Centred on this year’s theme ‘Colours of Music’, the Kinderland class of 2017 topped off their enriching preschool learning journey with a splendid graduation concert held on 17 November at Kallang Theatre. The once in a year concert gave the cohort an opportunity to showcase their diversity and creative talents as the children treated their proud parents to an evening of traditional music performances.

Each year, the graduating cohort partakes in a unique instrumental stage ensemble where they learn to synchronise and play a range of musical instruments from different parts of the world such as the pianica, jazz drums, electone keyboard, glockenspiel, xylophone, chimes, bells, tambourine and agogô bell. The sing and dance performances were representative of various nationalities like Philippines, Indonesia, China, India, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore.

Inaugural performance by our Kinderland Instrumental Ensemble, a spin off from our highly successful classroom music programme.

Melodic ensemble of tone bells which promotes exceptional teamwork and listening skills of the children.

A traditional dance form – Jhumur Dance, performed after the completion of harvesting tea leaves in Assam, India.

This is in part an ode to Kinderland’s signature focus on music education which has proven benefits like concentration, more attentive listening, appreciation of teamwork and a higher level of musical ability such as the ability to read music scores. Through practice, interactive learning and having fun together, Kinderland children reap the benefit of a wholesome development through our all-rounded curriculum.

Other highlights of the night include performances by the iconic Kinderland Marching Band, a beautiful choreographed routine by JACPA gymnastics and Speech and Drama presentations. Each of these performances brings out the innate abilities of the children honed through hours of coaching and practice by our dedicated teachers.

An offshoot of our Marching Band, the indoor stage band liven the concert with their resounding beats.

A dazzling array of rhythmic gymnastics by our children in the Japanese culture with a popular Japanese festival song.

Understanding the rich culture of Italy through the Speech and Drama Performance by the children.

We hope that the tiny seeds that were nurtured in Kinderland would flourish as the children grow into curious, creative, intelligent world-ready individuals. From all of us at Kinderland, congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2017 on your stellar achievements!

A round of applause for our 450 Kindergarten 2 graduates!