Developed by physical education specialists to emphasize holistic wellness, the KinderFit programme is based on Rudolph Laban’s movement-based framework as well as celebrated American cardiovascular fitness programme Feelin’ Good, developed by Dr Charles T. Kuntzleman.

It is a structured wellness programme that is organized around the themes involving the body and its interrelationship with space, time, effort and flow. It enables young children to look fit and feel great about themselves – includes fundamental movement activities, cardio-wellness programmes, lessons on healthy eating and nutrition, as well as customised meal plans.

Benefits include acquisition of fundamental motor skills, development of self-confidence and responsible habits and improved cardio-wellness.

Sports Fiesta

Kinderland’s Sports Fiesta is our annual sports day. The inaugural Sports Fiesta took place in 2008 and has since been the spotlight of our KinderFit programme which is available to all our preschoolers. At Sports Fiesta, our preschoolers celebrate fitness, exercises and values such as perseverancey, dedication and teamwork. Family bonding is also a highlight of the day, when parents and children participate in parent-child games, dance exercises and relays. One segment that stands out is the preschool gymnastic formations guided by JACPA instructors from Japan. Our children would showcase varied formations such as airplanes, sushi, and rockets. JACPA is Japan’s largest physical education provider for preschoolers.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics classes are available as an enrichment programme in selected preschool centres. Provided by JACPA, Japan’s largest physical education provider for preschoolers, the rhythmic gymnastics programme s a graceful combination of ballet, gymnastics, dance and apparatus-play. It promotes strength, tenacity and flexibility while developing finesse, motor and body coordination skills.