Here at Kinderland, we believe that every child is unique. That they are natural learners and deserve the opportunities to benefit from an enriching environment that provides challenging daily experiences where caring and understanding adults are present and responsive to their needs. Every child is a sensitive, feeling and thinking individual with the potential to be their best selves and, through our programme, can develop into curious, creative, capable, confident, caring and communicative individuals with heart.

CURIOUS (Infant)

The CURIOUS Kinderland child has an active desire and eagerness to investigate, learn and to know about his or her environment

CREATIVE (Pre-Nursery 1)

The CREATIVE Kinderland child displays enjoyment and imagination in approaching new things and ideas

CAPABLE (Pre-Nursery 2)

The CAPABLE Kinderland child shows ability, competence and skill in their undertaking of tasks


The CONFIDENT Kinderland child projects self-reliance and belief in their ability to do well and succeed

CARING (Kindergarten 1)

The CARING Kinderland child is conscientious, considerate and shows concern

COMMUNICATIVE (Kindergarten 2)

The COMMUNICATIVE Kinderland child is courageous, expressive and articulate