In conjunction with World Wildlife Day, our Kinderland preschoolers spent a fruitful day learning about the importance of wildlife conservation. Over 200 preschoolers, aged 5 years old and above, arrived at the Singapore Zoo bright and early on Friday morning. The wildlife park was bustling with activities as the children were eager to come close to the residents of the zoo.

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin and Kinderland preschoolers, together with their sister brand, NurtureStars walking at Singapore Zoo

The children were joined by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament, who is also the deputy chairman of Mandai Park Holdings (MPH), the parent company of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS). Minister Tan kicked off this year’s campaign – themed ‘Together for Wildlife’ which aims to raise public awareness and rally communities, companies and individuals to value the importance of preserving wildlife and biodiversity through conservation efforts.

At Kinderland, starting the conversation on caring for the environment begins from an early age. Educational excursions to the zoo takes learning out of the classroom and help our children develop their awareness on the role that they play in the environment.

Singapore Zoo staff sharing with the children about the habitat of the African Pygmy Hedgehog

For most of the children, the zoo is their only opportunity to see these animals which are often talked about in books and on television. As they walked through the zoo, they were curious to learn more about natural habitats and were exposed to the real threat of poaching and how some of their beloved animal friends have lost their homes.

Kinderland child up close with an endangered species, bearded dragon from Australia

The Singapore Zoo is home to many wildlife species, some of which are endangered in the world. The children were also given tips on how they can be young wildlife stewards. Katie Lim, aged 6 said, “My favourite animal is the tiger. We should protect the homes of the wild animals. We should not cut down trees in the forests so that they can continue to live for a long time. From today, I will try my best to recycle paper that I no longer use because paper is made from trees.”

By practicing these tips, we can all chip in to make a difference!

Kinderland is an avid supporter of wildlife conservation initiatives. In the past year, our preschoolers and staff have participated in various events organised by the WRS as part of our commitment to the good cause.