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Dear Wang Laoshi and Teacher Ann

Thank you for taking such good care of Emmeline for the past 2 years and she is enjoying school a lot and also writing her own name and drawing a lot at home. She is always delighted when I show her pictures of activities in class. Thank you for your nurturing and care.

Ms Lau, proud parent of Emmeline Sim, Nursery

It is not easy managing a 2 year old, much less a class of them! Teacher Elly and Liang Laoshi have been amazing with the children and have taught my girl to be much more independent than she would have been at home. Thank you for your effort, love and care for Arielle – it is what made her love going to school, so much so that she doesn’t even turn to say goodbye when we drop her off.

Also a shout out to Ms Janet, who tirelessly went through all the questions I have on adminstrative and registeration matters and welcomed the children brightly to school every morning :)

Happy teacher’s day ladies! And do know that your efforts are very much appreciated by us!

Ng Zhao Wei & Khoo Chuan Lin, proud parents of Arielle Ng, PN1

Taking this opportunity to say a big Thank you to Teacher Ann for the past 2 years from PN2 to Nursery (now). She is a very approachable teacher, constantly providing feedback to parents about child’s progress in school. From her encouragement, I have seen my child grow from a whinny little baby to an independent toddler now. Once again, Thank you Teacher Ann.

Su Wei Kwang, proud parent of Kaelyn Ng, Nursery


Faith Li, proud parent of Zayden Lee, K2

Dear Miss Darshini,
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your patience and dedication. We all know it’s not easy being an educator and what’s more in early childhood education. Therefore, we really appreciate your effort, in guiding and teaching Zayden, making lesson time so fun and enjoyable for him. Thank you for your love, your care and concern towards him each day. We truly appreciate that. Quote from Zayden “I like Miss Shini, she is my favourite teacher!” ❤️ Happy Teachers’ Day!

Faith Li, proud parent of Zayden Lee, K2

To the amazing teachers and staffs of Kinderland (Sunshine Place),

All the efforts and hard work you invested to bring out the best in Coen can never be repaid in mere words. We can only feel grateful for having such a great teacher like you!

Special thanks to Ms Teo and Ms Wu for your patience with Coen.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Best regards,
Coen’s mummy

Penny Leong, proud parent of Coen Yeo Hao Feng, Nursery

Ms Lim and Ms Tng are absolute gems! My daughter enjoyed their classes and now Clarence loves being challenged to learn :) They also care about his personal growth – his temper control and anger management have improved markedly. I am thankful for their dedication to the early childhood education in my children’s formative years!

Cyn, proud parent of Clarence, K2

Kinderland – The place I called my second home for the past 5 years, spending 10 hours daily, 5 days a week, I would like to express my appreciation to all teachers who have taught me during these years. Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. And special words of thanks to my Chinese teachers for all the magnificent things you have taught to a non-chinese like me.

Thank you once again to all my teachers since 2017. With your help, I am so proud of all I have achieved. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Sha, proud parent of Rayyan Darwisy, K2

Isabelle’s journey with Kinderland been fantastic so far!

She went in during Covid times. Am glad that the whole team holds high standards of hygiene to keep HFMD & Covid cases low and in check throughout.

Thank you for the constant communication and updates.

The greatest joy & comfort is Isabelle goes to school and back happily. She is our only child. We have no prior experiences in handling children also. We thank the school for accommodating & addressing our anxieties and concerns throughout.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation & gratitude for all the love & care for Isabelle to the Principal, all the teachers & staffs of Kinderland @ Hougang (Kovan)! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Evelyn Ho, proud parent of Isabelle Goh Yun En, Nursery

If there were no teachers, all other professions would not exist. Thank you for guiding and caring for our children, thank you for helping them grow!

Yvonne Yeo, proud parent of Joy Tsang, K2
We would like to compliment the teachers teaching K2 (Teacher Divyya & Xu Laoshi) and Nursery (Teacher Labina & Yiyi Laoshi).

