As an organisation, Kinderland constantly improves its operations and processes, as well as regularly trains its educators. We believe these improvements are essential to deliver consistent, high-quality education and care for our children.

Kinderland strives regularly to create caring and nurturing environments for our children

Kinderland has been steadily adjusting and upgrading several of its procedures and systems across its centres. We are happy to share the enhancements to three of our systems, namely the Teacher Training Monitoring System (TTMS), Child Management Monitoring System (CMMS), and the Whistle Blowing System (WBS).  We are also proud to introduce our new initiative, the Human Resource Wellness Partners (HRWPs).

Teacher Training Monitoring System

Review and enhancements to the TTMS ensure that our educators are trained with the most updated child management skills, knowledge and skillsets.This equips them to best care and nurture our children. To achieve this, our educators go through regular trainings with with internal , external  and international experts in the education field. Educators also undergo regular evaluations and assessments to ensure their understanding of the trainings.

Reviewing training sessions with our educators to ensure they gain optimum knowledge and skillsets for their profession

Child Management Monitoring System

Kinderland has enhanced the CMMS, including an online report system for principals to use in their daily walkabouts. Any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct, when logged into the system, will trigger an alert to our HQ Operations. This ensures swiftness in raising, investigating, and acting upon potential safety issues and concerns in our centres.

Principals conduct daily walkabouts in classes to oversee what goes on in classrooms

Whistle Blowing System

Kinderland believes in providing a safe environment for not just children, but staff as well. We pride ourselves on building a work culture that is transparent and accountable. The enhanced WBS allows employees to come forward anonymously with their concerns. It will also feature more channels of feedback, such as an instant messaging platform, to ease communications.  The new WBS  complements existing feedback channels, ensuring all concerns are addressed timely and with appropriate intervention.

Centre Leader having refresher briefing for teachers on Standard Operating Procedures, including Whistle Blowing Policy

Human Resource Wellness Partners

Lastly, our educators form the backbone of Kinderland’s operations. Supporting their wellbeing is key to ensuring that they are able to care and nurture for our children. To understand and meet the wellbeing needs of our educators, we introduced a new initiative, the Human Resource Wellness Partners. The HRWPs strive to build healthy relationships with our educators through close and regular communications rooted in care and empathy.

Through surveys and in-person meetings with educators, HRWPs will assess their wellbeing levels and offer follow up support as needed.  With this, we look to go beyond supporting their mental wellbeing needs and foster supportive and positive work environments too.

Supporting the wellbeing of our educators plays an integral role in creating a loving and nurturing environment in Kinderland (photo taken during Professional Development Day 2023).

Kinderland will continue to build upon these enhancements through collaboration with our parents and other partners.  We thank you for being a part of our journey in building a brighter future for our children together