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It is never easy to take care of so many children in the class. However, I see how Teacher Ann and Wang Lao Shi pushes themselves to the extreme to ensure the kids are learning and growing in the class. Thank you Teacher Ann and Wang Lao Shi, for the extra time and extra effort you have put in everyday!

I can’t thank the teachers enough for the guidance and attention they have provided to the children. I wish that all the children in the class are healthy, happy and follow instructions – so that both our dear teachers can sail through all the lessons and teachings smoothly.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Ong Duen Yang, proud parent of Kwong Rui Xuan, Nursery 2/ Nursery
Not only teachers but we would like to express our gratitude to Jenny who is the administrator at Sunshine place. She is very delicate and responsive to parent text or call. Thank you for being one and continue with such inspiration! Thank you Jenny!
Amelia Wong, proud parent of Azalea Teo, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Ryzen is very fortunate to have been taught and cared for by Miss Zura. Over the span of one year, I am heartened to witness his development; he has shown a great display of understanding and empathy towards children and family members in need. It’s not easy to care for children, let alone an infant class. Clearly, Ryzen, who is very choosy about who he’s with and seldom opens up, has gotten comfortable with teachers he truly loves and looks forward to when he goes to school. It’s evident that even during school events, he’d hover between my laps and Miss Zura’s to seek security.

Her impact on Ryzen’s growth and his ability to connect with others on such a deep level is truly remarkable. Miss Zura’s nurturing presence and dedication have not only facilitated his learning but have also played a crucial role in shaping his character.

We genuinely appreciate Miss Zura unwavering commitment to providing a safe and loving environment for our son. Ryzen’s time in her class has been nothing short of transformative, and we are immensely grateful for the bond she’ve built with him.

Thank you, Miss Zura, for your exceptional work and for being a source of comfort and inspiration to Ryzen. Your role in his life will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Elyna K, proud parent of Ryzen, Infant care
“Thank you Ms Lin taking care of Katie!
Katie can be quite difficult to handle at times so thank you so much for your patience and guidance towards her!

Your love and effort for Katie makes Katie enjoys going to school!

Happy Teacher’s Day, Ms Lin!”

Hui Feng, proud parent of Katie Ting, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
Halarina has a sensitive soul and seeing how she wants to be carried by Mrs Lau is so reassuring – knowing that she will be in good hands and that she has found safety in another adult. I want to thank Mrs Lau for her patience, affection and warmth towards Halarina. I know it takes a lot from Mrs Lau as Halarina can be quite a challenge, but Mrs Lau has gone above and beyond her teacher duty without any complaints. I have not seen Mrs Lau in action but I know from Halarina’s reaction – she has found her security in her! Thank God for teachers like her!
Lee Kok Eng, proud parent of Halarina Leong Hai Qing, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
“My Son Ezen attended Kinderland since he was 2.5m old, he is not the easiest kid in class and always got feedback from his teachers. However, When Ezen attended nursery who is taught by Ms Teo, it was the first time I heard something good about my son, I teared. Ms Teo never complain and will share with us what she does in class so we can continue the same teaching at home. She always share positive feedback which is very heart warming for us.

We truly appreciate her patience and guidance, we saw great improvement in Ezen this year both in academic and behavior.

Thank you Ms Teo for not giving up & helping us to nurture our kid.

We looking forward for our kids to grow up with Kinderland.”

Evelyn Bong, proud parent of Ezen Tan, Nursery 2/ Nursery
Teacher Saj, we appreciate your care and commitment to our children’s growth. Our son is becoming a more mature and independent individual and that is down to you.. I know your job is to educate children, but you really take an interest in the child’s life. Teaching young children is what you were born to do. Thank you!
Jessica Lim, proud parent of Austin yip rui heng, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
This year, Keagan started conversing in Chinese more eagerly and makes effort to speak to his grandmothers (chinese speaking) in Chinese. This pleasantly surprise us as we are used to communicating with him in English. He also can sing chinese songs! At night before sleep, he will tell me “Dailan laoshi say Mama wo ai ni… ” and goes on to sing the mothers day song he learnt in school. It was very endearing. We sincerely believe Dailan laoshi has made a very positive impact on Keagan’s overall development especially in engaging him to speak up more in Chinese. She has also made effort to update us possible reasons on his recurring diaper wetting episodes. Thanks Dailan Laoshi.
Eve Tan, proud parent of Keagan Tan, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Thank you for helping Zhi Min to settle in and take such good care of her. She enjoys her days in school and always claps and smiles when we mention Kinderland and school to her. Thank you for making a positive impact to her early years.
Jingrong, proud parent of Zhi Min, Infant care

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact Tang Lao Shi had on my child’s learning journey. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering enthusiasm for teaching Chinese have truly ignited a spark in her that I can’t help but notice.

