Kinderland continues to closely work with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to ensure the implementation of the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) for the safety and wellbeing of children and staff. Through everyone’s efforts, the recent COVID19 situation in Singapore has improved, resulting in the progressive easing of SMMs: Please refer to ECDA’s website for details.

  • Safe distancing (when masked on) is no longer required
  • No group size limit to vigorous outdoor activity with no mixing between cohorts
  • Large group activities are now allowed within same cohort
  • Schools may resume bringing children to external venue for activities

Majority of our activities within Kinderland and its network of preschools will resume progressively. This will also inadvertently mean that children will now have an increased level of interaction amongst their peers and others during our transition to normalcy.

In addition to existing air purifiers used in our centres, Kinderland have partnered with Kaltech Corporation to introduce their advanced range of air sterilization and deodorization device. Using patented photocatalyst technology, it is more effective in suppressing the coronavirus (COVID-19), and other viruses like influenza (H1N1) and enterovirus such as Hand-Foot-Mouth disease (HFMD).

The Turned K Photocatalyst Sterilization and Deodorization device.

Effectiveness of Turned K Photocatalyst against viruses and bacteria

How the air is cleaned with the Advanced Photocatalytic Technology*

Kinderland group is fully committed in ensuring the safety of our children, parents and staff. We have invested more than $130,000 in this device. We will be deploying more than 90 across all our centres in Singapore, including Kinderland, ELFA Chinese Preschool, NurtureStars and Skool4Kidz.