Singapore – Three early childhood brands under the Crestar Education Group pulled forces to organised our first combined Father’s Day virtual celebration. Kinderland, ELFA Chinese Preschool and NurtureStars Preschool jointly organised Daddy’s Tiny Chef – a nutrition workshop for our students and dads. Held on 25 June, our families participated excitedly on the Saturday morning to attend the session together.

At the workshop, Nutritionist and associate lecturer from Republic Polytechnic, Grace Seah, shared nutrition tips for the preschoolers’ healthy growth. The workshop was designed to help daddies learn about children’s eating portions and sample meal plans for children. The workshop also focused on quality bonding time. The food preparation segment provided an opportunity for daddy-and-child pairs to make healthy snacks together.

A group photo of participants who were excited to start making some healthy snacks together.

Parents and their little ones learning about “My Healthy Plate”, appropriate food serving sizes and essential nutrients during the workshop

Participants showcasing their very own Blueberry Mango Yoghurt Swirl Popsicle – Healthy but extra “sweet” because it was made with love, alongside daddy and mummy!

Through this workshop, our children and parents learn about the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and protein. This provides them the knowledge they can tap into when meal planning in future. To help parents visualise serving sizes better, Grace shared what one serving size for children is in common food items (such as rice, oatmeal and vegetables).

Missed the session but keen to learn about essential nutrition knowledge for your child’s health? Check out the highlights from our snack preparation sessions at the following links:

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Crestar Education Group has always been very invested in our children’s physical and dietary wellness. We have always advocated a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for better and healthier growth of our preschoolers. This workshop supports the significance we place on health promotion in the early years of a child’s life. We will continue working closely with Health Promotion Board to promote comprehensive health practices that complement us KinderFit programme.