The improvements my child has made since being in her class are truly remarkable. Not only have I seen remarkable improvements in her writing skills, but her newfound eagerness to learn and speak more Chinese is a testament to Tang Lao Shi’s exceptional teaching methods. Her animated and engaging approach has undoubtedly captured her attention and kept her excited about every lesson.

What sets Tang Lao Shi apart is not only her evident love for the subject but also the genuine care she showed for her students. Her concern when my child is absent from class doesn’t go unnoticed, and it reassures us as parents that she is in a safe and nurturing environment. Her commitment to their well-being, both academically and personally, is truly heartwarming.

Tang Lao Shi’s influence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on my child’s educational journey and her passion for learning Chinese. Thank you!

Er Peiyun, proud parent of Tay Shi Yi, Kindergarten 1
“Dear Teacher Esther,

A BIG thank you to all your dedicated teaching and encouragement for Rui Heng. He enjoyed having you as his teacher and spoke fondly of you. We wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day. Enjoy your day!

With lots of love,
Rui Heng & Parents”

Audrey, proud parent of Lau Rui Heng, Kindergarten 1

Chen Lao shi has always been very attentive, to Audrey (and her sister Meredith) at infant care.
she will take extra effort with patience to ensure that their feedings are completed because they are very slow drinkers.

i feel very at ease to have Chen Lao Shi handling our girls!

Mrs Tan, proud parent of Audrey Tan, Infant care
“Dear Huang laoshi and Natasha,
Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for being such wonderful teachers to Leeann. You have inspired her to learn and to explore new things. You have also been patient and supportive of her progress and challenges. I hope you have a great day!
Sincerely, Leeann’s parents”
HengPei & Thomas, proud parent of Leeann Susanto, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
“Dear Ms Mei Xian,

As Dylan and his friends face the final leg of their preschool journeys, we’re washed with a retrospective wave of beautiful memories. You have been Dylan’s teacher for three of the six wonderful and fulfilling years he has spent in Kinderland Hougang. We remember fondly the times you helped him take his first steps when he was an infant, introduced him to the joys of reading, writing and counting, and being an inspiring role model and friend to him.

We are continuously impressed with the creative and unique ways of engaging with the children, from the fun Show and Tell topics, to introducing the kids to the joys of reading in the Green Library, and even encouraging them to set up a small cafe where they learnt to plan and run a small project.

We are so happy that you were there in Dylan’s growing years. Thank you for showing him the ropes and the ways of the world through your classroom and the outdoor activities. Dylan’s inquisitive nature, his thirst for learning and how he deals with his emotions are consequences of the experience he has gained from his time with you.

Dan and Cheryn”

Dan, proud parent of Dylan, Kindergarten 2

Ms Reign started the kinderland journey on the same day with Ethan, so she has been seeing and taking care of Ethan from day 1 of joining. Super appreciative of Ms Reign’s passion and a loving and caring heart for Ethan. We are impressed on how much attention to details Ms Reign is towards taking care of Ethan. Have a blessed Teacher’s Day Ms Reign!

Yanxu, proud parent of Ethan yan, Infant care
We would like to compliment the teachers teaching K2 (Teacher Divyya & Xu Laoshi) and Nursery (Teacher Labina & Yiyi Laoshi).

Both my girls enrolled in Kinderland Loyang only in Oct 2020 when Jia Qi was in K1 (Teacher Labina & Xu Laoshi) and Jia Hui in PN2 (Teacher Bel & Wang Laoshi). As you may know, changing schools mid-way is never a good situation for any students, however their teachers take time to guide them and encourage them, and my girls felt very happy and welcomed by the teachers and also their friends. Both were able to adapt fairly fast and well in the school – all thanks to the efforts by their teachers. Now they are so eager to go to school everyday!!!

My younger daughter, Jia Hui, can be quite stubborn and sensitive at times, but Teacher Labina is ever so patient with her, and always try to explain to her whenever she is not on her best behavior and I am so glad that she actually listens to Teacher Labina and her behavior improved tremendously this year. Teacher Labina also goes the extra mile to write feedback to us regarding Jia Hui’s behavior in school whenever she feels that something has to be done – so that we can also be more aware and to guide her at home. Teacher Labina always reply to our message on class dojo promptly even after school hours – we are really very appreciative and thankful for such an amazing teacher for Jia Hui. :)

We would also like to compliment the Principal – Ms Mei Fong, who is always there to give the parents assurance and to attend to our queries promptly. Mei Fong is ever so patient with both the students and parents – she is indeed a very competent and capable leader of the school who keeps the school running in an orderly manner. Keep up the good work!

