Kinderland Marine Parade [Preschool & INFANT]

Conveniently located in the heart of the learning hub, Kinderland @ Marine Parade is a quality preschool, fully fitted with curriculum-aligned facilities.

The dedicated rooms for Music and Art allow children to express themselves creatively. Within the centre, there is a literacy room that develops their communicative abilities in listening and speaking, and the multipurpose area with an indoor playground is ideal for children’s participation in games and exercises that develop fine and gross motor skills. The centre also features a self-help kitchenette which promotes independence as children learn to set up for meals, serve themselves and clean up after meals.

What’s truly special about Kinderland @ Marine Parade is it offers Kinderland’s only bilingual English and Japanese programme specially designed for Japanese children. The integrated programme is conducted by a native Japanese teacher to enhance your child’s bilingual English and Japanese literacy acquisition in their most crucial years of child development. Over the course of our programme, your child will be rooted in his identity as Japanese through introduction to traditional songs, crafts, poems and seasonal events.

Location Information

Address : 87 Marine Parade Central
#03-202 Singapore 440087
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Bilingual English & Japanese Classes are available at this centre. Call to enquire.
Sessions : Half Day, Full Day
Level : Infant, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

  1. Abacus
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Science

Parent Testimonial

We’re really thankful to the 3 Teachers in infantcare, specially Teacher Liu Xiu Feng.
Since Gordon joined (May 2019) she was the one who really takes good care of him, tried to understand him, in his character and habits. She’s a patient and warm-hearted teacher. Really appreciate Teacher’s love, hard work and kindness. Please continue to support and love all babies. Thank you.

Cara Lee, proud parent of Gordon Yap Kai Jun, Infantcare

Would like to thank all teachers, admin ms Ivy and aunty who takes care of qf’s well being while he spends his day at school. Huge thank you to Ms Wee, 老师 and Ms Claire for guiding qf since his transitional period from infant care. Very grateful for all the teachers’ patience towards him. Appreciate !

Thank you all for your effort. ( Especially during the Circuit breaker)


Much love and appreciation,
Qian Feng’s parents

Proud parents of Qian Feng, Pn1

My son enjoys his online classes with Ms.Huda! A big shout-out for the Japanese classes conducted by Misaki-Sensei for the Marine Parade Kinderland toddlers – very well done and interactive. Thank you!

Zarina Yamaguchi, proud parent of Kinderland Pre-Nursery Child

Noah is exceptionally well taken care of in school by a team of dedicated infantcare teachers. They make sure that his daily needs are met and he enjoys a warm and supportive environment to grow well in. We truly appreciate the positivity and love shown by the teachers towards their charges. Here’s celebrating you – Xie Laoshi, Ms Tham, Liu Laoshi, Zhang Laoshi and Ms Radhiah. Not forgetting the corporate support staff who make the school such a nurturing place. Kudos to you & keep up the excellent work! Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Mrs Noraini Tan, proud parent of Noah Tan Bin Idris Tan, Infantcare

Ms Cristine is a kind, dedicated and encouraging teacher. She’s always seen with a big smile on her face and takes her work seriously. My child speaks fondly of her constantly and is sad that she won’t get to see Ms Cristine anymore when she goes to P1 next year.

I wish Ms Cristine all the best and congratulate her on a job well done!

Happy Teachers Day 😊

Paige Chiam, proud parent of Kiera Kevalin Khoo, K2

We all earn stars when we are good at school, but the greatest stars are the teachers that shine their care on us. Happy Teachers Day!

John Marsh, proud parent of Lennox Marsh, Nursery

Thank you for teaching me a lot in school.
I love school and singing songs with you!

