Letter of Compliment to all @ RP Kinderland
From: Jolene Chiam
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 10:10 PM
To: [email protected]

Subject: Mother’s day

Hi Linda,

The mother’s day celebration has been a real surprise. I would like to thank Kinderland for being so thoughtful. I would also like to thank the teachers for putting in so much efforts from conceptualising the idea, creating the craft and baking cookies with the children, teaching the children how to keep a secret all the way to the performance (for k2) and the actual day. The teachers have spent a lot of time and efforts. I am sure a lot of planning took place during their own personal time, since the children are always demanding their attention when they are on duty (especially the PN1s). Without the teachers the event will not be so successful.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the following teachers (not just on the event but from the way they teach my children):


Teacher Rahayu – she is an excellent teacher. She has a lot of experience with her and she teaches Janelle very well. She also gives me frequent update whenever there is a need (instead of waiting for ptc). I appreciate that very much. She is definitely a teacher to keep.

Teacher Hidaya – whilst Hidaya is fairly new, I can see her classroom control is not too bad. Janelle is very attached to her as well. She also brings in fresh ideas like the making of a little paper handbag for the invitation card.

Zheng lao shi – Janelle always tells me she loves Zheng laoshi and mummy the most! Next then comes her daddy, didi and her grandparents. Children can sense who treats them well and I believe Zheng laoshi treats the children like her own. In fact during Mother’s day celebration, she selflessly involve herself in carrying out her duties instead of spending time with both her children and enjoying the event herself.


Teacher Ivy – please do all you can to keep teacher Ivy in the centre. She is Jared’s favourite. Ivy is very good with children and she is very patient with them. I remembered when Jared first came to the centre, he was difficult to handle. He got attached to Ivy within a week! That must have been the way Ivy takes care of him that made him feel loved. Ivy also frequently communicates with me on Jared’s progress and well being. That is also very important to me as Jared can’t tell me.

I have also heard from other parents that they liked Ivy very much.

Hu laoshi – she is also a very good teacher. Jared likes her too. Lao shi also frequently keeps me updated on Jared’s well being.

Other parents have also shared with me that Hu laoshi is good.

Teacher Khai – whilst teacher Khai is new, I can already see that she has good classroom control methods. She is also able to immediately take on the role and got involved in caring for the children very fast.

Please keep all the teachers above in the centre yea? My Jared still has 4 more years there. Hope above teachers will teach him again and again and again :)