I am really glad that i have chosen Kinderland for my girls and they are really benefitting under the guidance of these wonderful and amazing teachers and Principal!


If there were no teachers, all other professions would not exist. Thank you for guiding and caring for our children, thank you for helping them grow!

Yvonne Yeo, proud parent of Joy Tsang, K2

To all the infant teachers in Kinderland Loyang Point,

Thank you for showering your love and warmth to my baby girl, Gemma, who has joined the infant class since 2.5 months old till now. My husband and I are very grateful that we can safely put our girl in school without any worries while we go to work. We appreciate all teachers. especially Teacher Lee, Teacher Bao, Teacher Nira, Teacher Diana, Teacher Wang and not forgetting Ms Mei Fong who have been taking care of my girl that she enjoys going to school everyday. We are thankful for the rest of the staff as well, including Aunty Tan who cooks yummy meals for my baby and other kids. Thank you again for unwavering love and support during this difficult period!

Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Glady Chua, proud parent of Gemma Sim, IFC

We can’t thank Chen Lao Shi enough for making Keita’s life at Kinderland such an enjoyable experience! Over the past two years, his Chinese has improved immensely and it shows just how much Chen Lao Shi has dedicated her time and effort towards Keita. Not only is she engaging with pupils, but she also takes the time to talk to the parents and provide constructive feedback upon pickups! Thank you for another great year Chen Lao Shi! 非常感谢你!

Tomoyo Shigeyoshi, proud parent of Keita Ching, Kindergarten 1

Dear teachers, you have been such a wonderful blessing to George in his time at Kinderland Marine Parade. Your kindness, love and care for George as well as the other children truly shine through in all that you do. We are so thankful that we can entrust our little boy into your loving care everyday. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day!

Ivan Lim & Phoebe Liew, proud parent of George Lim, Infant care

Kinderland Marine Parade – Nursery

Our Teacher’s Day tribute!

Student: Noah Tan Zhi Wei Bin Idris Tan Sing Poh

Noah enjoys school thanks to his lovely teachers, Ms Gwendolyn Lee and Zhao Yu Tong Laoshi. As parents, we are heartened to see Noah’s rapid development in the language arts. He learnt new songs like Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music and a medley of Mandarin songs with dance movements. The Nursery class performances captivated us every time we visited for special occasions at the school. We truly appreciate the positivity and warmth shown by the teachers towards their charges.

Here’s celebrating you – Ms Gwendolyn Lee and Zhao Yu Tong Laoshi. Many thanks also to Noah’s excellent Vice-Principal Ms Bernice Hua Yi Zhi and her supportive team. You make the school such a nurturing place. Kudos to you & keep up the wonderful work!
Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Warmest regards,
Noah’s Parents

Noraini Bte Mohamed Ali, proud parent of Noah Tan Zhi Wei Bin Idris Tan Sing Poh, Yuta, Nursery 2/ Nursery
“Dear Hong Laoshi, I’m deeply grateful to have someone like you contributing to my child’s growth and emotional well-being. Thank you for making me feel comfortable being away from my child while I work and for caring for him since day 1. Now that he talks a lot, I’ve heard him spoke in Chinese (like saying xie xie and counting Yi Er) and always mentioning “laoshi laoshi” when he’s home. That shows how much he adores you.

To the entire team of teachers & staff in MOM, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to every one of you for all your patience, hard work, and dedication; and for being passionate about early-childhood education. Thank you for making Bilal and all the other children feel safe and loved. Being a happy boy as he is, Bilal enjoys coming to school so much that he even cries and asked to put on his uniform when he’s not going to school. He may not be able to say it yet but I know he loves every one of you as he acknowledges and hugs you everyday. Continue to be awesome as you shine in the eyes of the children and parents alike. Thank you for everything you do!”

Nur Hidayah, proud parent of Bilal Rizqi, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
“Kieran had been one child that has been hard to drop off in the mornings and was often reluctant to enter the school due to his preference to stay with us, his parents. Teachers have been very patient in managing his behaviour and recently, perhaps with the help of his younger brother joining the school, he has shown great improvement.

At pick-up, when he comes out with his classmates, he is always very excited and happy. We can tell that his interaction in school has been happy and that he will share with us occasionally on the things that happen in school.

Glad we made the extra mile to continue sending him to Kinderland MOM which is kind of out of the way with new hybrid work arrangements.

Please don’t let the recent saga about other centre affect your morale! We parents are well aware of how well the team is taking care of our kids.

My apologies for being lazy to submit similar message for both teachers. Hope it still counts towards both teachers’ testimonials.”

