Your precious child is growing up and has grown of age for preschool. Entering preschool is a significant milestone, kicking off a journey of growth and self-discovery. Children are born ready to learn and have many skills to master over their growing years. While preschool is a stimulating environment with diverse ways to play and engage in experiences.

Going to preschool can ignite excitement and nerves simultaneously for both parent and child. With proper regiment and assimilation, children will ease into their new life chapter and be eager to go. Let Kinderland share more on how you can help your child ease into an unfamiliar environment! Knowing what to expect goes a long way in easing parent and child into the transition.

What to expect in the first weeks of Preschool?

1. Structured Lifestyle

The first weeks of preschool will be a steep learning curve for your child, introducing new structure and discipline to their lifestyle. Your child will adapt to daily routine patterns through a consistent timetable – when is the right time to eat, play and learn. The structure trains children to complete activities within an allocated time, builds discipline, and helps them stay focused on a task. As your child progresses, they will build a discipline around this routine and may even apply it at home.

You may find your child insisting on doing things the way they prefer – this is them exercising judgement and independence. You could help them on their journey by guiding them on making the selections and sharing why some options are better than others.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Your child will be taught the benefit of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle once they start preschool at Kinderland. This positive transformation can be observed through diet and exercise.

  • Diet

    At Kinderland, we have a certified in-house nutritionist planning meals for the children’s wellness and immunity.

    With your little ones in preschool, parents can pass the baton of the head chef over to us. Kinderland has always advocated a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle for better and healthier growth of our preschoolers. A balanced diet is also essential in helping with a strong immunity in children. It is also crucial in providing the right amount of nutrients for the physical developmental at their different growth stages. Kinderland’s healthy meals are certified under Health Promotion Board’s Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP). You can expect them to be more receptive to a variety of food we provide at our centres as planned by our in-house nutritionists.

  • Exercise

    With a fulfilling physical programme, it is no wonder our children feel purposefully spent at the end of the night.

    Kinderland recognises the importance of physical activity for growing young. Our KinderFit Cardio-Fitness programme is specially designed to optimise the physical development of young children. Children in Kinderland are exposed to 50% more physical activity than their peers. Through physical activities, children not only build muscles but also improve their gross motor and social skills. Beyond fitness, children are also taught how to observe cardio wellness. They develop both self-confidence and responsible habits in caring for their own health.

3. Expanding Social Circle

Your child’s social circle will expand to beyond family and neighbours. Your child’s interpersonal relationships will increase. They will have more role models, peers and other people whose company they enjoy.

Stay involved by having conversations with your young ones about their best friends and their favourite teachers. You will also be on your child’s radar when they speak to their teachers and friends about their home life. Also, take this opportunity to connect physically. After spending the day with new adults, the children need the reassurance of quality time with a parent.

Bonds and friendships are made every day at Kinderland

If your child is excited and willing to share about their time in school, take this as a positive sign that they are doing well. This signifies a good start and you may continue to monitor his growth.

However, with this increased social interaction, it is no surprise to observe that children may fall sick more often. This happens with exposure to bacteria, germs, virus, dust mites and even allergens. However, it is a not a major cause for worry.

The Turned K Photocatalyst Sterilization and Deodorization device.

At Kinderland, we ensure the children’s personal hygiene are well taken care of.  One way we achieve this is by installing air sterilization devices in our centres, in addition to our existing air purifiers. We also educate our children to regularly maintain high levels of personal hygiene with regular hand washing and sanitisation. This protects them even as their social circle grows.

The big “first day” is finally here. Now, it is time to sit back, relax and trust our professionals and the transitional process for your child. Embrace the positive and exciting aspects of this growth and learning experiences for both yourself and your child.