August 2, 2013

To all the Teachers and Staff at Kinderland Marine Parade:

Today is Udai’s last day at Kinderland MP and we wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you for making Udai’s first years in school so easy and enjoyable both for him and for us.

The affection and personal attention he has received from Ms.Lina, Ms.Amirah and his Lao Shis has not only helped him learn pre-school basics but allowed him to fully enjoy the whole experience of school with a positive attitude. It is hard for any parent to trust another to treat their child with sensitivity and care but Udai’s teachers made it easy for us as parents to send him to school without worry.

Ms.Nithia, Sharon, Angie… we have never felt we were dealing with an ‘organisation’ but always with dedicated individuals who were all actively involved in creating the warm and nurturing environment that distinguishes this school.

Whenever needed the staff have done their best to be flexible and accommodating, cheerfully minding him when he’s had to come early to school these past few weeks due to a change in his shuttle timings.

In all we have had a very happy experience with Kinderland MP and it is with great regret that we say goodbye to all of you.

Our best wishes and warmest regards,

Mr and Mrs Singh
Parents of Udai Singh