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Dear Teachers,

To all teachers in Lot 1 Kinderland, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards your care and efforts in nurturing my precious daughter during her time in school. We as parent have seen vast improvement in her motor skills, speech and knowledge.
Special thanks to teacher Marileen and Zhang laoshi.

Joan, proud parent of Amelia, PN1

Thank you Teacher Punitha and Teacher Zhang! It is a blessing to have you both in K1 class, teaching Rui Wen. Thank you for your love and care towards the students. Happy Teacher’s Day! Happy everyday!

Ong Duen Yang, proud parent of Kwong Rui Wen, K1

Janelle has grown by leaps and bounds during her preschool days at Kinderland. I am surprised to see that she has learnt to share, follow instructions, and has even tried to help me out with simple housework at home. She has matured so much. A special thank to Teacher Priya (K1/K2, 2020/2021) and Teacher Marileen (Nursery, 2019). I want you to know that I genuinely recognize and value your hard work and enthusiasm. Thank you so much for your selfless and tireless dedication to grooming our future generations. Kudos!

Jean, proud parent of Janelle Chua, K2

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Mrs M. My daughter is very fond of her teacher and she remembers the little things that Mrs M teaches and shares. Without great teachers like Mrs M, working parents like us may not have a peace of mind.

Happy Teachers Day to you, Mrs M.
It is a pleasure to have you as part of Harini’s growing up years. Thank you.

Yoga, proud parent of Neethiaharini, K1

Words can barely describe the effort, the patience and the love the teachers have made and put into the students all this while and during this pandemic period.
Centre staffs are regularly swabbed in order to protect the students in the centre! *Salute*

Teachers and Principal are really responsible in teaching and taking good care of their students!
Zayious enjoys his school days a lot!
Not forgetting about the Aunties that prepare/cook yummy, healthy food for the students!
Really appreciated the efforts from all the staffs in the centre!

Thank you to all the Teachers, Principal and Staffs that have taught and showered Zayious with much love although sometimes he can be quite mischievous and cheeky! 😄

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Irismelody Cheong, proud parent of Zayious Lee, PN2

Dear teachers, thank you for all your efforts and dedication in educating and guiding Aaliyah. She started by being afraid to go to school to looking forward to go school everyday!
We appreciate all the feedback on the areas to be improved as part of Aaliyah learning development. Once again, thank you!

Nor Aisha Mazlan, proud parent of Aaliyah Binte Md Ameen, N2

Dearest Ms Jane and Liu Lao Shi,

Thank you for your love, commitment and dedication!
You are the culture-shapers and legacy-creators – what an impactful role you have!

Thank you for making school a fun and safe environment for the children!
Appreciate all that you do in taking care of, and educating Valera!

Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day! :D

Jolene, proud parent of Valera, PG1

Thank you Miss Sue Ann & Zheng Lao Shi’s dedicated teachings and care. It is a challenge to manage even 1 toddler, let alone a class full of them, while ensuring that syllabus are taught & understood, children well fed and well taken care of.

Isabelle has been in Kinderland since Dec 2020. We see her grasping each term’s subject well and able to apply learnings in her daily activities and communications. She used to walk away whenever we speak Mandarin, she has since be able to communicate with simple Mandarin sentences with us.

Genuinely appreciative of the school’s efforts in continuously finding ways to engage the child even during HBL period.

Thank you for all the love & efforts in compiling each term’s progress report as well. All these give us a better idea and assurance that Isabelle is on good hands.

Evelyn Ho, proud parent of Isabelle Goh, PN2

Hi Ms Sue Ann and Zheng Laoshi, thank you for teaching and guiding Elliot. Although he just switched to KINDERLAND Hougang not too long ago, I can tell he’s happy and likes attending school. Hope you will continue to inspire and ignite his imagination! Happy Teacher’s Day :)

Jen, proud parent of Elliot Chia, PN2

To all the infant teachers in Kinderland Loyang Point,

Thank you for showering your love and warmth to my baby girl, Gemma, who has joined the infant class since 2.5 months old till now. My husband and I are very grateful that we can safely put our girl in school without any worries while we go to work. We appreciate all teachers. especially Teacher Lee, Teacher Bao, Teacher Nira, Teacher Diana, Teacher Wang and not forgetting Ms Mei Fong who have been taking care of my girl that she enjoys going to school everyday. We are thankful for the rest of the staff as well, including Aunty Tan who cooks yummy meals for my baby and other kids. Thank you again for unwavering love and support during this difficult period!

Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Glady Chua, proud parent of Gemma Sim, IFC
We would like to compliment the teachers teaching K2 (Teacher Divyya & Xu Laoshi) and Nursery (Teacher Labina & Yiyi Laoshi).

Both my girls enrolled in Kinderland Loyang only in Oct 2020 when Jia Qi was in K1 (Teacher Labina & Xu Laoshi) and Jia Hui in PN2 (Teacher Bel & Wang Laoshi). As you may know, changing schools mid-way is never a good situation for any students, however their teachers take time to guide them and encourage them, and my girls felt very happy and welcomed by the teachers and also their friends. Both were able to adapt fairly fast and well in the school – all thanks to the efforts by their teachers. Now they are so eager to go to school everyday!!!

My younger daughter, Jia Hui, can be quite stubborn and sensitive at times, but Teacher Labina is ever so patient with her, and always try to explain to her whenever she is not on her best behavior and I am so glad that she actually listens to Teacher Labina and her behavior improved tremendously this year. Teacher Labina also goes the extra mile to write feedback to us regarding Jia Hui’s behavior in school whenever she feels that something has to be done – so that we can also be more aware and to guide her at home. Teacher Labina always reply to our message on class dojo promptly even after school hours – we are really very appreciative and thankful for such an amazing teacher for Jia Hui. :)

We would also like to compliment the Principal – Ms Mei Fong, who is always there to give the parents assurance and to attend to our queries promptly. Mei Fong is ever so patient with both the students and parents – she is indeed a very competent and capable leader of the school who keeps the school running in an orderly manner. Keep up the good work!

I am really glad that i have chosen Kinderland for my girls and they are really benefitting under the guidance of these wonderful and amazing teachers and Principal!


If there were no teachers, all other professions would not exist. Thank you for guiding and caring for our children, thank you for helping them grow!

Yvonne Yeo, proud parent of Joy Tsang, K2

It takes a village to raise a child and this is indeed what we parents see at Kinderland @ Marine Parade. We are extremely grateful to the team of dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that learning takes place beyond academics. They nurture the children to embody positive values and inculcate good habits for lifelong learning. The other personnel in the school such as the principal, Ms Jillene, the cleaning aunty, Aunty Nancy, the cook Aunty Piao Jie and Ms Ivy, the CSO all take good care of the children, ensuring their well-being. Everyday I leave my child in the school, knowing that he is definitely in safe hands. Thanks so much to every one in Kinderland for their commitment and dedication to our kids’ well being.

Angelia, proud parent of Zen, PN1

Happy Teachers Day!!
Thank you for the above and beyond care. As parents, we just wanted to let you know how much we value your professionalism and tell you that we are seeing a great improvement in Lilo’s ability to express herself.
Thank you for giving our child a sense of belonging, happiness and comfort while in your class. Lilo has gained so much from your positive attitude. Without a doubt, we have selected the best daycare centre which has become Lilo’s training ground.

forever grateful,


Razel Etang, proud parent of Samara Lilo Etang, PN1

It’s really nice to hear my child telling me how she had a fun time in school and how she often wants to share little nuggets of her home life with her teachers. Thank you to Teacher Pearlyn and Jiang Laoshi for making her feel at home outside of home, for helping her ease into her first year in childcare, and for nurturing an interest in the chinese language within her. Kudos to the extended team at Kinderland MP as well!

Donna, proud parent of Shana, Nursery 2

Thanks teachers, for your hard work and selfless contribution. You help to inspire the children at the starting points of their lives. Wishing you a happy teachers’ day! Thanks ~

Wang Shan, proud parent of Desmend and daniel, PN2


Wang lina, proud parent of Ng jinyu Eleanor, K1

A Teacher is a person who never fails to help everybody to get the knowledge they require and always stand alongside the students when they face problems.
Thanks for being my teacher.
Happy Teacher’s Day!

