In support of the government’s efforts in making quality preschool education accessible to families, the Kinderland group has responded to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s call for the new C-POP term in November 2019. The new term for the C-POP scheme will commence in January 2021.

Selected Kinderland preschools located within heartland areas and workplaces, were among 324 preschools appointed by ECDA for the new term.

First started in 2016, the POP scheme provides support to childcare operators to keep school fees affordable for young families, build capabilities to raise quality of childcare and infant care services, and improve career prospects for Early Childhood (EC) professionals. The appointed centres were selected through an open and competitive process, based on the strength of their proposals and demonstration of a good track record in delivering quality preschool services.

Kinderland provides quality infant care services.

Mr Seet Lee Kiang, General Manager, Kinderland group, shared, “We are honoured to be offered the C-POP appointment as it is a testament to the Kinderland group of brands. For more than 40 years, we have always been the trusted homegrown provider of quality preschool education and infant care services. With the additional support from ECDA, we are confident to excel in our educational services for our families.”

Kinderland’s unique music-infused curriculum develops every child’s creativity and language acquisition. Through the holistic KINDERWHEEL™ approach, the Kinderland vision is for every child under our care to develop the foundation and mindset of global citizens with a heart.

Kinderland children confidently performing in a Pianica Ensemble at the annual graduation concert.

With a trusted preschool curriculum now made more accessible, the Kinderland group now provides more opportunities for young minds to be empowered. Do make an appointment with us today for a virtual tour at our following locations:

*Infant care service unavailable

Kinderland Preschool @ Choa Chu Kang (Sunshine Place) offers a family environment full of love and care for our infant and preschoolers.