Kinderland @ Revenue House now provides additional infant care to the existing childcare services. The spaciously new and safe area (about the size of a four-room HDB flat!) is designed for infants to encourage them to discover their physical capacities as they conquer their tri-monthly developmental milestones. With our seamless programme, it is only natural that our infants grow to become confident pre-schoolers with Kinderland.

Conveniently located just across Novena MRT Station, our centre offers full-day programme for both infants and pre-schoolers between the ages of two months and six years old.

Location Information

Address : 55 Newton Road #05-01,
Revenue House,
Singapore 307987.
Contact : 6881 8818
Email : Please click here
Operating Hours : Mondays to Fridays – 7.00am to 7.00pm
Saturdays – 7:00am to 2:00pm


Programmes : Infant & Toddler Care, Child Care
Level : Infant to Kindergarten 2
Sessions : Full Day
Age Group : 2 months to below 7 years old.

Enrichment Courses

  1. Chinese Speech & Drama
  2. Abacus
  3. KinderArt
  4. English Speech & Drama
  5. Science
  6. Music

Parent Testimonial

We would like to thank the Teachers of Kinderland @ Revenue House for the dedicated care given to the kids. Especially to teacher Zaiton, Wang Lao Shi, Chen Lao Shi and teacher Sandra who have showed they go beyond their duty of work and showed real kindness and care. Also to Suzanne who at times help to take care of the children as well. Also to the support staff and helpers who take care of the administrative aspect and prepared well cooked food. Wishing all of you a very happy Teacher’s Day!

Yeo ser teck, proud parent of Yeo Cheng thong & Yeo Eng then, K1

I would like to express my gratitude to the Teachers in RH for taking care of my child. As a working mother, I feel confident that my child is in good hands and is engaged with a variety of activities in school. He always goes to infant care with a big smile and that is testament that he loves his daily activities in school.

Nathasha Lee, proud parent of Keegen Pung, Infant

Thank you for creating such a great environment to learn and where Ku Jing Ying, Belle was encouraged to express her own thoughts and opinions. Dear Teacher Ms Zhang Chun Hong, thank you for having the smallest of tempers and the biggest of hearts.

Ku Wei Siong, proud parent of Ku Jing Ying, Belle, K1

We are so blessed to have Ms Tze Kee and 张老师 as Syen Yew’s teachers. They are always loving, kind and approachable. Especially thankful for the home-based learning during Circuit Breaker period. Kinderland and teachers are very fast to react to the situation, and did not let it affect the children’s learning. All lessons were conducted with love and hard work. We are grateful and enjoyed every lesson. Thank you so much! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Lih Yan, proud parent of Syen Yew, K1

Thank you Chen Lao Shi for doting on Max during his infant care days. We are grateful for your help in taking care of Max and in singing songs to him. 谢谢你! 教师节快乐!

Ms Chin, proud parent of Max Yeo

To All Teachers,

We thank you for all your patience and all your love shown to our Aaron Boy. Taking care of his wellbeing, providing a safe environment, to have fun, and learn all at the same time.

You are SUPER!

Alan & Sharon

Alan Ooi, proud parent of Aaron Ooi, N

To Teacher Ms Warrah

Thank you for your energy and warmth you gave to the class and to my daughter! Thanks for your teaching and fun classes. Your laughter never fails to make my girl smile!

Keira lim loves Ms Warrah

Joyce Neo, proud parent of Keira Lim, Nursery

Thank you, Ms Sandra, for always giving us timely updates on how Rachel behaves in school, be it positive feedback or areas for improvement. We do value and appreciate all these feedback as it helps us monitor and educate Rachel as and when necessary. More importantly, Rachel enjoys school a lot and she always come home rhyming about new songs she learnt in school. Above cognitive development, I appreciate that her mental development is also taken care of. She often seems happy after school and has never been reluctant to go to school.

Also would like to show my appreciation to Chen laoshi. Rachel always mentions that Chen laoshi is very fierce (aware of the importance of it and acknowledging, NOT complain). She is aware that Chen laoshi will not tolerate any nonsense in class. Yet, Rachel is aware that Chen laoshi loves and cares for the children as much as all other teachers do.

For all the great nurturing and support given to our children, thank you all the teachers in Kinderland @ Revenue House.

Wai Wang, proud parent of Rachel, K1

Thank you to every staff and Teacher in Kinderland @ RH,

I appreciate your every single hard work and effort, as I know it is not an easy job especially with so many “little monsters” and I can’t imagine when they are sleepy as they simply just won’t listen and would keep throwing tantrum 😂
Special thanks to the form teacher Ms Wara, Ms Eileen and Wang 老师.

I still remember it clearly during the first few days when Xin Kai started school and the image of him being a Koala bear on Ms Wara. Hahahahaha… so cute. And Suzane, you are really accurate as you predicted that he will be ok in 3 weeks.

You guys are fantastic, I see my boy mature and grow independent. Now it has turned into a motivation to me every day when I pick up my boy, he always surprises and cheers me and my wife up for the things he do and the words he uses to communicate. Now I’m waiting to be surprised by him using the potty instead of the diaper 😁

For Ms Wara, I like the way she shares during parent meeting as she not only updates us on what Xin Kai does and how he behaves, she will also share in greater details the upcoming plans and approaches.

Once again, Thanks everyone and have a wonderful Happy Teacher Day 😘

Timon Lang, proud parent of Lang Xin Kai, PN2B

Classrooms can survive without tablets and computers, but never without inspirational teachers. You deserve a big thank you for all the sleepless nights that you have spent on preparing their lessons. Thank you, Teacher Ms Yeo Tze Kee. Ku Jing Ying, Belle enjoys her time in class and has learnt a lot from your lessons. You are the best ever.