Tan Chee Wei, proud parent of Lucian Tan, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

We’ll like to thank Ms Serena for helping to take such good care of Kieran! While Kieran has been with the school since 18mo, he has huge separation anxiety from me and would cry when he goes to school. Nowadays he goes to school with a huge smile and tells me all about his day in sch, and what Ms Serena teaches him. A big thankful to Ms Serena for working closely with us, updating us on his progress and helping Kieran overcome his anxiety by talking to him and encouraging him as well. Kieran is very happy to go to school and always shares what he learns and does in school.

Eugenia, proud parent of Kieran, Nursery 2/ Nursery
“⭐︎Happy Teacher Day ⭐︎
As a parent, I would like to thank you
Ms Lai Kuan and Lin Laoshi for your care these two years. Mei is a child with personality and love to talk.
I’m sorry! She often talks in class and interrupt your class. Mei likes that Lin Laoshi helps her tie her hair, and when she returns home from get out of class, she will keep sharing the new skills she has learned in Mandarin today. She really enjoys taking your class. Thank you for your lovely efforts to impart education to all.”
Sakura Kuniyoshi, proud parent of Mei Kuniyoshi, Kindergarten 2
“To beloved MS Serena,
Wynsley speaks highly of you. You have been with him since last year and it’s now the 2nd year. What you have done have enriched his learning journey and broaden his view and we highly appreciate that. As we know Wynsley is very naughty and alot patience and needed, we deeply thank you for all your kindness, patience, sincere along the way.

We wish every teachers could have a sunny smile, a healthy body and we sincere thanks to you for being my child’s teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day! Cheers 😎”

Carolyn, proud parent of Wynsley, Nursery 2/ Nursery

Thank you for being the constant in his life since he joined the school. We really appreciate how you are able to make him feel safe, secured. And how even at the door, we can sense your love and patience. Thank you for training their confidence and their independence. Thank you for making the effort to speak to them in Chinese knowing that these are all potato kids. Thank you for bothering to listen to the parents’ concerns and thank you for the random sharing of cute moments in their lives. Please continue doing the things you do, and for impacting the early development of these young minds. Keep up the good work!

Yan Ling, proud parent of Edward How, Kindergarten 1
“Hong Lao Shi played an integral role in making sure that Glenn adapted to the school very quickly. As parents, we were naturally concerned about his ability to adapt to a new environment. And Hong Lao Shi’s experience in dealing with young children was evident since day 1, when she managed to bond with my son very early and to make him as comfortable as he can, even after we have left the school premise.

Beyond her classroom responsibilities as a teacher, Hong Lao Shi often went above and beyond to educate us as young parents, such as reminding us to take extra precaution when we were going overseas. She’s not just a great teacher, but she’s a wonderful person as well.

谢谢 Hong Lao Shi!”

Budi Suharto, proud parent of Glenn Suharto, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Although the child has just joined for 2 months, we found that he has improved in many aspects, is independent, polite, has acquired a lot of new knowledge, and has stronger hands-on ability. I am sincerely grateful to the two teachers for their teaching. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Li XiangRong, proud parent of Tay kaixian Kaiser, Kindergarten 1

“Dear Michelle, how time flies and this marks the finely year of Zhang Yue at Kinderland MOM. I still recall the days when she just joined Kinderland and how we dealt with the transition. The disturbance caused by the pandemic made the transition tougher for us as we had to adjust our emotions whenever there were cases.
But I am glad that we managed to get this through. Zhang Yue has adapted well at Kinderland under your strong leadership and the wonderful care from her teachers. She makes her friends here who are sharing the same joys with her. Although there were cases of Covid and HFMD, but I am thankful that there were no any outbreaks under school’s strict hygiene management and control.
Next year, Zhang Yue will start her new chapter in Primary School, I am sure she will miss Kinderland a lot and the holistic learning experience at Kinderland will well prepare her to Primary 1.
Your guys have been wonderful in supporting children’s learning and character building (special mention to Ms Lai Kuan and Lin Lao Shi). On this special occasion, I would like to wish everyone of you a happy teacher’s day.”

Grace Chen, proud parent of Zhang Yue, Kindergarten 2
“I am truly grateful for the dedication and care that Teacher Hong (洪老师) has shown to my daughter Ellie. Ellie’s deep affection for her speaks volumes about the nurturing environment that Teacher Hong has created. Every morning, Ellie’s eyes light up when she sees Teacher Hong, transforming her tears into smiles as they embark on another day of learning and growth.

Teacher Hong’s remarkable attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. She possesses an extraordinary understanding of Ellie’s preferences, from her favorite foods to those she’d rather not eat. I am also particularly grateful for her thoughtful advice, such as suggesting moderation in Ellie’s biscuit and tidbit intake to maintain her well-being. Her insightful advice has been invaluable to us, providing guidance and reassurance whenever we seek her input.

