Learn more about how music is the DNA of our music-infused curriculum, which is proven to help our children gain higher cognitive development in their early years.

Why is it beneficial for your child to go on Kinderland Preschool's musical learning journey? Music is the core DNA of Kinderland's curriculum. As shown by research, music learning boosts young children's brain development and their maths and language learning skills. 0-1 year, Infant Ready to explore with five senses Infant Ecce 1-2 years, Toddler KI Ready to develop listening & vocalisation skills 2-3 years, Pre-Nursery Ready to build bodily coordination 3-4 years, Nursery Ready to develop literacy & numeracy skills Toddlers display growing awareness and understanding during the exploration stage. This is when we hone their language and literacy skills through listening and vocalisation. By introducing lyrics through songs and rhymes along with rhythmic movement and movement patterns, toddlers learn words through sound-action associations. They also learn pitches while starting to sing some of the lyrics. Here, they learn to identify and repeat patterns, developing observational and prediction skills that are important for maths. As early as infancy, children begin exploring the world with their five senses. At this stage, we introduce them to sounds of different percussion instruments. This exercise helps children in their development of listening and concentration skills. They will learn to respond to rhythms and beats through bodily gestures and express emotions in response to music. Pre-Nursery able to identify familiar musical objects - which is a form of reading skills. Children are ready to explore the numeracy concept in Nursery. Musically, they are introduced to simple rhythmic patterns and counting of beats. At this stage, children are able to play one of the three basic percussion instruments*, which promotes gross motor, bodily coordination and pre-math skills. Kineticland Strengthen motor skills and sharpen minds through specially designed physical programmes 4-5 years, This is a good time to strengthen toddlers' motor skills. To hone their body coordination, fine motor abilities, and tactile & auditory learning, they are introduced to three basic percussion instruments. Additionally, children are now able to show expressions and copy movements as they participate in music & movement activities. Week by week, they gain wider vocabulary and ability to exercise articulation, and are Ready to express creatively With a strong foundation of basic skills, our kindergarteners are socially and emotionally developed and adept at creation. They can improvise songs and recreate rhythm patterns through singing and percussion instruments. They also progressively develop keen comprehension skills by reading notations from several key positions, such as C, G, D, and F major. Kinderland offers an excellent platform for children to further develop social skills through performance settings, such as in a marching band**, stage or pianica ensemble. Children will learn about teamwork, active listening and turn-taking. Digiland Understand numeracy and logical thinking for real-world applications and essential programming skills through coding *bells, triangles and castanets **Marching band is only available at Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang. 110 In K1, children will strengthen aesthetic and creative expression. By singing a variety of songs with clear diction, children will work on phonics and pronunciation, boosting their language skills and self-confidence. Children are taught action songs and imaginative movement to stimulate their creativity and improvisation. They will learn to play different instruments including keyboards. MORE THAN MUSIC EDUCATION Accumulating all the skills they have built over the years, music enhances a Kinderland child's literacy skills and cognitive development. Through our music-infused curriculum, they graduate smart and with confidence. Intelliland Hone language and literacy skills through a specially curated multi-sensory programme which builds confidence in reading and writing 5-6 years, K2 EQland Develop character by refining social and emotional skills while fostering compassion for the community Ready to boost self-confidence Toddler To learn how your child can benefit early from Kinderland's music-infused curriculum, register to speak with our centre principals here: https://bit.ly/SLPD-Infographic BCS. 302 Nursery OUR MISSION is to stir curiosity, cultivate care, expand capability, promote creativity, build confidence and hone our children's communication skills from a young age. Kinderland children are cultivated to be empathetic global citizens with a growth mindset. Kinderland's music-infused curriculum is embodied through the K.I.N.D.E.R multi-disciplinary lands, which allow boundless opportunities for our children to engage all five senses in learning and expanding their knowledge. K2 1 Natureland Spur inquisitive minds to explore and seek answers from nature while discovering the world creativeland Encourage creative expression through various forms of music and arts while honing a sense of aesthetics, rhythm and coordination