Kinderland Upper Changi [Preschool]

Nestled within an idyllic residential estate, Kinderland @ Upper Changi is home to a variety of outdoor spaces – including water play, sand play, cycling track, a playground and a mini garden plot – amidst plenty of naturally-lit and ventilated classrooms. It is also strategically located within 3 expressways and is highly accessible via Pan Island Expressway (PIE), East Coast Parkway (ECP) and Tampines Expressway (TPE).

Kinderland @ Upper Changi offers a holistic and music-infused preschool curriculum for children 18 months to 6 years old. Children are invited into a nurturing environment that is warm, welcoming, engaging and well-resourced.

Our approach integrates the moral values and interpersonal touches of the East and the innovation and inclusivity of Western methodologies, allowing our children to balance play and school readiness.

Any Other Information

  • Inclusion of enrichment classes by specialist vendors:
    Music and English Speech and Drama for Pre-N1, Pre-N2 and Nursery children
    Coding for K1 and K2 children
  • Nearest MRT stations:
    Upper Changi and Simei
  • Bus Services:
    Services 2, 5, 24 (alight at 769 Upper Changi Road East, opposite Mera Terrace Playground)
    Services 9, 12, 20, 38 (alight at Melville Park Condominium, Simei Road)

Location Information

Address : 86 Jalan Pergam Singapore 488362
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Outdoor Areas : Water Play, Sand Play, Cycling Track, Playground
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7am to 7pm
Saturdays – 7am to 2pm


Programmes : Child Care
Sessions : Full Day
Level : Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten
Age Group : 18 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Courses

  1. Abacus
  2. Art
  3. Chinese Speech & Drama
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Robotics

Parent Testimonial

Eddy joined Kinderland Upper Changi about 1 1/2 years ago. He was able to adapt to the environment very quickly and we’d like to credit that to his form teacher, Guo Laoshi. She has a gentle disposition and is extremely patient with her students.

As firm believers that play is an integral part of early childhood learning, we love that the school has both indoor and outdoor areas dedicated to play (i.e. sand pit, mini pool, cycling track, playground, trampoline etc).

One thing we’ve noticed about Kinderland Upper Changi, is that cases of viral diseases like HFMD or stomach flu are very rare, compared to the previous school that E attended. Such cases, if any, are always very well-contained. This really gives us peace of mind, knowing that the environment is clean, safe and conducive for learning.

Lastly, we’d like to commend that communication with the school is a breeze. The school is always prompt in acting upon any concerns or feedback. In fact, we are pleased to have enrolled our second child, Ashley, into Kinderland Upper Changi a few weeks ago, as soon as she was ready for Pre-nursery.

James and Sandy, parents of Eddy (K2) & Ashley (PN1)

When we were first looking for a childcare centre for our 18-month old daughter, my husband and I wanted an environment filled with love, care, good guidance and early childhood curriculum. After all, our daughter Natalie will be spending most of her time interacting, learning and playing on a full week day basis. Being a first time parent, I was all worried if Natalie could cope in a new environment. Kinderland ensured that Natalie was well taken care of – we received daily updates of Natalie during the first few weeks of her school. Her Principal, Ms Gladys and pre-school teachers namely Ms Sharrifah, Ms Susie and Ms Chen (long serving staff in Kinderland) were patient to my questions whenever I went to pick her to and/or fro school.

Kinderland also organizes excursions which Natalie comes home telling me about how she had fun outing with her teachers and friends. The school is also equipped with enrichment programmes which Natalie has the opportunity to learn and enjoy. I am glad we have chosen Kinderland. The teachers are long serving staff who have passion and enthusiasm in what they do.

Lynn and Benjamin Leong, parents of Natalie Leong (Nursery)

An environment that nurtures confident learner and happy kids. There are no days when my daughter and sons say they didn’t enjoy school. My daughter, especially loves her teachers and enjoys all the lessons. Caring and attentive teachers are the treasure of this school. They are always looking out for the child and were so observant that they were able to even know notice when a child is not well. I’m very thankful for all the Kinderland teachers who saw my 3 kids, Alden, Gracelyn and Alex through their pre-school education. Teachers discipline with love and tapping on the strengths of the child to learn independence. Thank you teachers!

Gladys and Andrew, parents of Alden (Sec 3), Gracelyn (P2), Alex (Nursery)

“My husband and I are pleased with the school. The principals and teachers are very dedicated and the care they show to our three children give us a peace of mind when we dropped them at school every morning. My 13 month old daughter who has joined infant care recently settled down very fast, in less than 2 weeks. The communication between parents and teachers/principals is always available. We are thankful for the patience and care provided for my children in this school.”