Fannie, proud parent of (Testimonial from student) Hsu Kai Neng, PN2

A very Happy Teachers Day to Ms Fiona . Thanks for being such a nurturing and attentive teacher to Lejie and for your efforts and influence in helping him develop in both academic and behaviour. Indeed we are so glad to have you as his teacher!

Lindy, proud parent of Leong Lejie

Thank you to all teachers in Kinderland MND for the care and love which makes us know that our child is always in good hands.
Aside, special thanks to class teacher Ms Fazlin for her patience with helping our child to explore different ways of doing things, as well as getting her comfortable and eventually. enjoy going to school.

Elsa Gan, proud parent of Mavis Yip

A big thank you to all of Evelyn’s teachers for the dedication, passion and care that you have shown to her since she enrolled in PN1. It has been heartwarming for us to watch Evelyn grow and we are pleasantly surprised that she has learned to share, follow instructions and help out at home. She has also learned to be more independent and has matured so much in the space of a few months. Thank you so much for your hard work and enthusiasm.

Douglas & Cecily, proud parent of Evelyn Neo, K1

Dear Miss Vivian and all fellow teachers,
Thank you for playing an important role in shaping Ernest in his lifelong learning.

All of you play an important role in his education and we are blessed to have you as his teachers.

Appreciate all the hard work you have done in one way or another. Please have a well-deserved rest and Happy Teacher’s Day!

Ivy chan, proud parents of Ernest Teow, Nursery

The teachers at Pandan Valley Kinderland are indeed incredible. A big thank you to the principal ms vivian and teachers ms katrina, 林老师 and ms clarissa for their dedication. When we started sending our daughter to school early this year, she took quite a bit of time before getting used to the routine of going to school and being away from her usual caregivers. Thanks to the teachers’ extraordinary patience and encouragement, my daughter started to look forward to going to school. Also, big thanks to Ms May, who plays a crucial in the good communication between parents and teachers.

Thank you!

Qian qian, proud parents of L, PN2

It is never an easy task to be an educator… it is even harder to be a dedicated teacher!
My daughter is blessed and privileged!
Thank you teachers for being with her, teaching her not just knowledge, but also values and building up her little steps as she leaps from one milestone to another confidently. You have also cushioned her emotionally.
Happy Teacher’s Day!

Kenneth, proud parents of Melissa Koh, K2

To all beloved Teachers of Kinderland RH. Thank you for nurturing and taking care of me. It has been a challenging time for all of us and you made a difference to my learning journey. I want to pay special mention to Ms Siti and Wang Dan Lao Shi. I am a much more independent and responsible toddler now.

Love Emily, PN2

Ernest Quah, proud parent of Emily Quah (testimonial on behalf of student), PN2

Thank you Teachers for your commitment to educating while keeping our children safe, even in turbulent times! Really appreciated!!

Zhang Ying, proud parent of Ng Wan Luo, K2

Thank you Ms Tze Kee and Hu Laoshi for taking care and guiding Syen Yew. Appreciate your dedication all these years!
Special thank to Ms Suzanne, for taking the extra miles in helping us with administrative matters. Your assistance is very valuable to us.
Happy Teachers’ Day to the wonderful Principal and teachers at Kinderland RH!

Lih Yan, proud parent of Syen Yew, K2

Special thanks to the infant teachers – Cai Lao Shi, Zeng Lao Shi, Ms Chloe, Ms Jasmine and Ms Shah.