Thank you, Teacher Hong, we are truly fortunate to have you as Ellie’s teacher!”

Joana Chu, proud parent of Ellie Nguyen Ning, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
I strongly believe that teachers make a whole lot of difference in a child’s learning and growth. When the children have affinity with the teachers, they grow to love and learn what the teachers teach too. Having been brought up in an English dominant environment, it is always heartwarming to hear Alexander burst out in the Chinese verses 席老师taught him at school. Something is very right about the teacher if the child comes home to tell you they like teacher XXX and it is evident for all of Alex’s teachers. Through 席老师,us parents learn nuggets of mandarin and also are entertained by the 儿歌 such as 🐛毛毛虫 taught in school. And with the kiddos of age 2-3, this is the stage of toilet training. Never once have we heard the teachers complaining about washing poop and pee, and also cleaning Alex and his soiled clothes. Greatest thank you to 席老师!
LIM JIE JUN, proud parent of Alexander Goh, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Dear Ms Lai Kuan,

How time flies and this marks ZY’s last year at Kinderland MOM. We are fortunate to have a teacher like you.
I can tell how much ZY has improved over the 2 years in her study and character building, under your kind care.
You have also been working closely with parents like us to ensure wellbeing of the kids. For every small incidents happen in the school, we are always updated very timely. This give us assurance to place ZY in a safe environment.
We are impressed by your passionate as an educator. We know how tough this job is to manage the number of kids, but you have done it fantastically.
Zhang Yue will enter her primary school journey soon, but I am sure she will miss everyone here at Kinderland MOM because of the wonderful experience that she have here.
On this special occasion, we would like to wish you a very happy teacher’s day.”

Grace, proud parent of Zhang Yue, Kindergarten 2

吴老师,谢谢您在这几个月里给玥蓥细心照顾和教导。她是曾经对华文有恐惧的小孩, 但是在你的耐心教导下,我们见证了她今天会尝试用华语沟通。这实在不容易呀!

YanCheng, proud parent of Hayley Choo, Infant

Ms Beatrice is a wonderful teacher who has trained my son to be independent and a much better toddler; he has learnt to do simple chores at home such as keeping his toys, eating by himself and even clean up his dishes after his meals (with adult supervision). He has picked up singing recently after learning the songs from school and will sing his favourite tunes whenever he is bored and before going to sleep. She has to magic touch to calm my boy whenever he misbehaves.

Thank you Ms Beatrice from turning my little monster to a better child, making our lives better in managing him. It takes alot of patience and skill to be a childcare teacher and I feel that it is one of the toughest jobs which only the strong minded can do. I really appreciate them in making working mothers lives so much better. Without their devotion in caring for our kids, we would not know what to do in teaching the toddlers the correct values. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Cham Seen Yu, proud parent of Damian Chua Ze Kai, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

As parents, we believe that care, patience and dedication are core qualities which are of paramount importance to a preschool teacher. We are happy that our daughter’s teacher, Ms Elizer exemplifies these qualities and are truly touched by her ability to nurture our little one’s growth and development. Her ability to create a warm and welcoming learning environment has made our daughter’s time at school not only educational but also filled with joy and enthusiasm. Ms Elizer has not only imparted knowledge, but also instilled love for learning in my daughter’s heart, where she has flourish under her teacher’s guidance. From the creative show and tell homework / projects our daughter proudly brings home, to the stories she shares about her school day, we know that Ms Elizer has a unique talent for sparking her curiosity and love for learning. We feel incredibly blessed to have Ms Elizer as a part of my daughter’s learning journey. Thank you, Ms Elizer!

Lee Qian Qian, proud parent of Laavenya, Kindergarten 1

Thank you 黄老师 and Ms Nabilah for always showing Oliver so much care and concern! Really appreciate the little handwritten notes from 黄老师 to remind us what to bring/prepare (especially when we forget we’ve ran out of masks!). Most importantly, Oliver always talk about his teachers and friends with so much joy! Happy Teacher’s Day, 黄老师 and Ms Nabilah!