Ku Wei Siong, proud parent of Ku Jing Ying, Belle, K1

Thank you Ms Eileen and Ms. Wang for being patient and taking care of Aaron. Accompanying him thru his nap, to teaching him on how to hold his pencil correctly.

We appreciate it.

Sharon, proud parent of Aaron Ooi, PN2

Thank you to the infant care teachers for your patience, love and care towards Riley. We appreciate your dedication.

Ai Wei, proud parent of Riley, Infant

Maeve & Leia started infant care when they were 6 months old, and they hardly cried when going to school! It makes my heart break a little to not see them turn back to look for me when I drop them off at school, but I know that is because they feel secure, and are happy to be with you! Happy Teachers’ Day!! You all are the most patient, most loving teachers I know!

Jaclyn Huan, proud parent of Maeve & Leia Yong, Infant

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!

LeeYee Mei, proud parent of Janice Kam, K1B

Shoutout to Ms Zaiton, Ms Warrah, Ms Sze Kee, Ms Sandra, Ms Wang Dan and Ms Suzanne

Thank you all of you for looking after for my 2 (graduated) + 1 kid always. Ever patient, caring and gentle to my kids. Thank you for paying attention to their needs. Much much appreciated always.

Mrs Jacqueline Ong, proud parent of Jarianne Ong, Nursery

Dear teacher Wara,

We will like to thank you for the fun and interactive lesson conducted via Zoom for the past few days! Leia has had good fun in the lessons as she sings and dance and enjoy learning from the slides! Thanks for your dedication to the children as always and keep up the good job!

Mr & Mrs Lee, Proud parents of Leia Lee (PN2)

A BIG THANK U to all teachers for their patience towards Jiale! He’s been far from easy to handle but all of u have treated him with much love and patience. Kudos and have a happy teacher’s day!!!!

Chen Yuqi, proud parent of Chen Jiale, K1

Ms Eileen and 黄老师 were nice and experienced teachers that taught my daughter alot! Tks for the patience and love given to my daughter and the rest of the children! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Peggy, proud parent of Rochelle Ng Zi Ning, PN2A

Dear VP, Ms Eileen, Yao Laoshi, Ms Sheryl, Hu Laoshi, Wang Laoshi, Suzanne and teachers,

It has been coming to a year since Shi Ran attended school. I have seen her growing quite a bit – from a crying baby to now, where she can enter the school without crying and learn new things from the teachers. I am grateful for all the help and patience given to Shi Ran.

During the CB period, the teachers also made an effort to make the lessons interesting, especially when their attention span is so short. Now that she is back in school some days a week, I am also thankful that the school have measures in place to keep the children safe.

Special thanks to Ms Eileen, Yao Laoshi and Ms Sheryl and Ms Aishan for taking good care of Shi Ran. I must also thank the rest of the teachers (Hu Laoshi, Wang Laoshi, Suzanne) who always show concern.

Ms Elyn, Proud parent of Shi Ran

Thank you for your uncompromising service, care and concern given to My girl. She is now more confident.

I know that she is in good hands. Thanks for taking care of my girl and showing her the right path.

Thanks for your inspiring work.

June Gao, proud parent of Eva Lin Enxin, PN1B

We wish to sincerely thank Lin Lao Shi from Kinderland Revenue House for taking care of Max Yeo since he was 6 months old. Lin Lao Shi was very reassuring when we voiced out our concerns and worries and assured us that she will take good care of Max. She is a very responsible teacher and we felt safe leaving Max in her hands. 谢谢林老师, 非常感恩!

Ms Chin, proud parent of Max Yeo, Infant

Thank you Ms. Sandra for the things you have done for Munize, especially listening to her stories. She would share with me what she learnt in school and what you have taught her. She is always happy mentioning your name. I am glad that you are her teacher. Thank you for making a difference in Munize’s life!

Nurul Atirah, proud parent of Munize Aaila, K1


I enjoy my time in school with all of you. You have been the most wonderful, patient, and fun teachers. You have made my Kinderland experience a great one!

Sorry to have caused you trouble when I am not in the mood to be a good boy.

Thank you to you all Teachers, these are my words to you, with the help of my Papa.

Aaron Ooi

Alan Ooi & Sharon Ng, proud parents of Aaron Ooi, PN2A

Dear Teacher, Ms Warah, we were so used to seeing you smile all the time that we failed to notice your tired eyes. You are such an inspiration for the kids’ lives. Thanks for touching their lives in so many ways. Thanks for teaching, educating and empowering them. Ku Hao Ting, Ross loves you the most.

Ku Wei Siong, proud parent of Ku Hao Ting, Ross, PN2

Dear Teacher, Ms Wang Dan, thanks for not conforming the kids into learning through the way you wanted to teach, but teaching them the way they wanted to learn. We know that teaching can sometimes be thankless, but today we and Ku Hao Ting, Ross want to thank you for giving him an education so priceless. Thanks.

Ku Wei Siong, proud parent of Ku Hao Ting, Ross, PN2

Hi Zhang Lao Shi

Thank you for teaching keira chinese and being so patient to keira. Thanks for always bao bao keira when she is always so whiny in the morning!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Love Keira Lim

Joyce Neo, proud parent of Keira Lim, Nursery

My child is well taken care by her teachers and she loves them a lot. Thank you for taking care of my child and caring for her well being and education!

Jerry, proud parent of Ashlyn, K1
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