Kinderland Ministry of National Development [Preschool & Infant] Open to Public [C-POP PRESCHOOL]

If you live or work in the vicinity of the Central Business District (CBD), it does not get more convenient to have your child cared for at our Ministry of National Development (MND) preschool.

A stone’s throw away from the city district, our preschool is set away in a secured and private area with a large outdoor rooftop area with two playgrounds, a sheltered tricycle and bicycle area and a garden. There is ample space for children to play, explore and learn out of their classrooms! In fact, it has the largest outdoor space in the CBD.

Our preschool offers full-day programme for both infants and preschoolers between the ages of two months and six years old.

Location Information

Address : 7 Maxwell Road MND Complex Annexe B, #06-02, Singapore 069111.
By Car – Postal Code 069111 for navigation, we are right above Amoy Street Food Centre.
By MRT – Take Exit G from Tanjong Pagar MRT then follow the covered walkway to the Amoy Street Food Centre.Take the lift from Level 1 before Amoy Street Food Centre (after Telok Ayer Park) to Level 5. Turn right at landing and you should pass the door that says ‘Kinderland’. Then take the stairs to Level 6 and turn left upon exit.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Rooftop Playground
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7:00am to 2:00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Sessions : Half Day, Full Day
Level : Infant to Kindergarten 2
Age Group : 2 months to below 7 years old.

Enrichment Courses

  1. KinderArt
  2. Abacus
  3. Chinese Speech & Drama
  4. English Speech & Drama

Parent Testimonial

Thank you to all the brilliant, caring, loving and hard-working teachers and childcare professionals at Kinderland MND. Your guidance and support is much appreciated and evident in the development of our baby girl.

Brandon Schmittling, proud parent of Kinley, Infant

A special shout out to Ms Diana who has been a great help and a source of support for the boys throughout the year. Thank you for being such a patient and engaging teacher. Till date, the boys still lovingly refer to school as “Ms Diana’s house” and they looked forward to seeing you everyday. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Lim Hui Min, proud parent of Tan Jun Yang & Tan Jun Xiang, PN1

Ethan joined the Chinese lesson for the first time today and he enjoyed it. He is still a bit shy to participate, but I appreciate the Teachers (and the administrators) conducting the HBL!

Proud parent of Ethan Chan

Dear Ms Angie,

We would like to thank you and the teachers for conducting Home-Based Learning (HBL) for the past two months. We were impressed by the hard work and planning put in within a short time frame. There were clear expectations set out at the beginning and these were followed through during the entire duration of the HBL. The classes online were also executed very well. My children looked forward to the classes very much.

We are also pleasantly surprised that Kinderland managed to get the enrichment classes online, and mailed us the abacus and materials so the classes can continue. We were also surprised that the teachers sat in for the enrichment classes to ensure that the children participate during the lesson. The sense of familiarity knowing their teachers are around helped Luke focus during class.

Thank you Ms Angie and all the teachers for making the Home-Based Learning a success.

Min Sheng & Genevieve, Proud parents of Luke and Elizabeth

To all the teachers at Kinderland @ MND, thanks for taking great care of Alex. He enjoys school very much and often talks about his friends and teachers at home. Special shout out to Miss Diana & Miss Fiona, you two have been great during Alex’s transition from infant class to PN1.

Leann Low, proud parent of Alexander Zeng Aowei, PN1

I would like to extend my thanks to the following teachers for making my child enjoy learning and have fun in school. They really worked hard to make this a positive experience!!

Ms Catherine, Ms Fiona, Ms Keith
Wu and Mo Lao Shi for making Chinese Fun
Ms Angie for taking care of school matters

Please take care of the teachers well-being!!!

C, proud parent of Z, Nursery

Ms Angie has added new life to the school. She added vibrant colours to both the indoors and outdoors, and I’m sure she made some improvements to the playground as well but I was just not observant enough to remember how was the playground before improvements.

She has definitely stabilised the admin and teaching team. There is no doubt that she has both skills in engaging the infants/kids and operations and management. She’s definitely an asset to Kinderland.

I would also like to Thank Ms Diana for her dedicated care to Shayna. Shayna has terrible red angry eczema all over her body and is definitely not an easy girl to take care of. Ms Diana ensures she‘s is moisturised after every shower. We can tell she really cares for Shayna and knows her well. It’s such dedication that keeps parents assured while busy at work.

Thank you Ms Angie, Ms Diana, Ms Fiona and team.

Mavis Loke, proud parent of Shayna Lin Kai En, PN1

Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you Miss Fiona & Wu Laoshi for your dedication and love for the children. It has been a trying time during the circuit breaker period but Audree always looked forward to your classes, and participated enthusiastically. 谢谢你们一直鼓励麗宇, 耐心的教导!

Candice, proud parent of Audree Tan, K1

Katherine used to be with Kinderland MND but has recently transferred to another school due to personal reasons. Ms Keith was her teacher and Katherine adores her. She has been taking really good care of my daughter since she was in PN1 even when she wasn’t Katherine’s form teacher. Ms Keith is a very passionate, patient and caring teacher. I’m very sure she teaches well because Katherine used to come home singing songs and reciting things that she learnt in school. Even though Katherine is no longer with the school, she still talks about Ms Keith alot. The school and the kids are really lucky to have a teacher like her. We really appreciate everything that Ms Keith has done for our little girl.

