Kinderland Pandan Valley [PRESCHOOL & INFANT (COMING IN Q3 2022)]

Nestled in a quaint and idyllic private estate, Kinderland @ Pandan Valley offers quality and exclusive childcare services to children living in Clementi, Dover, Holland Village and Bukit Timah. The large outdoor area is secured for the school’s private use and contains a playground, a playhouse, a sandpit and water play equipment where lessons to build sensorial experiences and fitness are held. Also in the outdoor is a spice garden that is lovingly and tenderly cared for by our children. Through hands-on gardening, our children develop a sense of responsibility and learn to care for the environment.

Within the school’s indoor area, there is a combined music and computer room where music and literacy classes are separately conducted. Kinderland’s Children Music Programme enhances children’s mental development while our Literacy Through I.T. programme develops their communicative abilities in listening and speaking.

We offer infant care and preschool programmes for infants, nursery and kindergarten children, alongside a comprehensive range of optional enrichment programmes in different domains that cater to children’s differing talents and intelligences. Start enquiring for infant care now.

Location Information

Address : 3 Pandan Valley, #02-316,
Singapore 597627.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Playground, Water play, Sandpit, Spice garden
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care (Coming in Q3 2022), Child Care
Sessions : Half day, Full day
Level : Infant, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years

Enrichment Courses

  1. Art
  2. Abacus
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Science

Parent Testimonial

Dear Ms Gretchen,

You are the spark and the guide to Jerald and his classmates in K1. Jerald loves the activities that you’ve organized. The waterplay is one of the unforgettable ones.
Thank you and have a joyful Teachers’ Day!

Cheryl, proud parent of Jerald A, K1

The school’s teacher is very kind and caring about children, my child loves to go to school everyday. Cheers to Teachers’ Day!

Serena, proud parent
We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the team at Kinderland for welcoming Natalie and Melissa although they joined midway in 2020 and even experienced the circuit breaker.
We know Natalie enjoys her days in school as there is bound to be stories shared with us every day, be it crafts, play or knowledge. It has been tricky, but we are very thankful for what the school has done for all the children.
As we all welcome 2021, we would like to wish all at Kinderland a happy 2021. Stay safe, be healthy and positive.
Mr and Mrs Tan, proud parent of Natalie and Melissa

My son transferred from another school as we moved house. Very glad that we chose Kinderland ! He has been telling me that he loves this school more than the previous one and his teachers are nicer to him now. The teachers are really dedicated and we can all feel it! Thank you so much for making my son feel so welcomed and loved!!

Jean, proud parent, K1

Hearrtfelt thank you to Ms Katrina and 林老师 who spend their time, energy, and love to care for Dylan, making his transition to Pandan Valley a smooth process. Happy Teachers Day!

Jielin Song, proud parent of Dylan Fan, Nursery

We really appreciate the teachers at Kinderland Pandan Valley for their patience, love and care shown to the kids. We wish them a happy Teacher’s Day!

Li Yan, proud parent of Jia Jun, K1





Agnes Chan, proud parent of Leia Chan, Nursery

Dear 吴老师,


Cheryl, proud parent of Jerald A, K1

Much appreciation to all the teachers at Kinderland @ PV for their dedication and affection for the children. You have taught them many things and given them valuable skills. The children have grown so much in your care! Thank you!

Peixian, proud parent of Yiqian & Yirou, K2 & Nursery

Thank you, Miss Connie, for teaching Steven, Kaitlin and Alyssa! I know Alyssa is in good hands! Steven still tells me he really liked your lessons!

Quek Su Ying, proud parent of Alyssa Loh, K2

Dear Miss Mae-Ann

Through the love and care which you generously gave everyday, Luke has grown into a lively and happy boy he is today. As parents, we are proud that he has developed good curiosity on all things fresh and new, as well as a good command of spoken English for his age. Thank you for providing a safe and conducive environment for him to grow with Kinderland.

Agnes Chan, proud parent of Luke Chan, Pre-Nursery 1

Thank you for being such an excellent educator, Madam Zhang! Our child may only have spent a few years in school, but we already realize that teachers like you are impossible to find. We appreciate all of the patience, time and energy that you put into teaching our child. Even when the topic seems dull and boring, you empower students to learn and have fun. You demonstrate each and every day what it takes to be an amazing teacher. You have gone through the extra mile giving us frequent feedback and reminders on how to improve our child. You are caring and attentive to our child. We love seeing our daughter coming home from school with so many amazing things to say about your class. She is always excited to share everything that she has learned. Keep up the great work and thank you so much!

Nelly Yong, proud parent of Jerilyn Yen Yu Qi, K2

Teachers and staffs at [email protected] Valley center are very warm-hearted. We really appreciate their caring and patient attitude toward the kids. We wish all of them a happy Teacher’s Day.

Yan Li, proud parent, Nursery

To Darren’s dearest Ms May-Ann & 何老师, thank you for your patience and LOVE for Darren!
Just wanted to let you know how much your time, effort, and hard work is appreciated. Happy teacher’s day!

Jielin Song, proud parent of Darren Fan, PN1

Dear Ms Katrina

Happy Teacher’s Day!

You are an inspiration to Leia. She speaks just like you when she role plays as a teacher, and currently working hard to grow her hair like yours!

Thank you for teaching her phonics and taking care of her emotional needs. You are the guiding light and motivation for her to come to school.

Agnes Chan, proud parent of Leia Chan, Nursery


谢谢您对建铭无微不至的照顾。这两年来,您是认识他们姐弟最久的, 因此也谢谢您帮他们融入新的学习环境。祝您教师节快乐!

Agnes Chan, proud parent of Luke Chan, Pre-Nursery 1

Dear Ms Mae Ann and Dear Teacher He,
Thank you so much for being such wonderful teachers to Bon. It is really nice to see how much he enjoys now going to school and we are really proud of how he develops. You are doing an amazing job and really making the difference. We are very grateful. Thank you, Guy&Fleur and of course Bon!

Fleur and Guy Smeets, proud parents of Bon, Nursery
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