As 2023 comes to an end, it is time for us to start preparing our kindies as they start a new year in school! Your child might be starting their first year in preschool, while others might simply be transitioning to a new level. Either way, it is an exciting time for both parents and children and marks a significant milestone in their growth. If you are a parent worried about how your child will react to these changes, we are here to help. Here are some tips on how to make this process easier for you and your child:

Kinderland curriculum build confidence through the inquiry-based programmes such as Coding, building confidence to solve problems

It can be overwhelming for both parents and children as they start their very first day of school, but the key to preventing this is to be prepared and to know what to expect. Parents can be rest assured that Kinderland’s full-day programme is filled with interactive learning and creative activities that help your child to feel comfortable in preschool. Apart from our comprehensive Kinderland preschool programme, our teachers will also guide your child through the daily routines of meals and baths to develop their confidence and independence.

Our full-day program is designed to cater to every aspect of a child’s growth. From structured learning sessions to free play, nutritious meals, and rest time, we ensure a balanced routine that fosters both academic and emotional development.

Children learn independence by self-feeding nutritious dishes carefully designed by an inhouse Nutritionist

In the weeks leading up to the first day, help your child get used to the idea of preschool. This can be done through reading books about starting preschool, visiting the preschool campus to explore the environment, and talking to your child. Establishing a routine early on can also help to ease the transition from home to school, ensuring that your child feels secure and prepared.

Older children that are transitioning to new levels will also face some changes as they may have new teachers or classmates. Other changes in routine, academic challenges and increased social interactions are also some things that they can expect. As parents, help your child through these transitional phases by recognising these changes. Discuss these things positively and encourage them to embrace new friendships and experiences.

Interactive outdoor play encourages social engagement and interaction in young children

Provide emotional support
The first few days are always tough, especially for the younger ones entering school for the first time. It is natural for some children to cry initially. Help young ones process their feelings by telling them it is okay to feel emotional, and always reassure them that you will be back to pick them up.

Help your child transit through their first few days of school by engaging them in open conversations about their feelings and experiences in school. Listen attentively to discuss some of their expectations, worries and excitement, and try to highlight some of the fun aspects of preschool to alleviate any anxiety that they may have. Not only will communication build trust and confidence, but it can also be a good bonding session for you and your child!

Children receives tender love and care from day one in preschool and infant care

Communicating with Teachers
Here at Kinderland, we prioritise communications between parents and teachers to facilitate the learning and growth of your child. Collaborate closely with your child’s teachers to help them better understand your child. Information such as his or her habits, likes and dislikes help greatly. Establishing this partnership early on will ensure a smoother transition into school, and help teachers better understand your child’s needs.

As each year comes and goes, we aim to make each transition to preschool smooth and enjoyable for parents and children alike. By making the necessary preparations and communicating with teachers, you will ensure your child’s comfort and encourage their confidence in the long run. Let us make 2024 a year of growth, learning and cherished memories at Kinderland!