Would like to thank all Teachers for the dedication and hard work for taking care of all the infants/toddlers. Zachary had a little injury some time ago which needed undivided attention and care. Zachary had to wear a cast for 3 weeks and we could see and feel his agony as well as the difficulty in his mobility as he is a very active and curious boy. Nevertheless, the teachers at the infant care never failed to keep him under their special care as well as keeping him occupied and entertained. Otherwise it would have been difficult for us to juggle between work and looking after Zachary. A simple “Thank You” is never enough to appreciate all the teachers for their hard work. Through this episode, we could genuinely feel the love and care the Teachers have for the children. Every morning, Zachary wakes up happy and looks forward to going to school! He is always chirpy and excited when he walks towards the school gate! Nothing is more evident when children are learning in a loving and conducive environment. Thank you Teachers/Kinderland!

Peggie, proud parent of Zachary Liw, Infant

Dear Teacher Marni,

The biggest compliment is when a child says she wants to be you! During one of our silly conversations where Jill imagines herself running her own school, out of all the staff, she said she wants to be Teacher Marni!

On another occasion, Jill says she likes Teacher Marni. Having just joined the school only recently, things started off rough but you have come so far. Your hard work paid off and you have earned a fan! Thank you for the things you do!

Dear Lin Laoshi,

Jill is very lucky to have a caring, kindly, dedicated, attentive and understanding teacher like you to teach and guide her.

We greatly appreciate your love and concern for Jill when she was feeling down or not eating well, and keeping us updated knowing we were worried about her.

Your warmth and kindness extends to parents of students as well. Thank you for your care and concern when I was heavily pregnant with Jill’s sister. Also, a big thank you for roping us in as a team to help my daughter grow and become the best she can be.

Thank you so much Lin Laoshi!

Jasmine Yeo, proud parent of Jill Song, PN2

Dear Cai lao shi, Teacher Chloe, Ms Val, Ms Jamie and all the wonderful teachers and carers of Kinderland @Sengkang,

Thank you all for being such important figures of Isabelle’s growing up journey. It has always been heartening to us how much you guys love our daughter, and how much she enjoys going to school each day. We dread the day when Isabelle will promote from her infant class, as it would mean that she will leave the love, care and attention of Cai lao shi and Teacher Chloe- both of whom she has come to love very much! At the same time, we are excited that she is moving on to her next phase of life. We have no doubt that her new teachers will be equally dedicated and committed.

Wishing all the educators in Kinderland a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Mr and Mrs Tan, proud parent of Isabelle Tan, Infant

Dear Teachers of Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for creating a fun filled and memorable preschool learning experience for Janice for the past 2 years.

Janice has blossomed very well under the love and teachings of her patient and caring teachers and we as parents really appreciate the close collaboration with the school through constant feedback and engagement.

Thank you for nurturing Janice’s joy in learning which will set her strong foundation for future education.

Happy Teachers Day to Teacher Elaine, Teacher Dana, 朱老师 and all. We are proud to be part of the Kinderland Siglap family!

Kelly, proud parent of Janice Teo, K1

Dear Teacher Elaine and all teachers at Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for your dedication, patience and hard work ever since Brandon first joined Kinderland!
You all have taken very good care of him!
We appreciate your efforts to help make school a fun and enjoyable place for him.
He has improved in many aspects ever since starting school.
He really loves all of you!
Here’s wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Shanelle Kua, proud parent of Brandon Foo, Nursery

A big Thank you to Elaine and her capable team of teachers & caregivers at Siglap Kinderland (Special shoutout to Teacher Dana, Teacher Sim, Teacher Cynthia, Teng Lao Shi, Choo Lao Shi and Zheng Lao Shi) for being such wonderful educators to the young children. Their genuine passion, dedication and caring hearts for children are inbuilt traits synonymous with their personal values and they share these values with the children & parents. Not only do they educate and care for the children, they enrich the children with fun childhood, world culture & news, general knowledge, as well as character building. We are blessed to have a team of teachers who show genuine care, understanding, and patience for our children. Thank you for everything

Joycel Yang, proud parent of Joni and Jake Tan, K1 and N2

Great to have you as our child’s teachers! Your comforting words encourage us to be great parents, waiting for our kid to grow. Both the cordial atmosphere in the school and good relationship with teachers have been conducive to the social development to our kid.

