Kinderland Woodlands Civic Centre [PRESCHOOL & INFANT] [C-POP PRESCHOOL]

Kinderland @ Woodlands Civic Centre (WCC) is located in Woodlands Central, near Woodlands MRT station and Causeway Point. It is an ideal choice for residents from the neighbourhoods of Woodlands and the immediate vicinity of Marsiling.

Kinderland’s infant care service, which is well-received by parents, is also newly launched at the centre.

There is a private outdoor playground, garden and water play facilities in the preschool, where children have the opportunities to experience increased social interactions and enhanced motor skills development. WCC also houses a public library and a supermarket which our children visit during educational trips in the neighbourhood.

Location Information

Address : 900 South Woodlands Dr #05-03,
Singapore 730900
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Water play, Playground
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7.00am to 2.00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Sessions : Full day (Mon to Fri: 7.00am to 7.00pm)
Half day (Mon to Sat: 7.00am to 1.00pm)
Level : Infant, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 2 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

  1. Art
  2. Abacus
  3. English Speech & Drama
  4. Science

Parent Testimonials

“Dear Miss Kai Ying,

We can never thank you enough for the patience and guidance you have showered upon Zayyan. We’re sure it hasn’t been the easiest of times and we definitely very grateful for the care and patience in teaching Zayyan to be more caring, patient and to listen to instructions. Thank you for your innovative ways in teaching him to be patient with his friends, to listen to instructions and to learn how to wait. Thank you also for all the timely feedback and the encouragement that you’ve given us in trying to reiterate some of the routines at home. Thankful that Zayyan has a firm and caring teacher who always believe in his potential. Happy Teacher’s Day, Miss Kai Ying! May you get some time to rest this teachers day. ❤”

Jamakyah Adhar, proud parent of ZAYYAN LIN JUNXIANG, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2

Thank you Ms Ang for regularly updating on the progress of Thaddeus, be it for his language or social/behavioural developmental needs. Ms Ang is very keen to partner us as parents to help Thaddeus grow and develop positively, and constantly assures us that the school/teachers will take good care of Thaddeus. Thank you very much & we wish you Happy Teachers’ Day!

Jessica Wong, proud parent of Thaddeus He, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
“Thank you for making Maisarah more confident in herself and forthcoming with her expressions. We see a great change in her as she is able to communicate better and is more confident in her interaction with people now. She used to not want to go to school and cry each time last year when she started but this year, eversince Ms Mac took over, she loves school and speaks highly of Ms Mac and how she looks forward to going to school. She is also more independant and will always tell us that she can do it, as how Ms Mac has accurately mentions this during PTM.

She does express, “”I love Ms Mac”” or “”I only want Ms Mac”” to me now that Ms Mac is away on maternity.

Thank you Ms Mac for making Maisarah’s school experience and enjoyable one and shaping her to be more confident and independant. We appreciate the effort, care and trust you have on Maisarah, and I believe that is what made her more confident and independant.”

Raihanah Yusop, proud parent of Nur Maisarah Binte Muhammad Hafiez, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2



Lavender, proud parent of Yinuo, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1
Thank you for your patience towards Isabel and encouraging her in every way especially during her mealtimes. Happy Teacher’s Day to you!
Chalotte Chia, proud parent of Isabel Tan, Kindergarten 2

Our Son Aden is a very active boy, who often finds it hard to sit and concentrate and am also easily bored. Due to covid, he attended pre school only when he was close to 3 years old. We were worried that he would not be able to integrate with the rest and learn at school well and it would be challenging for the teachers to handle him.

From the first day of school till now, Teacher Koh Kai Ying showed us that she took personal responsibility in caring for him, and to ensure that he integrate to the class and routine well. She gave us prompt updates on his progress or daily happening whenever we went to pick Aden home. Through our interactions with her, we can see that she showed genuine happiness when she sees our son doing well, and am worried for him when she sees him having trouble at certain activities. She is patient with our son and also give us advice on how to handle certain situations. We felt that she really cares about our Son, and on even some aspects that we may have overlooked. Our son has been with Kinderland Woodlands for about 6 months, we can tell he is more vocal, more understanding, patient, and becoming more inquisitive. We are really grateful and thankful that our Son is under her care, and we really count our blessings for choosing Kinderland and meeting Teacher Kai Ying.

Tan Ming Wie, proud parent of Tan Xi Yu Aden, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
Ms Daljit is an understanding, caring and friendly teacher whom aulia’s adores. Ms Daljit is never giving up and have patience with aulia’s who needed much attention. Whenever Aulia sees Ms Daljit, she is so happy and well-behaved. Being someone patience like Ms Daljit, takes alot of effort and time. Thank you for being the awesome teacher to Aulia.
Nur Nadiah, proud parent of Aulia Aleesa Binte Muhammad Zakariya, Nursery 1/ Pre-Nursery 2
“Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Yin Laoshi for being caring and wonderful. Even though we do not speak mandarin with Alvian, we can tell that he learns a lot in school as he would shares and teaches some new words or songs that were taught in school.

Thank you for all your hardwork and doing your best for the students. I hope that you will continue to hold this passion and patience in being an early childhood educator.

Warmest regards,

Adilah, proud parent of Alvian Mateen Bin Ibrahim, Nursery 2/ Nursery
“Happy Teachers Day to you!

You guided her like a mentor and accompanied her like a friend.

We appreciate your efforts in respecting her feeling, providing chance for helping her to grow up gradually and patiently .

We saw our daughter has made big progress and she is not very sad any more when go to school in morning .

Thanks for putting all your effort to bring out the best in our daughter and wish you a wonderful Teacher’s Day!”

Kou Yingqi, proud parent of Kou Lanxin, Play Group / Pre-Nursery 1

* C-POP denotes the Childcare Partner Operator scheme, implemented by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for the new term January 2021.