2020 has indeed been an eventful year, offering much for us to learn. We, the children and staff of Kinderland, embraced the unexpected storm and boldly rode the waves to achieve many firsts.

First time in history where preschoolers experienced full-fledged Home-Based blended learning for two months.

First time Kinderland children experienced learning through an online classroom.

First-ever virtual performance for Kinderland Preschool Marching Band.

First graduation concert to be entirely held virtually.

Because of the challenges of 2020, our children, families and teachers have grown to be more resilient. Now, we are assured and confident to enter the New Year with courage. With strength in unity, we are hopeful for a positive 2021.

Our children have shared their wishes for the New Year in this video.

Here’s wishing everyone, a Happy New Year!