Both my girls enrolled in Kinderland Loyang only in Oct 2020 when Jia Qi was in K1 (Teacher Labina & Xu Laoshi) and Jia Hui in PN2 (Teacher Bel & Wang Laoshi). As you may know, changing schools mid-way is never a good situation for any students, however their teachers take time to guide them and encourage them, and my girls felt very happy and welcomed by the teachers and also their friends. Both were able to adapt fairly fast and well in the school – all thanks to the efforts by their teachers. Now they are so eager to go to school everyday!!!

My younger daughter, Jia Hui, can be quite stubborn and sensitive at times, but Teacher Labina is ever so patient with her, and always try to explain to her whenever she is not on her best behavior and I am so glad that she actually listens to Teacher Labina and her behavior improved tremendously this year. Teacher Labina also goes the extra mile to write feedback to us regarding Jia Hui’s behavior in school whenever she feels that something has to be done – so that we can also be more aware and to guide her at home. Teacher Labina always reply to our message on class dojo promptly even after school hours – we are really very appreciative and thankful for such an amazing teacher for Jia Hui. :)

We would also like to compliment the Principal – Ms Mei Fong, who is always there to give the parents assurance and to attend to our queries promptly. Mei Fong is ever so patient with both the students and parents – she is indeed a very competent and capable leader of the school who keeps the school running in an orderly manner. Keep up the good work!

I am really glad that i have chosen Kinderland for my girls and they are really benefitting under the guidance of these wonderful and amazing teachers and Principal!


To all the infant teachers in Kinderland Loyang Point,

Thank you for showering your love and warmth to my baby girl, Gemma, who has joined the infant class since 2.5 months old till now. My husband and I are very grateful that we can safely put our girl in school without any worries while we go to work. We appreciate all teachers. especially Teacher Lee, Teacher Bao, Teacher Nira, Teacher Diana, Teacher Wang and not forgetting Ms Mei Fong who have been taking care of my girl that she enjoys going to school everyday. We are thankful for the rest of the staff as well, including Aunty Tan who cooks yummy meals for my baby and other kids. Thank you again for unwavering love and support during this difficult period!

Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Glady Chua, proud parent of Gemma Sim, IFC

Thank you teachers for your dedication with the kids and for always making it a fun place for learning! Ella clearly has a bond and strong chemistry with her teachers and shows enthusiasm to go to school. 谢谢老师们的爱心和关照!谢谢你们所做的一切!Special shoutout to Ms Tham, 谢老师 and 余老师!

Jade, proud parent of Ella, PN2

非常感谢Marine Parade中心的Zhao Yutong老师和 Ms. Gwen。感谢她们的爱心和耐心,让我们家宝宝从抗拒上学(每天早上哭近一个半月)到喜欢在学校的时光,跟着老师同学们唱歌跳舞。深知这期间的各种不容易,感恩遇见好老师们!

Olivia Wu, proud parent of Xu Xiuqi, Yuta, PN1

Dear Ms Wee & Fu Laoshi,

Since 2021, you have worked diligently with Yuta, and your hard work shines through when we see how much Yuta has progressed in both English & Chinese class. He amazes us with the knowledge he has learnt during class, and is always eager to discuss and share what he has learnt at preschool. We are truly grateful for your support, guidance, and inspirational teachings over the years and you will be greatly missed next year when Yuta enters Primary School. 非常感谢你!

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Love From The Ching Family.

Tomoyo Shigeyoshi, proud parent of Ching Jun Kai, Yuta, K2

Dear Ms Lai Kuan and Lin老师

I’m thankful and really grateful for all your efforts in guiding and teaching me when I have such a huge gap to catch up in my learning. Appreciate it very much!

I really enjoy all the new knowledge I gained from your classes and have been enriching my parents with the newly learnt details. My parents are amazed and really happy too!

I’m still trying to adapt into all the learnings in normal classes and enrichments. Hope that I can finally catch up with my classmates soon. Thank you both so much for growing my love to learn!

Calista Liau, proud parent of Kaiser Goh, K1

Leon started his pre-school journey with kinderland @ MOM since he was 3. Since day 1, detailed briefs were conveyed during school orientation, from understanding the school syllabus, to preparing kids meal, and one-to-one parent meeting session assurances conducted by school teachers, termly. Every tasks were managed / handled and executed very well by Ms Michelle and team. We give this a really big thumbs up.

