Kinderland Sengkang [Preschool & Infant] [C-POP PRESCHOOL]

*Registered as “KINDERTOWN EDUCARE PTE. LTD.” on ECDA’s Preschool Search portal

Located in a 2-storey house 5 minutes’ drive from Sengkang MRT station and bus interchange, Kinderland @ Sengkang is a premium preschool as well as our flagship infant care centre. It is a prime choice for residents of the north-east, such as Seng Kang, Seletar and Punggol.

There is a dedicated outdoor play area in our compound solely meant for our infants. During the first few years of life, infants and toddlers are trying to make sense of their world. One of the ways they do this is by soaking up every noise, sound, and experience that they have. They then take this information and learn about how the world works. Being outdoors is, therefore, critical for cognitive development.

Within the compounds is an outdoor herb garden where children learn the responsibility to care for nature. The private outdoor area also contains a playground, playhouse, sandpit, water play and soundscape structure where lessons to build sensorial experiences and fitness are held.

Parents enjoy a close partnership with the principal and teachers of the school, forming a rapport that contribute to the growth and development of their child.

Open to children from ages of 2 months to 6 years, the preschool is a safe haven and conducive learning environment for infants, toddlers, and nursery and kindergarten children.

Location Information

Address : 363 & 365 Lorong Buang Kok,
Singapore 547687
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Playground / Sand Play / Water-play / Herb garden
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Sessions : Half Day, Full Day
Level : Infant, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

  1. Science
  2. Music

Parent Testimonial

Jill had a great time at the Children’s Day carnival organised by the school! She had great fun mending the stall and selling sweet potato balls. I think it’s very meaningful to donate the proceeds as it was a great opportunity to expose her to charity work and the less fortunate. It was refreshing for her to have a day outside classroom norms where she could play games, dress up and run around the whole place.

We had the chance to be in Jill’s classroom for a while, while waiting to be deployed for the parent volunteer work. We have mad respect for Teacher Jayne and Zhang Laoshi, for their patient and kind ways. Both of them have such a calm and nurturing demeanour. They are so well-loved by the children, and it is very heartening to see that. Thank you, Teacher Jayne and Zhang Laoshi!

Gail is a little too young to understand the festivities, but despite that, she certainly had fun chomping down the corn. She seemed comfortable roaming the PN1 classroom and happily played with the toys. We don’t have much chance to see her interact with her teachers in class, but I can definitely tell she is very comforted by Teacher Phoebe’s presence. Gail smiles very brightly when she sees Teacher Phoebe and goes into class happily with her. She is undoubtedly her favourite teacher and is a rock to her. Thank you, Teacher Phoebe, and the many other teachers – Teacher Lita, Teacher Jasmine and the 2 Cai Lao Shis, whom she is slowly warming up to.

Jasmine Yeo, proud parent of Jill and Gail (Nursery & Infant) - 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all teaching and non-teaching staff for planning this year’s Children’s Day celebration. Ever since COVID hit, I felt the children don’t get to enjoy themselves as much as we did when we were young. Appreciate all the help and guidance that has been rendered to Jonas and Quinn throughout their preschool journey.
Special shout-outs to Teacher Jayne and Zhang Laoshi of Nursery, Teacher Alison and Huang Laoshi of PN1, and Lin laoshi, who has taught Quinn for a while.

Not forgetting Ms Val and Ms Jamie for collaborating in all the work to make the Children’s Day carnival happen! You guys are amazing! Special thanks for inviting us to be part of this programme as well. I’ve got a chance to be a parent volunteer, see my kids enjoying themselves in school and explore the school compound.

Leesa Yeo, proud parent of Quinn and Jonas (Nursery and PN1) - 2022

Many thanks to all the staff who organised such a wonderful Children’s Day celebration! Both Lezhi, Le En, Mr Zhang and myself had such a great time! I feel so lucky to have chosen your centre for my kids, as I can feel they are very much loved, cared for and guided well. I know this by observing the teachers and staff – through their smiles, gentle conversations, protective gestures, and the warmth and vibrancy that filled the centre.

