Our children hold the key to our future, there are just so much to learn from them. This International Children’s Day, we celebrate the importance of our Kinderland children. In our special video, our Kinderland teachers shared about their supporting roles in helping the children achieve their ideal tomorrow. Our children spoke about their aspirations and wishes for their future. We are inspired and ever ready to build a better world for our young charges to inherit.

To celebrate Children’s Day this year, Kinderland Singapore invites parents to share with us their special moments with their children. Submissions were contributed to the “My Kinderland Child” social media contest – highlighting memorable interactions between parents and Kinderland children.

Winning Entry for “My Kinderland Child” Contest

Participating Entries for “My Kinderland Child” Contest

Through the words of our parents, we have witnessed how our children have progressed and matured over the days. They learn independence and build confidence to help themselves achieve more in their daily lives.

We congratulate our winner for this contest, Evan and Alexander! They earned themselves a special children’s day gift pack. It contains a Yamaha Pianica and interactive toys that helps with their learning in school.

Playtime is going to be extra special for Evan, Alexander and family.

Here at Kinderland, we believe that every child is unique. It is our hope to provide them a safe and healthy environment to grow into global citizens with a heart.