When Leon started to learn about words and could speak, he said Ms Daya, his English teacher, is strict but warm. I asked him, what do you mean by “warm”? He told me he felt her warmth whenever she hugs him.

I also asked him, “What do you think about your teachers in school?” He said Chen lao shi is like his mother and Ms Daya is like his father in school. We felt really blessed to hear that from a 5yr old kid.

We truly understand that Leon has been receiving a lot of attention with regards to his behaviour and antics shared by his teachers. From attending THK development and learning support and participating in Holiday intensive programmes, Leon progressed tremendously, from knowing nothing to becoming someone who is confident, curious and  positive. We are proud to recommend our friends & relatives to Kinderland @ MOM.

To all lovely teachers who spend your chaotic and sweet moments with Leon, we did not meet some of you personally, but we see your teachings and values instilled in Leon. Thanks for being a super teacher! It’s your love, effort, energy and dedication that  natures every student. Thank you & Keep it up!

Michelle, proud parent of Leon Lim, K2

Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Daya, Chen Laoshi, Lin Laoshi, Ms. Michelle (to name a few). Thank you for being who you are – supportive, resilient, patient, always upbeat day in and out and more for our child(ren) in Kinderland @ MOM.

Since Arissa’s PG days to now K2, she has grown to model your kindness, love being in school and always excited with learning new discoveries. She thoroughly enjoyed performing on stage as well with all the practices involved. You’ve made that happen!

Being an ECH educator is not an easy feat! You have played and will always play a part in raising our future generations (& not many of us can say this)!

May another year of thank you notes and dedications keeps your spark going and make your day! Keep your heads high, we’ll always cheer you on!

Sikin Razali, proud parent of Nur Arissa, K2

Special call out to Ms Ling for being such a fabulous teacher, for always acknowledging the boys for who they are and always encouraging them to do better. She is such a gem!

Wishing her a very happy Teachers day!

Hui min, proud parent of Jun Xiang and Jun Yang, K1

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for your never ending dedication to our children! You could have chosen many other career paths but chose to mould the minds of the young ones. Thank you for also giving us the assurance that we are also doing okay as parents. It takes a village to raise a child and you are part of the village of every child. We are grateful to have you around so that as parents we are assured that our child is in good hands and that we can focus on our work completely. Wishing you a wonderful Teacher’s Day!

Sabrina, proud parent of Emma, Infant

It is never an easy job looking after a bunch of active children. Kinderland has been a consistent and stable learning environment for little explorers. We appreciate all the years and the many teachers that our child has been with. This year, I would like to give Ms. Sally and Wu Laoshi a big shoutout for their dedication and adaptation through covid period. Thank you for giving your dedication to provide a safe place for our future generation to thrive.

Vickie Chang, proud parent of Aaron McHugh, K2

Dear Miss Jenny,

Thank you for all the love, care, time and energy that you put into class activities and teaching all the children!

Aadya loves you and I’m so grateful she has you as her teacher.

Happy Teachers’ day! ❤️ From Aadya

Smita Singh, proud parents of Aadya Singh, Pre Nursery 2

Thank you all the teachers in Kinderland @ Pandan Valley for your care to Emily and Ethan, for making school a warm place to welcome them everyday!

Hu zhenzhen, proud parents of Emily Keung, K1

Dear Miss Lin,

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to Aadya. We are always thrilled to hear her say Mandarin words here and there and sing Mandarin songs 😀

Wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

❤️ From Aadya

Smita Singh, proud parents of Aadya Singh, Pre- Nursery 2

I truly appreciate all the teachers in Kinderland @ Revenue House. They are kind, dedicated and patient with my kids and my kids love them all. I know it has been hard in the pandemic with kids and teachers falling sick and it really takes alot more effort to be a preschool teacher in this time. Thank you for teaching my kids values and education.

Nurul Huda, proud parent of Amelia and Ilyas Chua, K2 and Nursery

Thank you Teacher Melissa, 陈老师 and all the infant care teachers for taking care of Octavia.

In the beginning Octavia might’ve been difficult to manage, but with the patience and care from all of you, she has been settling in very well.

