As Kinderland reaches the significant milestone of its 45th anniversary, we proudly organised two contests in honour of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These competitions were more than mere festive acknowledgments of parental love; they were designed as opportunities to foster family bonding and promote sustainability.

Our first contest, held in May in celebration of Mother’s Day, was organised to encourage father-child collaborations, emphasising both creativity and sustainability. Through the “Queen’s Makeover Challenge,” fathers and their children teamed up to create queen-themed attire for mothers, using only recycled materials. The contest served as much more than a creative endeavour. It was an opportunity to solidify familial ties, learning the importance of environmental stewardship, and convey the value of sustainable practices. The most outstanding creation won a grand prize of a $450 5-Star Hotel Voucher, while four runners-up were awarded $50 shopping vouchers.

Grand Prize Winner of our Mother’s Day ‘Queen’s Makeover Challenge’

Runners-up of our Mother’s Day ‘Queen’s Makeover Challenge’

June brought yet another occasion to celebrate family bonds and encourage creative expression through our Father’s Day contest, the “Dad’s Twinning Challenge”. This contest aimed to inspire children to understand and appreciate their father’s daily roles in a fun, interactive manner. The challenge required children to strike poses that best mimicked their dad’s style or daily routine. Five outstanding “twins” were each rewarded with a grand prize – a $210 go-kart voucher.

Grand Prize Winners of our Father’s Day ‘Dad’s Twinning Challenge’

While each of these contests had unique themes, they shared a common objective — to nurture familial ties and instil an understanding of sustainability within our Kinderland community. We express our sincere gratitude to all parents who participated in these contests. Your active involvement and support have made these events successful and impactful. The lessons learned and memories created serve as testaments to our ongoing commitment to foster a supportive, engaging, and sustainable learning environment at Kinderland.