Marilyn Ng, proud parent of Katherine Teo, PN2

Thank you very much for your everyday support.
Issey is enjoying infantcare life!!!

No teachers, no life by Issey.
See you later, alligator, alligato-!!! by Parents

Yoichiro Miyaoka, proud parent of Issey, Infantcare

Hi Ms Angie, thank you for all the efforts to help the children continue to learn at home. Thank you, and please stay healthy and safe.

Proud parent of Natalie Lau

Thank You Ms Fiona! You are the best teacher in the whole world! Love Aeden.

Dear Ms Fiona thank you for helping Aeden to become a better person.

Phyllis Pham, proud parent of Aeden Sarka, K1

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the staff of [email protected] – teachers, principal and admin staff. It must have been so tiring for them having to deal and adapt to the unforeseen circumstances. Be it preparing for HBL, making sure that the centre is clean and safe for all and kids are well and happy.

A big thank you to one and all! Thank you for helping to look after our kids and for being such great role models.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

HuiMin Lim, proud parent of Tan Jun Xiang & Tan Jun Yang, PN 2

Dear Ms Angie,

Just wanted to write a thank you note to you and all the teachers and helpers at Kinderland @ MND.

My son Ethan has been at Kinderland @ MND since he was five months old. He’s now in K2, almost 6 years old. Kinderland @ MND has been a wonderful place for him to grow and learn, with warm and caring teachers, and friends that he’s grown up with through the years. He has enjoyed the outdoors playground, and interesting activities like excursions, enrichment classes and his first overnight camp at Kidzania.

I want to especially thank the teachers this year, in particular Ms Roan, Wu Lao Shi, and all the enrichment class teachers, for the programmes they put together for Home-Based Learning during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period. Despite the short notice, the teachers put together engaging and meaningful programmes for the kids to still learn and stay in touch with their friends from school. It was truly commendable.

It was also a special time for me as a parent, to get to watch my child learn and interact with his teachers and classmates. I could see first-hand the patience, care and good humour of the teachers as they taught the young ones. Thank you so much!

Mrs Chan, Proud parent of Ethan

The Teachers in Kinderland @ MND infant care are dedicated and professional. The babies love them and they take care of the babies as if they are their own. I would like to specially thank Ms Cass who has taken care of both my son (Thaddeus from 2016 class) and Daughter (Shayna from 2019 class). She takes care of every babies like they are her own grandchildren and as parents, we can see how she loves the children and her job. Kinderland must value dedicated Teachers like the infant care Teachers in Kinderland MND.

Mavis, proud parent of Shayna Lin Kai En, Infant

Thank you Miss Catherine and Mo Lao Shi for taking good care of Charlotte and teaching her to be a confident young girl

Charlene Ng, proud parent of Charlotte Tan, Nursery

Dear Ms Angie,

Thanks very much for mailing Jiahan & Jialin’s class materials, wrapping the crayons and writing the warm notes. I would also want to thank the children’s teachers for facilitating the home-based learning to help us get through the Circuit Breaker. Appreciate all your hard work!

Ya Ou, Proud parent of Jiahan & Jialin

Ms Diane and Ms Lee have been great teachers to our girl. I’ve seen how much she has grown to be an independent toddler, other than learning academically. We parents are also very thankful that the teachers and Ms Angie are very doting of the kids- always assuring us of our child’s progress in school.

Special thanks to Ms Angie, Ms Diane and 李老师 for the dedication and love you have been giving to our child- ensuring that she grows well in a loving & caring environment. She looks forward to school every morning!

Ang Yiling, proud parent, PN1

The notice to shut the schools came very suddenly and I really appreciate Kinderland @ MND’s reaction to get everything packed and set up for e-learning so quickly.  I have no doubt that you and the teachers worked very hard to make e-learning possible.

I just want to say that the classes yesterday and today are very engaging!  It is not easy for the teachers to still conduct the classes and get response from the children via an online platform.  Plus they still have to coordinate the Zoom system (learn how to use the system, set up the meetings, get ready for classes, conduct them and make sure everything runs smoothly).  Kudos to Ms Roan and Wu LaoShi.  I am impressed with their professionalism.

Wu LaoShi is just exceptional. She even brought home the A-board. It all looked like how she would have conducted the classes in school except that it is done online.

I appreciate all the efforts from Kinderland. Please keep your spirits high!

Lin Yanling, Proud parent of Oscar Kok

Thank you very much for the effort to arrange e-learning for the children. Halley is very excited and enjoyed his class a lot and cannot wait for his next one. Jia you!

I understand this is a difficult time and home-based learning is new for preschool teachers and it’s been amazing so far these two days. Keep it up!

Proud parent of Halley Low

Special shoutout to Ms Keith and Mo Lao Shi for your nurturing and taking such good care of Lejie. Happy Teachers Day!

Lindy Woo, proud parent of Leong Lejie, PN2

I would like to say thank you and express my appreciation to all the teachers and staff at Kinderland @ MND for their dedication and hard work in taking good care of our children in this unprecedented time.

Navarat Kriausakul, proud parent of Kendrick Navin Chen, Nursery
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* C-POP denotes the Childcare Partner Operator scheme, implemented by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for the new term January 2021.