Octavia would like to give big hugs to all the teachers and say, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!

Gina, proud parent of Octavia, Infant

This is how excited Ariel is getting ready to go school! All thanks to teacher Eileen and 王老师 in making every little effort to help Ariel overcome her separation anxiety. Every gesture from tying her hair, paying attention to her likes and dislikes, and engaging her, is very much noticed and appreciated. 感谢老师你们的付出和无私的爱。

Goo Li Ling, proud parent of Ariel Siak Zhuo Min, PN1

Dear Teachers Lita, Phoebe, Jasmine, Angie, Alicia and Laoshi Cai & Lily

Ilham has learnt so much since he entered infant care. Thank you for your dedication in caring for the little ones in Sengkang centre. It has been a pleasure interacting with educarers like you.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all Kinderland @ Sengkang teachers. Sending virtual hugs to all of you this special day!

Izzati, proud parent of Ilham Haris, Infant

Thank you teachers from infant care for taking care of Aaren and helping him to reach his developmental milestones. 😊

Thank you Ms Jamie for always greeting us with a great smile! 😊

Happy Teacher’s Day to all! Enjoy your awesome day!

Vanessa Lee, proud parent of Aaren Tan Yi Ze, Infant

To all teaching and non-teaching staff at Kinderland Sengkang,

Thank you for your love and patience towards the children! My child is learning and growing well since his days in infant care. My husband and I would like to thank all of you for your effort and hard work through the years!

Janice, proud parent of Kyzer, PN1

Dear Teachers of Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for creating a fun filled and memorable preschool learning experience for Janice for the past 2 years.

Janice has blossomed very well under the love and teachings of her patient and caring teachers and we as parents really appreciate the close collaboration with the school through constant feedback and engagement.

Thank you for nurturing Janice’s joy in learning which will set her strong foundation for future education.

Happy Teachers Day to Teacher Elaine, Teacher Dana, 朱老师 and all. We are proud to be part of the Kinderland Siglap family!

Kelly, proud parent of Janice Teo, K1

A big Thank you to Elaine and her capable team of teachers & caregivers at Siglap Kinderland (Special shoutout to Teacher Dana, Teacher Sim, Teacher Cynthia, Teng Lao Shi, Choo Lao Shi and Zheng Lao Shi) for being such wonderful educators to the young children. Their genuine passion, dedication and caring hearts for children are inbuilt traits synonymous with their personal values and they share these values with the children & parents. Not only do they educate and care for the children, they enrich the children with fun childhood, world culture & news, general knowledge, as well as character building. We are blessed to have a team of teachers who show genuine care, understanding, and patience for our children. Thank you for everything

Joycel Yang, proud parent of Joni and Jake Tan, K1 and N2

Dear Teacher Elaine and all teachers at Kinderland Siglap,

Thank you for your dedication, patience and hard work ever since Brandon first joined Kinderland!
You all have taken very good care of him!
We appreciate your efforts to help make school a fun and enjoyable place for him.
He has improved in many aspects ever since starting school.
He really loves all of you!
Here’s wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Shanelle Kua, proud parent of Brandon Foo, Nursery

A very big thank you to all of Evan’s teachers who have taken care of him! We have seen him enjoying himself at school and also develop new skills. Credit must go to the teachers for creating such a warm and welcoming environment!

Dennis Teo, proud parent of Evan Teo, Infantcare

Great to have you as our child’s teachers! Your comforting words encourage us to be great parents, waiting for our kid to grow. Both the cordial atmosphere in the school and good relationship with teachers have been conducive to the social development to our kid.

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Jessie Lu, proud parent of Laurence Cheng, K1

We still clearly remember Jonathan’s 1st day at school. He just came to Singapore after 1 year of absence from formal education and he was adapting to this new environment, not knowing many things. However, you have made his transition smoother and memorable. You have given the best of yourself in all that you do, have pushed Jonathan to reach his potential, and have shown unconditional love.

On this special day, we truly honor teachers like you :) So, from the deepest of our hearts, we thank YOU for all that you give and are forever grateful. We always believe that teachers are heroes without medals!

