We are thrilled to announce that this year, four of our remarkable Principals – Ms Benazir Beevi, Ms Tan Boon Eng, Ms Michelle Ang, and Ms Valerie Gan – along with our teachers Ms Zhang Xu and Ms May Chin, have successfully been nominated into the Professional Development Programme (PDP). Their nomination is a significant accomplishment, testifying to their unwavering commitment to the landscape of early childhood education. We would also like to acknowledge the supportive role of the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) in recognising their exceptional capabilities.

From the left: Ms May Chin, Ms Zhang Xu, Ms Valerie Gan and Ms Tan Boon Eng

Our educators are pivotal in moulding the learning journey of our young learners. The PDP, a three-year programme, is structured to bolster their professional growth, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to undertake larger roles within our organisation. It provides them a valuable platform to broaden their horizons, share insights, and exchange innovative ideas with peers, industry leaders, and the wider early childhood community, thus enhancing their professional journey.

All our nominees, who have been with us for over three years, have displayed commendable leadership and commitment. An exemplar is Ms Ang, Principal from Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of Manpower. Her unwavering support to her team of teachers has played an instrumental role in promoting an inclusive and nurturing learning environment for children with diverse needs.

Second from the left: Ms Ang, Principal from Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of Manpower, continually providing ongoing support to her team of teachers.

Ms Gan, Principal from Kinderland Preschool @ Sengkang, expressed her excitement for the PDP in a recent interview. She envisions the programme as a critical steppingstone to sharpen her leadership skills and contribute new ideas to the early childhood sector— her way of giving back to the community. Similarly, Ms Zhang Xu, expressed gratitude for the support she received from the principal and management during the nomination process. She looks forward to the PDP as a platform to refine her teaching skills and contribute more effectively to the early childhood sector.

Ms Zhang Xu from Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of National Development is dedicated to her teaching and will continuously enhance herself to further contribute to the early childhood sector

We’re immensely proud of our principals, teacher, and infant educator for their successful nominations to the PDP. We congratulate all the nominees and look forward to the enriching experiences they will gain from this professional journey.