Kaoru Sakai, proud parent of Juno Sakai, PN1

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the Teachers at Kinderland @ Marine Parade!! Appreciate all your efforts in educating the children. 老师最伟大!感恩。

Looi Pei See, proud parent of Lee Dongze, K1

It is most heartening to see my child loving to go to school every day. I am very sure that his teachers are the ones that made his day. Thanks to his dedicated teachers that gave him so much love! =)

Angelia, proud parent of Zen, Infant


YU JIAMIN, proud parent of Vincent Zhang KaiBin, K2

Thank you Xie lao shi, Zhang lao shi, Liu lao shi, Ms Tham and Ms Radiah for their utmost care and love in taking care of and educating my son. Their friendly and caring demeanours never fails to calm him down. I am sure he will miss them when he moves on to PN1. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Charlene, proud parent of Lee Rei, Zayn, Infant

I would like to thank Ms Cristine, Fu Laoshi and Ms Zyra for their relentless effort during the HBL period. I am very impressed by their efforts to prepare and organise the worksheets and art & craft materials nicely. It was not an easy period for them and they are able to display their professionalism in teaching the children. Javier and Jonas have grown tremendously under their teaching. In addition, I would also like to thank the rest of the Marine Parade Teachers for their love and care to my children. Lastly, also to thank the Cook aunty for providing such nutrition and tasty food. Both my children love her cooking.

Pei Suan, proud parent of Javier and Jonas Ang, K2 and Nursery

Louis says “I like Ms Zen a lot. She always helps me to learn and she is very kind. I like Fu Lao Shi because she teaches me Chinese and brings me to the playground. She likes to make jokes and makes me laugh and happy.”

Jeremy Tan, proud parent of Louis Tan, K1

Thank you Miss Keith and Mo Lao Shi for your patience and love. I have finally overcome my stranger anxiety before going to school Everyday!

Charlene ng, proud parent of Sophie Tan, N2

Thank you for the patience you display while teaching Bevis. Your inspirational words are like beautiful footprints that have been etched in the kid’s hearts and mind forever. We see how much Bevis has grown from when he first joined as a toddler to now that he is in K1; physically, knowledge and confidence wise.

Thank you for the guidance to Bevis and the never-giving-up spirit you all (teachers) have shown and influenced on the kids.

This year has been a little more challenging with Covid 19 situation, however the spirit of an educator still shines!

Enjoy this special day – my family thank you so much for all your hard work and being such a Wonderful Teacher!
You are doing a fantastic job!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Serene Tan, proud parent of Bevis Loh Hao En, K1

Chloe says “Ms Huda makes me very happy. She teaches me abc and cares for me a lot.”

Jeremy Tan, proud parent of Chloe Ellarose Tan, PN2

I would like to say BIG THANKS to all the teachers at Kinderland MP esp the teachers in the infant care. Qian feng has been with the infant care since May 2019 and has grown so well with the love of the teachers. I want to say a huge and special thank you to Liu Lao Shi, Teacher Nicole & Xie Lao Shi for doing their best to take care of Qian Feng while we are at work. Thank you for all your effort! Very Grateful. <3
Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers at Kinderland @ Marine Parade.

Min Ru & Wei Yang, proud parents of Qian Feng, Infant

We would like to thank both teachers, Miss Huda & Wang Laoshi. Wishing Happy Teachers’ Day !

It’s their deep expertise combined with tangible love that is helping to build up Leonardo.
We can see daily improvements; languages, behavior & social attitudes.
The activities in school help him to further develop his mind.

Leonardo always calls his teachers’ names several times in a day during weekends, and looks forward to be back in school the coming Monday.
A sign of unconditional love.

We would like to extend our gratitude also to the whole staff for their precious efforts during the health emergency that hit the country. They have done a great work to secure our beloved ones, and to keep the environment safe.
A sign of professionalism and dedication that we can’t forget.

Heartfelt thank you again to all of you from our family wishing you Health, Love and Happiness.

Claire Hoo, proud parent of Leonardo Keanu Romanelli, PN2

Thank you teachers for all your dedication and hard work towards educating and caring for the children! I would like to express my gratitude especially towards Ms Wee, Mdm Xie and Ms Claire showering Aiden with love! Happy teachers’ day!!

Hui Lin, proud parent of Aiden, Pre-nursery 1

To Miss Zyra and Wang Lao Shi,

Thank you for your patience and care towards Clara all these while. You have made Clara’s preschool experience happy and memorable. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Songen, proud parent of Clara Wong, PN2

My child has taken a liking to her Chinese classes ever since 范老师 took over. She’s starting to sing and converse more than before in mandarin. I am so appreciative and thankful for this positive change.


Paige Chiam, proud parent of Kiera Kevalin Khoo, K2
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