I want to thank teacher FiOh, who makes great rice balls and introduces diverse cultural and scientific information to Lezhi. Additionally, to Zhang Laoshi always reassures me about my kids’ life in school, and Teacher Alysson and Wong Laoshi, who give such gentle and warm care to Le En, and always letting me know how much they adore Le En. The cookies they sold in the carnival were very sweet and yummy, but still not as sweet as the adorable PN1 toddlers! I would also like to thank other teachers and staff (Lin Laoshi, Ms Jamie, Auntie Susan, teacher Natasha, and more) who helped to make the day so enjoyable and a blast!

Mrs Zhang, proud parent of Lezhi and Le En (K1 and PN1) - 2022

A big thank you to you and your team for organising the Children’s Day carnival. It was wonderful, and despite the lousy weather, I am sure everyone had a great time- children and parents alike!

For us, it was nice to finally witness Isabelle in the environment she has spent so much of her little life in. We were also finally able to put faces to the names of her many friends that Isabelle often tells us about at home (or whatever we can make out of her babblings). We were amazed and impressed by the level of energy that all the teachers have to keep up with during the carnival, and I’m sure, on a day-in-day-out basis. Case in point: Put us in the same shoes, and we probably can’t last 2 hours.

Covid has made us realise how precious simple things like having a physical Children’s Day event are. It is the presence and efforts of you guys that enable parents like us to have a ‘normal life’; and the children a rich, safe and educational childcare experience. Special shout out to Teacher Alysson, Huang Laoshi, Ms Jamie and Ms Val; but really, our gratitude extends to every teacher and staff who has contributed to making Kinderland such a great place for Isabelle and us.

Jude and Sharon Tan, proud parent of Isabelle (PN1) - 2022

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the teachers and non-teaching staff who have contributed to my child’s growth. It means a lot to us, and we truly appreciate it. Thank you!

Ally Siew, proud parent of Hannah Yong, Infant

Happy Teachers’ Day! Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and always going above and beyond! You are the school’s superhero! Cai Laoshi, Huang Laoshi, Zhang Laoshi and teacher Alysson, thank you for everything that you do and being part of our journey!

Geraldine Yeo, proud parent of Hailey Emery Sim Zi Xuan, PN1

Dear Teachers Lita, Phoebe, Jasmine, Angie, Alicia and Laoshi Cai & Lily

Ilham has learnt so much since he entered infant care. Thank you for your dedication in caring for the little ones in Sengkang centre. It has been a pleasure interacting with educarers like you.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all Kinderland @ Sengkang teachers. Sending virtual hugs to all of you this special day!

Izzati, proud parent of Ilham Haris, Infant

Dear Zheng Laoshi and Teacher Natasha

Your dedications have gained the trust of our child and we appreciate your patience for making this happen.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Raece, proud parent of Avery Koh, PN2

A big thank you to Teacher Alysson and Wang laoshi who spend your time, love and energy to care and educate our children. And to all the Teachers, Happy Teachers Day! :)

Rene, proud parent of Cady, PN1

To all teaching and non-teaching staff at Kinderland Sengkang,

Thank you for your love and patience towards the children! My child is learning and growing well since his days in infant care. My husband and I would like to thank all of you for your effort and hard work through the years!

Janice, proud parent of Kyzer, PN1

Thank you teachers from infant care for taking care of Aaren and helping him to reach his developmental milestones. 😊

Thank you Ms Jamie for always greeting us with a great smile! 😊

Happy Teacher’s Day to all! Enjoy your awesome day!

Vanessa Lee, proud parent of Aaren Tan Yi Ze, Infant

* C-POP denotes the Childcare Partner Operator scheme, implemented by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for the new term January 2021.