More than 700 parents, teachers and children had a roaring good time at Sports Fiesta, participating in a variety of exciting relay games.

We were honoured to have Mr Alex Fun (Director, School Health & Outreach Division, Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore) as our Guest-of-Honour who officiated the event on 21 September 2019.

He mentioned that Kinderland and ELFA are strong advocates of regular physical activities, and many of our centres are appointed as healthy preschools by HPB. Activities organised for Sports Fiesta help in the development of movement as well as motor and social skills.

Guest of Honour, Mr Alex Fun, acknowledged the multiple benefits of Sports Fiesta in building a healthy lifestyle among the young.

Our preschool marching band, the first and only in Singapore, put up a rousing performance at the event. Close to 70 Kindergarten 1 and 2 children from Kinderland @ Yio Chu Kang demonstrated different formations while playing to popular tunes from Disney such as “Under the Sea”, “Mickey Mouse March”, “Whole New World”. 18 Nursery children from the newly formed pom-pom dance group performed with the band for the very first time, dancing to “It’s a Small World” as the band played. Our marching band involved various instruments such as the glockenspiels, pianicas, electronic keyboards, and drums.

We were also joined by our band director, Ms Sayaka Shimazaki, for the opening item, “Be our Guest”. With us since 2017, she is an experienced marching band instructor in Japan.

Band director, Ms Sayaka Shimazaki, performing the opening item “Be Our Guest” with Kinderland’s preschool marching band.

Our marching band performing in unison.

Our K1 children participating in ‘Crawl-Pass-Roll’.

Joining us for the third year, our toddlers, aged between 18 and 30 months, participated in two games, ‘Move the Circle’ and ‘Go, Go, Go!’

Our parents put in their all to support their toddlers in their very first relay.

Sports Fiesta is about family bonding too! This is in line with HPB’s Active Family Programme, which encourages families to get moving and make precious memories together. Parents looked forward to our parent-child games where they had a healthy dose of fun with their children.

The highlight of Sports Fiesta is the ever-popular Tug-of-War, gamely participated by parents, ActiveSG representatives and some members of Kinderland’s Management team.

18-month-old toddler in action at ‘Go, Go, Go!’ supported by her father every step of the way.

Tug-of-War, a parent participation highlight in Sports Fiesta. Some members of Kinderland’s Management team and guests joined in the fun this year.