Xiuyun, proud parent of Oliver, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Ye Lao Shi has this genuine love for the kids. Speaking to her, comes across that she understands fully that kids will be kids, being naughty and cheeky at times. Yixin really likes her very much and looks forward to school, especially if she is there in the morning. Thank you, Ye Lao Shi for the patience with Yixin and hope you get better soon.
Liu Mei Cheng, proud parent of Liu Yixin, Nursery 2/ Nursery


Yap Pee Swan, proud parent of Reyna Lee Rui Ting, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2

Dear Zheng Laoshi

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. Despite your busy schedule in the morning, you took an effort to help coax the children, hold and walk them into the school on their bad days. Small gestures that we as parents appreciate very much and felt very assured to leave the children under your care. Happy Teachers Day. 谢谢你无微不至的精神与关怀。教师节快乐。

Raece, proud parent of Avan and Avery, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

“Dear Teacher Hana,

Wishing you a joyful Teachers’ Day! Though our time together has been brief, your enthusiastic and cheerful approach has already left a positive mark on our child. Your attentiveness to her allergies condition shows your exceptional care and responsibility.

Your youthful energy and ever-present smile create a warm and vibrant learning environment that our little one adores.

Thank you for making these early days of education so wonderful!

With sincere appreciation
Mr and Mrs Chiam”

Rene liang, proud parent of Cady Zhan, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2

Dear Teacher Elaine and all teachers at Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for your dedication, patience and hard work ever since Brandon first joined Kinderland!
You all have taken very good care of him!
We appreciate your efforts to help make school a fun and enjoyable place for him.
He has improved in many aspects ever since starting school.
He really loves all of you!
Here’s wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Shanelle Kua, proud parent of Brandon Foo, Nursery

A big Thank you to Elaine and her capable team of teachers & caregivers at Siglap Kinderland (Special shoutout to Teacher Dana, Teacher Sim, Teacher Cynthia, Teng Lao Shi, Choo Lao Shi and Zheng Lao Shi) for being such wonderful educators to the young children. Their genuine passion, dedication and caring hearts for children are inbuilt traits synonymous with their personal values and they share these values with the children & parents. Not only do they educate and care for the children, they enrich the children with fun childhood, world culture & news, general knowledge, as well as character building. We are blessed to have a team of teachers who show genuine care, understanding, and patience for our children. Thank you for everything

Joycel Yang, proud parent of Joni and Jake Tan, K1 and N2

Dear Teachers of Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for creating a fun filled and memorable preschool learning experience for Janice for the past 2 years.

Janice has blossomed very well under the love and teachings of her patient and caring teachers and we as parents really appreciate the close collaboration with the school through constant feedback and engagement.

Thank you for nurturing Janice’s joy in learning which will set her strong foundation for future education.

Happy Teachers Day to Teacher Elaine, Teacher Dana, 朱老师 and all. We are proud to be part of the Kinderland Siglap family!

Kelly, proud parent of Janice Teo, K1

Great to have you as our child’s teachers! Your comforting words encourage us to be great parents, waiting for our kid to grow. Both the cordial atmosphere in the school and good relationship with teachers have been conducive to the social development to our kid.

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Jessie Lu, proud parent of Laurence Cheng, K1

A very big thank you to all of Evan’s teachers who have taken care of him! We have seen him enjoying himself at school and also develop new skills. Credit must go to the teachers for creating such a warm and welcoming environment!

Dennis Teo, proud parent of Evan Teo, Infantcare

We still clearly remember Jonathan’s 1st day at school. He just came to Singapore after 1 year of absence from formal education and he was adapting to this new environment, not knowing many things. However, you have made his transition smoother and memorable. You have given the best of yourself in all that you do, have pushed Jonathan to reach his potential, and have shown unconditional love.

On this special day, we truly honor teachers like you :) So, from the deepest of our hearts, we thank YOU for all that you give and are forever grateful. We always believe that teachers are heroes without medals!

One small step for mankind, A giant leap for Jonathan and us. Happy teachers day!

Purnomo and Juliana, proud parent of Jonathan Paul Kristanto, K1
Ms Daljit is an understanding, caring and friendly teacher whom aulia’s adores. Ms Daljit is never giving up and have patience with aulia’s who needed much attention. Whenever Aulia sees Ms Daljit, she is so happy and well-behaved. Being someone patience like Ms Daljit, takes alot of effort and time. Thank you for being the awesome teacher to Aulia.
Nur Nadiah, proud parent of Aulia Aleesa Binte Muhammad Zakariya, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Thank you for your patience towards Isabel and encouraging her in every way especially during her mealtimes. Happy Teacher’s Day to you!
Chalotte Chia, proud parent of Isabel Tan, Kindergarten 2
“Thank you for making Maisarah more confident in herself and forthcoming with her expressions. We see a great change in her as she is able to communicate better and is more confident in her interaction with people now. She used to not want to go to school and cry each time last year when she started but this year, eversince Ms Mac took over, she loves school and speaks highly of Ms Mac and how she looks forward to going to school. She is also more independant and will always tell us that she can do it, as how Ms Mac has accurately mentions this during PTM.

