celene Shee, proud parent of Ng Xuan Yi, Nursery

We would like to thank the teachers in Kinderland YCK for their dedication and love for our child. Especially for Ms Carrie and Fu Laoshi, my child enjoys school because of you and we would like to shout a big thank you for what you have done. You definitely make a difference in her life!

Joanna, proud parent of Rachelle, Nursery


Eugene Yeo, proud parent of Jonathan Yeo, K2

Dear Ms Ding,

Thank you for your patience and dedication in making school enjoyable for Arthur! Thank you for being special, especially to Arthur! :)

Sherryn, proud parent of Arthur Aw, PN1

Heartfelt thanks to 马老师 and Ms Mica. Keep up the good work and smile always! Avery loves both of you very much.

Karen Chong, proud parent of Avery, PN2-2


Eugene Yeo, proud parent of Jonathan Yeo, K2

Thank you dear Ms Carrie for being a warm and encouraging teacher. Kayler looks forward to your lessons and appreciates all the inspiring quotes that you have motivated her with! Happy teachers day!! 😍

Joanne Teo, proud parent of Kayler Teo, Nursery

Dear Ms Kim & Ma Laoshi,
Wishing you joy and happiness, you are both amazing teachers. I learn a lot under your guidance, I learn to ride a bicycle, I learn to eat fruits, I learn to share, I learn to sit and listen, I learn to be more confident, and I learn to sing and dance on the stage.
I am deeply thankful that you are my teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Love, Nicole

Jane, proud parent of Nicole Rae Oh, Nursery B

You take care of my child with so much love and patience. Thank you for everything you did.

Justine He, proud parent of Calvin He, K1

Overall, I think the lesson was good. The teacher conducted the class very well. My child enjoys the lesson especially when the teacher asked the children what appliances we watch “Spiderman” with. He was excited to answer “TV”! Good job to teacher and team!

Daniel Khoo, proud parent of a Kinderland Nursery Child

The Teachers have been excellent with my children (2 have attended the school so far) and are also very friendly and approachable to the parents. Thank you and happy Teacher’s Day!

Carl Chay, proud parent of Ava Chay, K2

Dearest Ms Joann/ Ms Ding/ Guan Laoshi,

You have been a great teacher for Dylan! Thank you for your patience and guidance and we are thankful to you for every moment you spend with him.


Happy Teacher’s Day!


Mrs Foo, proud parent of Dylan Foo, PN2

Thank you for your commitment to the children. I must say Dylan truly enjoys his English lessons and he looks forward to it. I think half hour is a good duration.

Proud parent of Dylan

The teacher in this class is helpful and attentive esp when my boy transferred to the class in Q2 from Woodlands Civic Centre. Ms.Fu & Ms. Carrie went the extra mile by helping my boy to catch up in the academics as well as to gel in to the existing class.
Ms.Carrie will call and text me on my boy’s progress during the first 2 months. Thank you for all the help! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Wendy Wong, proud parent of Aiden Chen, Nursery

Dear Miss Mica, Ma Lao Shi and Zhuang Lao Shi,

Thank you for loving and caring for Tobias! He loves to share what he did in the day with you and I can tell from his expressions that he has enjoyed himself very much in school. He has been very vocal, compared to the time when he first joined a year ago and he will even initiate a conversation in Mandarin with me now.

Many thanks,

Sylvia Ng, proud parent of Tobias Tan, PN2

Dearest Ms Mida,

Happy teachers’ day! May God bless you! Thank you for teaching me. You are a wonderful teacher!

Eugene Yeo, proud parent of Jonathan Yeo, K2

Dearest Ms Raihana / 王老师,

Happy Teacher’s Day!! Zequn is very fortunate to have you as his English and Chinese teachers 👍 Thanks Ms Raihana for being so patient with Zequn 😀 Zequn seems to enjoy his school very much! 谢谢王老师这么关心泽群。。 希望你以后会有一个美好的未来 😘 Happie that Zequn could study in Kinderland.

Chunyi, proud parent of Chen Zequn, K2 full day

A big thank you to Ms Cai Yiping and Ms Mida for teaching and guiding Ray to be a good boy.