One small step for mankind, A giant leap for Jonathan and us. Happy teachers day!

Purnomo and Juliana, proud parent of Jonathan Paul Kristanto, K1

Hello Ms Isabel, 陈老师,Ms Kaiying, and all teachers!
Thank you for nurturing and supporting the growth of our little ones. Everyday, Cleon steps out of school always eager to share his activities done for the day and it’s truly a reflection of the great experiences he’s had in school with you all. Thank you!

Sophie Lin, proud parent of Cleon Tan, K1

Thank you Ms Mac and Fu Laoshi for being so patient, caring and supportive to the kids! It really takes a lot to be an early childhood educator, emotionally and physically taxing on top of all the intellectual works. As parents, having good teachers gives us valuable peace of mind, and we really appreciate all your efforts!! We will do our best to support your work.

Sirui, proud parent of Bing Yu, PN1

Dear Teachers,
Happy Teachers’ Day!!!
On this special day, we would truly and sincerely like to thank each and everyone of your efforts in Yuna’s early years of learning. With your help, she is able to pick up the necessary motor skills and good habits that all kids should be practising. We, as parents are very comfortable and happy to have our child attending Kinderland and would be relying on everyone of you to impart more goods things to our child.
Keep up the good efforts and ensure every child feels the love and pleasure in attending school with Kinderland. Stay strong & healthy!

Ivy Teyo, proud parent of Zheng Yu Tong Yuna

My heartfelt thanks to the Teachers and non-teaching staff from Kinderland @ Woodlands Mart, especially to the infant class Teachers (Teacher Mel, Teacher Wati, Teacher Yazhini, Xu Lao Shi, Lin Lao Shi, Teacher Doris & Teacher Afiqah).

My daughter has been in infant care since she was 3 months old and I can’t thank the Teachers enough for taking care of her while I go to work. They always give the biggest smile and warmest welcome whenever we drop her off at school. Taking care of a class of infants is definitely not easy yet these Teachers handled it with so much love and patience. You guys are the best.

Special thanks to Ms Mahirah too for ensuring that the day to day operations in the centre runs smoothly. She is always so patient and helpful to us parents.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Diyanah MNoor, proud parent of Dayna Dahlia Binte Dahalan, Infant

Shout out to all Nadra’s teachers for putting maximum efforts to nurture the infant class. It makes me & my hubby feel relieved knowing Nadra is in good hands.
Nadra has shown a lot of progress since day 1 and it is all thanks to the endless effort by the teachers.

” It takes a BIG HEART to shape Little MINDS ”

Kamariah, proud parent of Naail Nadra Binte Muhammad Nizam, Infant class

Kayne is very thankful for his Teachers at Kinderland, he is always showered with kind words and so much love.

He has learnt to be a really sweet boy and we are very thankful for the Teachers who cultivated this good behaviour.

This Teacher’s Day, we would love to let all the Teachers know that they did a wonderful job in taking care of our children and nurturing them into awesome kids!

Ewayne Jake Toh Lim, proud parent of Kayne Sirius Toh, PN1

Thank you to the educators for giving your fullest care to Luna. Special mention to Ms Yang, who even call me up when Luna did not report to class because she is sick to check in on her and provided advice for speedier recovery. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Ang Chiu Lee, proud parent of Koh Yue Ning, Luna, Infant

Dear Yang 老师,Liao 老师,Wu 老师, Ms Salomi,
Thank you for looking after Finn like he’s your own. We feel your personalised care as everyday when we pick him up we hear about how his milk intake and output patterns have changed, which goes to show how much attention you have paid to him. This gives us much comfort to focus on work, knowing that our 3 month old baby is in your good hands. Wishing our lovely teachers and very Happy Teacher’s Day!

Chun Ting, proud parent of Finn, Infant

I would like to express my gratitude to 符老师 and Ms Kim for Jed’s learning and overall development.

Thank you 符老师 for following him since he was in pre-nursery. Under her care, he has matured a lot and his Chinese standard is very good. He is a confident speaker and expresses himself very well in Chinese. Thank you 符老师 for your dedication over the years!

Seraphina, proud parent of Jedidiah, Nursery