Kinderland Pandan Valley [PRESCHOOL & INFANT (NEWLY LAUNCHED IN Q3 2022)]

Nestled in a quaint and idyllic private estate, Kinderland @ Pandan Valley offers quality and exclusive childcare services to children living in Clementi, Dover, Holland Village and Bukit Timah. The large outdoor area is secured for the school’s private use and contains a playground, a playhouse, a sandpit and water play equipment where lessons to build sensorial experiences and fitness are held. Also, located in the outdoor area is a spice garden is in the outdoor area that is lovingly and tenderly cared for by our children. Through hands-on gardening, our children develop a sense of responsibility and learn to care for the environment.

Within the school’s indoor area, there is a combined music and computer room where music and literacy classes are separately conducted. Kinderland’s Children Music Programme enhances children’s mental development while our Literacy Through I.T. programme develops their communicative abilities in listening and speaking.

We offer infant care and preschool programmes for infants, nursery and kindergarten children, alongside a comprehensive range of optional enrichment programmes in different domains that cater to children’s differing talents and intelligences. Start enquiring for our new infant care service now!

Location Information

Address : 3 Pandan Valley, #02-316,
Singapore 597627.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Playground, Water play, Sandpit, Spice garden
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care (Newly launched in Q3 2022), Child Care
Sessions : Half day, Full day
Level : Infant, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years

Enrichment Courses

  1. Art
  2. Abacus
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Science

Parent Testimonial

“Happy Teacher’s Day! We are immensely grateful for all the care, concern and the patient education they have given to our little one. It is extremely heartening to see that Dias is happy to see his teachers when we drop him off at school. We love getting updates from the teachers about his little quirks and his milestones in school and we are very thankful for their input. They have always remained very positive even when we have some concerns, and have always showed a lot of concern when Dias misses school when he’s ill.

Thank you!!”

Vanice Wong, proud parents of Dias Wong, Infant care
Dear Ms Connie, we are so grateful for all that you have done for Liv. Your commitment to helping Liv catch up with her fellow peers didn’t go unnoticed. She was unable to read when she first joined the class at the start of the year and it was demoralizing for her. Through your encouragement and dedication, she was able to learn necessary skills required for reading and have since flourished as a budding reader. You’ve gone above and beyond what was necessary to for our child and we are grateful for teachers like you. Liv enjoys going to school because you’ve made it a welcoming environment with your and approachable and lovely demeanor. Your passion to educate and nurture the next generation can be see through your kind interactions with the children. We need more teachers like you! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Teachers’ Day!
Isabelle soh, proud parents of Liv woo, Kindergarten 2

Hi, in view of the recent cases, we just want to encourage the Kinderland teachers who had been on the journey of nurturing our children when they were younger. My 2 children have long graduated and were formerly from MOE branch which closed. But they remembered Ms Connie fondly even till now as the elder is graduating from primary school. Thank you for believing in these 2 children who had spectrums and for not giving up when they were difficult and different.

Thank you Ms Connie. We certainly hope and wish all is well with you.

Happy Teachers’ Day ❤️ from Odele and Elijah (Former MOE Kinderland)

Pearlie, proud parents of Odele and Elijah (2017 and 2018), Kindergarten 2
Ernest is blessed to have good teachers with him. We are blessed that Miss Connie is the K2 teacher this year. She is very patient with him. Often encouraging him to try harder and have faith in himself, Ernest has grown to be a confident speaker. She encourages the love for reading through the repertoire of Enid Blyton books such as the Enchanted Wood series. My boy is especially fascinated with the whole series which resulted in him completing the whole set. I did not need persuasion but he set the lead to read by himself. My elder girl was also blessed herself back 6 years ago when she was also a student of Miss Connie. We are blessed that Kinderland has good teachers to continue the excellent legacy. Keep up the good work. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William A. Ward
Miss Ivy, proud parents of Ernest teow, Kindergarten 2
“Dear miss Connie,

Thank you truly for all your help in getting Saadiqah and sana adjusted to their new school! Esp with saadiqah only having a few months left before k2 ends, thank you for making her feel included and empowered! Both the girls always come home with lots of stories about what you did and what you taught them! We can tell how much joy you bring. Thank you and have a wonderful Teacher’s Day!”

Ambika, proud parents of Saadiqah, Kindergarten 2