Children’s Music Programme

Kinderland recognises the importance of music in the development of language literacy, contributing to children’s wholesome development. Its Children’s Music Programme provides our children with the opportunity to play the keyboard, while younger ones enjoy the learning delights of an early foundation in music.

Taught by professionally-qualified, specialist music teacher, children aged 3 and 4 years old (Pre-Nursery and Nursery) are encouraged to express themselves musically through song-singing, rhymes recitation, rhythmic movement, music stories and ensemble playing.

In addition to the above, children aged 5 and 6 years old (Kindergarten 1 and 2) are introduced to weekly keyboard lessons to further develop their hearing, singing, keyboard playing and notation reading skills.

Studies have revealed that including music in school curriculums help children to improve their concentration and memory, more attentive listening, ability to express feelings better, greater sense of rhythm, understanding of the basic rudiments of music, ability to read music scores and appreciation of teamwork.

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Preschool Marching Band

Beyond classroom learning, Kinderland is the first and only preschool in Singapore with a marching band and stage ensemble. Marching band is only available at Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang. Our experienced performers from the marching band and stage ensemble had put up countless performances for dignitaries in occasions like Early Childhood Conference 2019 and Octoburst! 2019 & 2022 – A Children’s Festival by Esplanade.

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Colour Guard

Making its debut at Kinderland’s Sports Fiesta, the Colour Guard performance from Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade showcased our children’s coordinated movements and marched to music, emphasizing their rhythm and musicality.

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