The Kinderland Graduation Concert 2023 was held on 25 November 2023 at the University Cultural Centre (UCC), National University of Singapore. This edition of the Concert celebrates the achievements of 170 graduands from twelve Kinderland Preschools across Singapore.

This edition of the Graduation Concert was a special one, as it marks the Concert’s return following a three-year hiatus, brought about by the pandemic. The Concert was attended by parents as well as Kinderland’s management and overseas representatives. Starting off the day’s proceedings was a march-past of the students representing the twelve preschools.

Throughout the Concert, parents enthusiastically cheered their brilliant children along, adding to the electrifying atmosphere at the UCC Auditorium.

Graduands’ standing tall with pride as they wave with a bright smile on their faces

This was followed by brief speeches in our four official languages by the Kinderland Valedictorians: Dylan Dekai Lim from Kinderland Preschool @ Hougang; Layla Kumar-Cheong from Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang; Mehrzad Iqbal from Kinderland Preschool @ Sengkang and Chan Yan Ming Louis from Kinderland Preschool @ Choa Chu Kang.

Our valedictorians addressed the audience in our four official languages with confidence

The Concert theme is “Colours in Symphony”, which is a testament to Kinderland’s commitment to inculcating diversity within the hearts and minds of each child. Diversity goes beyond race; it encompasses culture, background, and abilities. An ensemble performance of Ode to Joy was given by the children of Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade, to rouse the crowd.

Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade’s stage ensemble put up a rousing performance of Ode to Joy

In both our ensemble and stage band performances, the children showcased their musicality and ability to play in harmony as a group. They performed on the portable keyboard, digital drums, chimes, glockenspiel, pianica, marimba, snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums and triangles.

Through their stellar performance, we see a glowing tribute to their education in Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum. The music programme has enhanced the children’s skills required for learning, such as language development, spatial-temporal adaptability and concentration.

The Concert also featured a diverse array of performances from across the Kinderland Preschools, both in English and Mandarin. They also displayed a wide range of talent, from singing to acting in a skit featuring animals in a jungle, as well as Irish step, basketball and K-pop dances.

Graduates from Kinderland Preschool @ Revenue House exuded confidence while showing off their developed motor skills as they dribbled, threw, caught and pivoted with a basketball. This performance is supported by JACPA Singapore, Japan’s largest physical education provider for preschoolers.

Children from Kinderland Preschool @ Sengkang with their awe-inspiring dance performance “A Million Dreams”

These performances displayed the 6Cs of a Kinderland child – Curious, Creative, Capable, Confident, Caring and Communicative – and exemplified the children’s years of growth, learning and talent at Kinderland.

Also featured was a special performance by Kinderland Preschool @ Choa Chu Kang, spotlighting talented performers with the pianica and tone bell. The Concert then ended with an outstanding performance by the Kinderland Marching Band, followed by a moving rendition of The Kinderland Song sang by the graduates.

Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang’s preschool marching band illustrated their musical versatility through their performance using a variety of instruments

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