At Kinderland and ELFA, we take great pride in showing our appreciation for the efforts of all members of our Kinderland and ELFA family. For Kinderland and ELFA Day 2024 (KED 2024), we went above and beyond to celebrate the dedication of our team over the past year.

Themed “Rise Stronger: Embracing Challenges and Diversity”, KED 2024 also delved into how our unity and resilience plays an integral part in us overcoming adversity. This includes an expert seminar, insights by our management, and complimentary admission for all our centre leaders, educators and support staff to Universal Studios Singapore.  The event, held on 21 June 2024, was attended by almost 250 members of our Kinderland and ELFA family!

Expert Seminar on Nurturing Children with Learning Differences

We are happy to have welcomed Dr Chiah Wan Yeng, Director of Academic Affairs and Child Psychologist at UCSI Child Development Centre for our KED 2024. She shared her insights on how our educators can recognise and nurture the learning differences of preschoolers. She also delved into how educators can work together with parents to optimise the development of children with learning differences.

Dr Chiah Wan Yeng delivering her seminar on nurturing children with learning differences to our Kinderland and ELFA family

The seminar took a holistic approach covering four main topics essential to nurturing children with learning differences. The comprehensive sharing empowered our educators on how to work together with parents to seek early intervention for children with learning differences, minimising any potential learning gaps.

Firstly, it plunged into the early learning differences in children, and an observational checklist educators can use to spot such differences. Secondly, the talk highlighted signs of common disorders in children such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism, and what educators should do if they observe these signs.

The talk then explored how educators can develop compassionate communication techniques to communicate with parents of children with learning differences in a sensitive manner. The talk ended off on how educators can support parents as they adapt to the different learning needs of their children.

Insights by Management

Key personnel of Kinderland shared their insights on the progress that the Kinderland and ELFA family have made in the past year, as well as the future directions Kinderland will be taking together. Mr Robert Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Kinderland International Education, and Mr Ng Tiow Seng, Group Human Resource Director of Crestar Education Group, delivered a combined speech.

In their speech, they covered the company’s direction of supporting the growth of educators, not only in Singapore, but also through opportunities to work in our centres which are located overseas. The speech also thanked the educators for creating a welcoming and positive experience for our parents through their daily actions. This is a key role in holding onto our parents as customers and growing our prospective parents for our centres.

From left to right: Mr Ng Tiow Seng and Mr Robert Leong delivering their speech for Brand Day 2024

Lastly, they spoke about the emerging challenges of the preschool industry and the role of our educators in tackling them.

Mr Seet Lee Kiang, General Manager of Kinderland, shared his thoughts on the progress and future of Kinderland and ELFA. He highlighted our parents’ appreciation for our educators and customer service officers in our survey conducted end-last year, and our upcoming ventures into Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia.

Mr Seet Lee Kiang during his speech on Brand Day

Mr Seet also delved into the importance of teamwork in Kinderland and ELFA. He highlighted how the individual members of the Kinderland and ELFA family compliment the areas of improvement of each other with their strengths.

Educators of Kinderland and ELFA sharing a hug during Brand Day 2024

Fun Team Bonding at Universal Studios Singapore

Members of the Kinderland and ELFA family were also treated to a fun team bonding experience at Universal Studios Singapore. With free admission for all, our educators, centre leaders, and our management got together to enjoy the various rides, performances, and get their hands on a variety of souvenirs and refreshments.

Members of our Kinderland family enjoying the attractions at Universal Studios Singapore

We hope our Kinderland and ELFA family enjoyed an enriching Brand Day, packed with learning opportunities and enjoyable moments. We are excited to host an even more fantastic Brand Day next year with our ever-growing Kinderland and ELFA family.