She does express, “”I love Ms Mac”” or “”I only want Ms Mac”” to me now that Ms Mac is away on maternity.

Thank you Ms Mac for making Maisarah’s school experience and enjoyable one and shaping her to be more confident and independant. We appreciate the effort, care and trust you have on Maisarah, and I believe that is what made her more confident and independant.”

Raihanah Yusop, proud parent of Nur Maisarah Binte Muhammad Hafiez, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2



Lavender, proud parent of Yinuo, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

Thank you Ms Ang for regularly updating on the progress of Thaddeus, be it for his language or social/behavioural developmental needs. Ms Ang is very keen to partner us as parents to help Thaddeus grow and develop positively, and constantly assures us that the school/teachers will take good care of Thaddeus. Thank you very much & we wish you Happy Teachers’ Day!

Jessica Wong, proud parent of Thaddeus He, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
“Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Yin Laoshi for being caring and wonderful. Even though we do not speak mandarin with Alvian, we can tell that he learns a lot in school as he would shares and teaches some new words or songs that were taught in school.

Thank you for all your hardwork and doing your best for the students. I hope that you will continue to hold this passion and patience in being an early childhood educator.

Warmest regards,

Adilah, proud parent of Alvian Mateen Bin Ibrahim, Nursery 2/ Nursery
“Happy Teachers Day to you!

You guided her like a mentor and accompanied her like a friend.

We appreciate your efforts in respecting her feeling, providing chance for helping her to grow up gradually and patiently .

We saw our daughter has made big progress and she is not very sad any more when go to school in morning .

Thanks for putting all your effort to bring out the best in our daughter and wish you a wonderful Teacher’s Day!”

Kou Yingqi, proud parent of Kou Lanxin, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

Our Son Aden is a very active boy, who often finds it hard to sit and concentrate and am also easily bored. Due to covid, he attended pre school only when he was close to 3 years old. We were worried that he would not be able to integrate with the rest and learn at school well and it would be challenging for the teachers to handle him.

From the first day of school till now, Teacher Koh Kai Ying showed us that she took personal responsibility in caring for him, and to ensure that he integrate to the class and routine well. She gave us prompt updates on his progress or daily happening whenever we went to pick Aden home. Through our interactions with her, we can see that she showed genuine happiness when she sees our son doing well, and am worried for him when she sees him having trouble at certain activities. She is patient with our son and also give us advice on how to handle certain situations. We felt that she really cares about our Son, and on even some aspects that we may have overlooked. Our son has been with Kinderland Woodlands for about 6 months, we can tell he is more vocal, more understanding, patient, and becoming more inquisitive. We are really grateful and thankful that our Son is under her care, and we really count our blessings for choosing Kinderland and meeting Teacher Kai Ying.

Tan Ming Wie, proud parent of Tan Xi Yu Aden, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Dear Miss Kai Ying,

We can never thank you enough for the patience and guidance you have showered upon Zayyan. We’re sure it hasn’t been the easiest of times and we definitely very grateful for the care and patience in teaching Zayyan to be more caring, patient and to listen to instructions. Thank you for your innovative ways in teaching him to be patient with his friends, to listen to instructions and to learn how to wait. Thank you also for all the timely feedback and the encouragement that you’ve given us in trying to reiterate some of the routines at home. Thankful that Zayyan has a firm and caring teacher who always believe in his potential. Happy Teacher’s Day, Miss Kai Ying! May you get some time to rest this teachers day. ❤”

Jamakyah Adhar, proud parent of ZAYYAN LIN JUNXIANG, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“We know Ms Guo since 2018 when our eldest daughter attended kinderland and Ms Guo was her former Chinese teacher. Fast forward to 2022, when Ms Guo become my son’s Chinese teacher again, i knew my child is in good hand. Ms Guo has been very consistent and dedicated in every aspect. Not only in her teaching but also nurturing the child personal growth. I have observed that both of my children love Chinese lessons and they are proficient in it. My son even can proudly show me how he can write different Chinese word stroke. This alone shows that Ms Guo effective teaching method and my son was laughing when he show me. Ms Guo also occasionally share with me Norman’s behavior and give me advice on how to better handle my child’s behavior, giving me assurance that it will be okay etc.

Hence she’s not only my children’s teacher but also my teacher in giving me guidance. Really appreciate her passionate and dedication in teaching. Happy teacher’s day!”

Mo Ziqing, proud parent of Norman Ho, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Hello All teachers, would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all Kayne and Avery’s teachers and principal, as well as the staff in Kinderland Woodlands Mart!

I’m happy to be part of kinderland and thanks for your unwavering support to both my kids since infancy. Thanks for being there to witness my kids milestones when I couldn’t. Thanks for imparting knowledge daily. Thanks for making them a better person everyday. Thanks for tolerating their attitude and I will always be grateful for your concern towards my children.

