700 teachers in the Crestar group, including teachers and staff from Kinderland gathered on 19 July 2019 for Professional Development Day 2019 to refresh and upgrade their early childhood education knowledge and skills.

Kinderland teachers had the opportunity to interact with teachers from the other brands under the Crestar group

Dr Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Kinderland International Education, and Ms Catherine Liew, Head of Curriculum at Skool4Kidz, kicked off the day with an opening speech. Both emphasised on the need for Sustainable Learning, fostering the acquisition of both cognitive and soft skills as foundational skills in line with the Group’s mission to develop future-ready citizens.

This year’s training was held in five different locations, and focused on empowering educators with relevant skills and insights necessary to develop and nurture lifelong learners and critical thinkers, by encouraging experimentation, discovery and a thirst for knowledge.

Staff attended six different trainings and workshops designed by the KLC International Institute, with topics including Creating a Self-directed Learning Environment, Empowering Preschool Educators with Effective Communication Skills, and Integrating Stories and Music for Preschoolers.

Our Customer Service Officers in deep discussion

In Exploring Creativity in Natural Science through Chinese Language, Chinese language teachers were taught ways to introduce the language to little ones by sparking their innate curiosity for nature through stories.  

An experiment on building a structure with straws

Apart from the teachers, the kitchen staff also attended the Nutrition and Food Safety workshop, where they developed a greater understanding on key nutrients required by young children, focusing on preparation of healthy food, hygiene and safety in the kitchen.

Kinderand Chefs putting their learning into practice, ensuring our children will receive the optimum nutrition for healthier growth

Being early childhood educators, we should never forget that we have the power to shape the minds of little ones. As such, we should always encourage them to ask questions, pique their curiosities and never stop learning. Seeing a child’s face light up in wonder when they have learnt something new would make the effort all worth it!

Our Crestar preschool team coming together as one