This article talks about Kinderland’s response in enhancing child mismanagement. It also focuses on the initiatives that were put in place to prevent any incidences of child mismanagement.

This included arranging an experienced principal to take over in the shortest time possible, installation of CCTVs in classrooms, revamps of windows to have more visibility into classrooms, and the publishing of the whistle blowing policy on the school’s notice board.

In the article, Ms Surinder shared more on how she had more walkabouts around the preschool to observe lessons and help educators when needed. She further explained the limitations on educators’ personal phone usage being meant to protect the children’s privacy and ensure educators’ attention is on the children during lessons. Ms Surinder also expanded on the increased training efforts to ensure all educators are best equipped with the right knowledge to care for our children.

She then spoke about the significance of the warmth and support given by the community around Woodlands Mart to our educators and children. For example, when our educators brought our children for a walk in the community, residents and shop owners will greet our children amiably. During the Lunar New Year period, they shared mandarin oranges with our children.

The warmth and support of the community plays an integral role to Kinderland, creating a sense of belonging for both educators and our children within the community. This is integral in boosting their morale and emotional wellbeing of both our teachers and children. Ultimately, the warmth and support of the community bolsters Kinderland and its educators to continue providing our children with the necessary care and nurturing.

The article also mentioned how the preschool had engaged a dedicated counsellor for the children as a support system for them. The counsellor feedbacked positively on the emotional and mental wellbeing of the children. To date (13 March 2024 as per article publishing date), no parent has requested the counsellor’s assistance for their child.

The article also highlighted that despite personnel changes in Kinderland Preschool @ Woodlands Mart, trust levels among other educators and staff, as well as parents, remained high.