I wish all the teachers a very happy Teacher’s Day!”

Ewayne Jake, proud parent of Avery Ives Toh, Kayne Sirius Toh, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

I think this Teacher’s Day is a difficult time for all the teachers still working at woodlands mart Branch. I believe we should not overshadow the efforts of the majority of good teachers because of individual events. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Wang lao shi as my child has been in her class since PN1 and really likes her. Wang Lao shi has always been timely in providing us with feedback on our child’s situation at school. Sometimes, when our child is sick and unable to attend school for a few days, she would call us to inquire about the situation. Her care for our child is evident. Thank you very much for Wang laoshi’s dedication over the past few years. I wish her and all other good teachers a happy Teacher’s Day.

Judy, proud parent of Wu Jiayi, Kindergarten 1
With the recent incident happening in our the school, i hoped you teachers did not feel demoralized. You teachers are the shining lights for Mehmet in school, thank you for your dedication,hard work and lots of patience in handling an active boy like him. I am very thankful and words cannot capture my appreciation to all the infant teachers!
Norashikin, proud parent of Mehmet Nuh Sayf, Infant care
“Dear Wang Laoshi,
I hope this message finds you well. We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible love and care you’ve shown Eshaniya throughout her time as your student. Your kindness and guidance have made a significant impact on her life, and we am truly thankful for having you as her teacher. Your ability to create a nurturing and supportive environment in your classroom has meant the world to her. Your genuine interest in her well-being, both inside and outside of the classroom, has made her feel valued and understood. Your patience and willingness to listen have provided her with a safe space to learn and grow. Given that Chinese is not a language we practice at home, you made it a point to make some lessons easier for her. Thank you for all you have done. Happy Teacher’s Day to you, Wang Laoshi!”
Rozy, proud parent of Eshaniya, Kindergarten 1

We would like to share our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Teacher Yaz for taking great care of Elaine and seeing her growth together with us since she first started infant care at 2+ months old.

Elaine is not able to speak yet but every morning when she sees teacher Yaz, she expresses her joy by flailing her arms, kicking her legs with a toothless wide smile on her face – it’s the cutest! Teacher Yaz also never fails to update us on Elaine’s developments and stories in school, e.g. on how Elaine first started crawling backwards and always ended up against the wall and Teacher Yaz will save her from the wall as she can’t retreat any further. It makes being away at work more reassuring to know that Elaine is in great hands.

Thank you and happy Teacher’s Day, Teacher Yaz!

Yupei, proud parent of Elaine Thio, Infant care

Guo Lao Shi is an amazing teacher who puts in the effort to immediately inform parents when the child have issues in school. She is also able to maintain the balance between being strict and maintaining discipline while also being able to have a good relationship with the child. She is also able to be attentive and caring towards her students needs. She is also able to handle situations well and is experienced in working with children, children are also able to easily approach her for help.

Jasline Neo, proud parent of Jermaine Ng, Nursery 2/ Nursery
Thank you for making my child feel safe and cared for enough to try anything, share his thoughts and help others. He’s now a confident, outgoing and cheerful child and I deeply believe a loving, supportive classroom environment plays a key part in that. Much appreciation for the unsung dedication and efforts of the entire YCK team x
Grace Khoo, proud parent of Harper Lee, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

Thank you teachers for your efforts and being so professional. We can truly see your passion in teaching preschoolers and love for children, and that is so important to us as parents who want to know our kids are in good hands while they are away from us. We see Claire enjoying school and learning, which is what matters most.

Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate you.

Victoria, proud parent of Claire Chin, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Dear Yang Lao Shi, Ms Salome, Du Lao Shi,

Thank you for caring for Finn, like he’s your own son :) That’s the biggest hope any parent can ask for. Though we’ve sent Finn to Infant Care starting a tender age of 3 months old, we never had any doubt or worry, because we know he’d be under your loving care. We are so lucky to have you as his teachers!”

Chun Ting, proud parent of Finn, Infant care
Thank you Ms Veron, though your stay in PN2 was not long but I am sure you have made an impact in Natalie’s life. We’re glad to have know you, and many thanks for your hard work.
QEE QIU TING LYNN, proud parent of NATALIE TAY RUI XUAN, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Thank you teachers for loving Raelyn. We noticed how fast she adapted to school and how she loved all of you! Was really surprised when she ran into your arms during school drop-off, with no tears. From this, we know she is well taken care of. Thank you! We appreciate all the efforts done for our little girl. Happy teacher’s day!
Angelina, proud parent of Raelyn Peh, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1