Gerald Ang, proud parent of Ray hong, Flexi k2

Thank you to Dylan’s loving & caring teachers for making school fun for him!! Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Mrs Foo, proud parent of Dylan Foo, PN1

Dear Mr Kingston,

Thank you for your lesson yesterday. It was a very good opportunity for the parents to see how our kids behave in the classroom. Both Yong Zhi and I enjoyed your lesson yesterday.

Thank you and the school for ensuring that the learning of our kids is not compromised during this period.

Mrs Tan, proud parent of Tan Yong Zhi, K2

I would like to thank 符老师 and Ms Glodie for being so patient with my boy. During hbl, they put in a lot of effort to make the lesson interactive, such as to include the children’s photos on the slides, to keep them anticipating and getting them involved during the virtual sessions. Jedidiah is also talking a lot now, all thanks to the teachers!!!

Seraphina Toh, proud parent of Jedidiah Tan, PN1

Ms Ding and Guan Lao shi,

Thank you for your dedication and patience in helping transition Tristan into preschool when he first started in Jan! I am seeing him enjoying school time and starting to hear the songs he learnt in school !

Hope you receive lots of gratitude during this special time !

Joey Lim

Joey lim, proud parent of Tristan Tyler Too, PN2

Happy teacher’s day to all our teachers

Zheng Mao, proud parent of Zheng Tongrui, K2

谢谢符老师! 感谢老师您对班上学生的爱和奉献。您帮助他们成长,非常鼓舞人心。教师节快乐!😍

Joanne Teo, proud parent of Kayler Teo, Nursery

谢谢张老师 for the CL lesson! Thank you for setting the rules and expectations for the children! It was very easy for Dionne to follow the lesson all by herself! She learnt by following what 张老师 was teaching! 👍👍 thank you so much for the orderly and engaging lesson! ☺

Proud parent of Dionne, K2

Dear Ms Janeene and Han Laoshi,

Happy Teachers Day!!! Thank you for all your dedication and commitment in making education fun and exciting for Nursery A class. Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate your hard work. Everyday, Dylan enjoys going to school because of you. I also want to say thank you for providing timely updates on Dylan’s development and learning opportunities. THANK YOU!!!

Love, from Dylan’s parents.

Michelle and Raj, proud parent of Dylan, Nursery-A

Dear Ms Jasmine,

Thank you for being such an inspiration to your staff and leading them forward to endeavour on in so many ways to continue teaching and reaching out to all of us at home in this less than ideal situation that we all are in now.

My husband and I are truly touched by the warm dedication and commitment that Kayler’s teachers have demonstrated during this circuit breaker period.

Ms Carrie used different and interesting platforms and techniques to engage her charges and through it all, maintained positive and encouraging even when this charge of hers takes some time to adapt to this whole online learning situation. She also takes great effort to catch up with us parents and check in on how each of her dear charges are doing. Her love towards her pupils is truly heartwarming.

Wang lao shi did a wonderful job of always smiling and being very encouraging in dishing out motivational comments for all of the children. She also makes effort to check on how everyone is coping online.

Thank you dear Kinderland and Kay’s amazing teachers! For doing your utmost best amidst these challenging times. Thank you for everything!

Mrs Joanne Teo, Proud parent of Kayler

Dear Mr Kingston, Thank you very much for going the extra mile to produce interesting content for the children during circuit breaker. Your passion and enthusiasm as a teacher and your genuine love and care for the children inspires and can be felt by the heart. You have an amazing ability in handling the children, and Joshua has a great liking as you are such a fun and interesting teacher. Thank you for also inspiring him to pick up martial arts.

Adeline, proud parent of Joshua Oh, K2

Thank you everyone from school especially the teachers who are all so patient and kind towards the children… Special thanks to Ma Lao Shi and Ms Kim who took very good care of Zephyr 🥰 Making him feel the warmth in school. Is not easy to take care of children but you ladies just did it so well👍Keep up the good work!💪
🎉Happy Teachers Day!🎉

Gisele, proud parent of Zephyr Tan Jun Kai, Nursery B

I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught my son and daughter, Colby and Casey, in the developing years of their lives. They have been especially nurturing, kind and patient with them. Special shoutout to Ms Midah, Cai Lao Shi, Wang Lao Shi and Ms Hana! My kids have been very fond of them! Thank you to Ms Amy the principal for listening to and taking into action our feedback!

Tracy Tham, proud parent of Casey Chuah, Kindergarten 2
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