We are a Healthy Preschool! 100% of direct Kinderland Preschools have been awarded the Healthy Pre-school Programme (HPS) Award by the Health Promotion Board (HBP) this year! 85% of them are conferred Healthy Pre-school Programme (HPS) Platinum Award. The Platinum accreditation distinguishes pre-schools which made efforts beyond the basic requirements of the Healthy Pre-Schools (HPS) Accreditation Framework for their students and staff.

Health promotion in early childhood is important for the prevention of infectious diseases and developing good health habits such as nutrition, physical activity and social-emotional development. The Criteria for Healthy Pre-Schools (HPS) Accreditation Framework include providing healthy meals, 1 hour of gross motor activity daily, integrated intervention, teachers’ training and parents engagement in health promotion.

Kinderland’s in-house nutritionist, shares that Kinderland has always been advocating a combination of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for better and healthier growth of our pre-schoolers. “These awards recognise our efforts and dedication to our pre-schoolers’ health and wellbeing. We will continue to work closely with Health Promotion Board in promoting comprehensive health practices that complement our KinderFit programme.”

Healthy menu planned by in-house nutritionist.

All-rounded physical activities designed for every age and stage.

Developed by physical education specialists to emphasize holistic wellness, the KinderFit programme is based on Rudolph Laban’s movement-based framework as well as celebrated American cardiovascular fitness programme Feelin’ Good, developed by Dr Charles T. Kuntzleman.

It is a structured wellness programme that is organized around the themes involving the body and its interrelationship with space, time, effort and flow. It enables young children to look fit and feel great about themselves – includes fundamental movement activities, cardio-wellness programmes, lessons on healthy eating and nutrition, as well as customised meal plans.

Benefits include acquisition of fundamental motor skills, development of self-confidence and responsible habits and improved cardio-wellness.