Joe and Sabrina Chan, parents of Faith (P1), Daniel (K2) and Grace (Infant)

As working parents, Kinderland has provided trusted and reliable childcare services. The teachers and staff are dedicated professionals who truly wish to impart life skills and build characters, on top of the curriculum.

Having the same teachers for close to six years, this has directly impacted the boys’ growth, and also speak volumes about the welfare of the teachers.

Kinderland is flexible and adaptive to change, always evolving to incorporate enrichment classes, excursions, programs which are both interesting and educational.

The boys feel at home with family everyday at Kinderland with their teachers and friends.

Hui Peng and Ryan Lim, parents of Noah (Nursery) and Nathaniel (K2)

My son Benjamin was born in 2012. At that time we were living in Jurong. When he turned 1 year, we decided to move back to the East side of Singapore where most of our friends and family resided. While considering where to move to, we also took into consideration of the childcare which we hoped to send Benjamin to.

I chose Kinderland Changi based on a friend’s recommendation. While I was attracted by one other fancy looking childcare, I never made arrangements to see it in person and went straight for Kinderland Changi after writing to the Principal – Ms Jean. I remembered sharing with her about the other fancy centre and she gave me a very objective view about how I should decide and left the decision to me.

At 18 months, Benjamin attended Kinderland Changi – and one of the things I truly love about the childcare was you feel you’re sending your son to an extended family where he would be nurtured not only in his character but in his knowledge.

The teachers have been amazingly patient with this ever inquisitive boy with limited attention span. Yet, the results of their nurturing and early education can be seen by his performance in Primary 1.

While transiting into P1 can be a culture shock for most kids which Benjamin did experience, nonetheless his schoolwork especially in Chinese (which both my husband and I are terrible at) is more than satisfactory. He usually gets 100 marks for his Ting Xie and occasionally 80 or 90 when he is careless. When he is focused, the teachers have feedback that Benjamin can complete his task very quickly and accurately. His English language and all other subjects like Math is not a problem at all.

I truly appreciate all that Kinderland Changi has done for and with Benjamin. Till today, he’s always wanting to visit the childcare just to say hi to the teachers or play in the premises reliving those happy moments.

As we are welcoming a new baby in September, I was super delighted to know that Kinderland Changi has opened an infant care corner. When I told Benjamin about it, he had not qualms about sending his little brother there when he turns 2 months old.

If you’re looking for a childcare that truly makes a difference in your child’s life, an extended family that would always keep a lookout for your child’s best interest both academically and emotionally, Kinderland Changi would be the go to. Many of the parents are still in touch with each other – so that our kids continue to be lifelong friends. We travel, attend tennis classes together. This wouldn’t be possible without the open culture in Kinderland Changi as well.

We’re so pleased that Benjamin has been nurtured to learn fast and be independent and most importantly carefree in Kinderland Changi. So thank you Kinderland. It’s been such a great journey and I do look forward to having your nurture my soon-to-be born infant.

Jamie and Perry Siow, parents of Benjamin Siow (K2, 2018)

Proximity was the initial reason for registering Lucas, then 18 months at Kinderland, Changi.

Entering as a crying, screaming toddler and graduating, after 4.5 years into an independent, confident yet still reserved little man, I have much to thank God for while having Lucas spend a large part of his pre-school life at Kinderland.

They say a parent should gauge how “good” a school is by determining how happy the kids are and the kids are happy. Lucas definitely was! laughter and giggles fill the school grounds in the morning as we do our drop offs!

Teachers know 86 kids by name (amazing!), calling out a good morning or good bye to each child, something a child cannot learn from a textbook!

Independence is cultivated throughout those years, from learning to shower, folding of mattress covers, keeping of one’s belongings and through these, the kids learn the notion of sharing and helping others.

The biggest event – K2 graduation! I had no idea the extent of the ceremony till the day itself. The months and months of hard work from the teachers, selecting each child for a specific role, training them to speak and perform and most importantly, instilling confidence in each child, again something a textbook can never teach and that has brought Lucas far in his “show and tell” sessions in Primary 1.

After 4.5 years, friendships are forged – both between classmates and between parents and these are for keeps, for a long time to come.

Lynette and Siang, parents of Lucas Tan (K2, 2018)