On 17 April 2019, 60 teachers and principals from Kinderland, ELFA and Nurture Star in Singapore, China and Malaysia embarked on the learning adventure of a lifetime at the7th Asian Preschool Education Annual Conferences and Asian Preschool Education Exposition in Zhuhai, China. Themed “The Journey of Education”, the cohort – under the guidance of the Singapore Crestar Education Group – had the opportunity to share and exchange new ideas and exciting practices in childhood development with their fellow education professionals.

The week kicked off with a visit to the six preschools in Zhuhai on 17th and 18th April 2019, where representatives got the chance to gain insights into the unique teaching methods and advanced management operations of ELFA Foshan and Kinderland Zhuhai.

Representatives from Crestar Education Group Singapore, China and Malaysia visited ELFA Foshan

Representatives taking “notes” with the aid of technology at ELFA Foshan

Visiting sector colleagues centres help Representatives to gather ideas on best practice

The Asian Preschool Education Annual Conferences then followed on 19th April. Under the theme of “Magnificent Oriental Tile: Quality New Preschool”, the conference featured 54 seminars and workshops. Our representatives also got to listen and engage directly with a panel of international education experts and scholars.

Asian Preschool Education Annual Conferences officially kicked off on 19th April 2019

Despite a short 5-day study trip, the representatives from Kinderland brought home many valuable learnings. Besides expanding on our vision and knowledge of the organisation, our educators also had the opportunity to expand their professional network, develop their teaching skills and improve the quality of their student’s learning journey.