In conjunction with Singapore’s 52nd birthday and to commemorate NS50, the Kinderland children from Revenue House performed a patriotic song “This is my Land” at the IRAS National Day Observance Ceremony. Dressed in the military uniforms, 16 K1 children marched, sang and performed to this national song in celebration of Singapore’s birthday with the IRAS and CUSTOMS personnel. The IRAS NDOC was presided by Mr Tan Tee How, Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Through this performance, children learn the importance of playing their part in defending our country and also, to instill in them a sense of national pride and joy as we celebrate the nation’s independence. Children also learnt about appreciating the hard work and bravery of soldiers in keeping our country peaceful, safe and sound for all Singaporeans and people who resided in this beautiful sunny island.

The children were ecstatic and excited during their performance and it received many accolades from the distinguished guests, parents and organizing committee. At the end of the performance, the children were filled with a sense of achievement and parents were very proud of them. The children had the privilege to take a picture with the Commissioner after their performance.

Our K1 children’s group photo with Mr Tan Tee How, Commissioner of Inland Revenue.