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Jessie Lu, proud parent of Laurence Cheng, K1

We still clearly remember Jonathan’s 1st day at school. He just came to Singapore after 1 year of absence from formal education and he was adapting to this new environment, not knowing many things. However, you have made his transition smoother and memorable. You have given the best of yourself in all that you do, have pushed Jonathan to reach his potential, and have shown unconditional love.

On this special day, we truly honor teachers like you :) So, from the deepest of our hearts, we thank YOU for all that you give and are forever grateful. We always believe that teachers are heroes without medals!

One small step for mankind, A giant leap for Jonathan and us. Happy teachers day!

Purnomo and Juliana, proud parent of Jonathan Paul Kristanto, K1

A very big thank you to all of Evan’s teachers who have taken care of him! We have seen him enjoying himself at school and also develop new skills. Credit must go to the teachers for creating such a warm and welcoming environment!

Dennis Teo, proud parent of Evan Teo, Infantcare

Thankful for teachers at Kinderland Woodlands Civic Centre for being so patient with my son. My son started school being really shy and he couldn’t speak mandarin at all. However, he is more outspoken now. He enjoys Chinese nursery rhymes too!!

Germaine Wong, proud parent of Kaius Chu, Nursery

The moral responsibility and influence of a teacher is highly regarded especially as infant care teachers . Big thank you to all of Asher’s infant care teachers esp Ms. Noryana and Ms. Zynn for being his first teachers to give your utmost care, guidance and patience. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Alicia, proud parent of Asher, Infant care

Really appreciative and thankful for all the time and effort all teachers contribute in nurturing our little ones.
We would like to express our gratitude especially to Ms Huda and Ni Laoshi who made En Rui a better and knowledgeable kid. They made learning so fun that En Rui always look forward to attending school, and share what he learned in school with us. Ms Huda has always been approachable and responsive with all our concerns which we really wish to thank her on. Happy Teachers Day!

Hui Jia, proud parent of En Rui, PN2

Thank you to all teachers taking care of our little Joylyn. Since her first day in kinderland till now, we really can see her growing as days goes by. She has become more confident, willing to share and communicate with us well. This is something we notice when she plays with her cousins and friends which I can’t build within her by myself. Lastly, special thanks to teacher Dayini, Angela and Lindy for taking care of Joylyn under PN1 and Happy Teachers Day to all.

Gina Cheng, proud parent of Joylyn Tang Xin Ying, PN1

A big thank you to Guo laoshi for helping Weiwen love Chinese Language & always encouraging him to put in his best efforts to grow in his language confidence. His enthusiasm to do well in 听写 & his happy recital of 汉语拼音 truly echoes joyful learning!

Mrs Lilian Chan, proud parent of Chan Wei Wen Wilber, K2

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers!
A big thank you to the teachers who been taking care of Mikael Yusuf!
Teaching and taking care of infants is not for everyone so you are certainly special.I know it’s not an easy job so we really appreciate the hard work you done with my baby. Mikael Yusuf loves going to school every day, so teachers, keep on doing what you’re doing!

Nur Amalia, proud parent of Mikael Yusuf, Infant care

Thank you for your tender loving care towards Kaelyn!

We appreciate the extra mile and passion in updating us with her milestones and progression in school, such as making sure that she is able to walk before moving on to pre-nursery!

Without the teachers’ dedication, we parents would not be able to focus whilst at work. Happy Teacher’s Day and keep up the good work!

Joseph Chen, proud parent of Kaelyn Chen, Infant care

Dearest Ms Bessie and 张老师,Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Having you in my life opened my eyes to my own inner strength and has motivated me to become and do more. You have been an incredible teacher of lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. I could never thank you enough. Happy Teachers Da❤️

Ada, proud parent of Wang Shiyu, PN1

Dear Past & Present Infant Care Edu-Carers,

Thank you for all your dedication, love & patience in looking after Evan since he was 3 months old till now, all ready to progress to the next level! Thank you for always engaging the infants with interesting activities to aid in their development & most importantly, for loving them like they were your own. Evan’s very lucky to have such loving teachers to learn from and spend time with everyday :) Thank you!

Dismas & Chun Ting, proud parent of Evan Widita, Infant care