Feedback from parents

Hi Mrs Pramadevi,

I believe that the teachers have put in a lot of effort in making the performance a very entertaining one despite the short time frame in MOE. A job well done! I have attached a copy of the photo taken during the celebration.

Khim Huat (Kenrick’s father, K2)

Dear Ms Prama

My colleagues all agree the Kinderland performance was the most entertaining and meaningful.

There were laughters all round. As for the interviews at the end of the performance, some felt it was too scripted and would prefer a more natural response from the kids. I don’t think it was a negative feedback but I thought it was useful for you to know.

ArthurPoh (Nigel’s & Nicole’s Father)

Dear Ms Prama & teachers involved,

Well Done! The children’s performance is always the most captivating & highlight of the ceremony which garnered the most support from the floor. We enjoyed the parade of costumes & colours. Engaging the children in conversation was refreshing and certainly built up the confidence in the children. Thanks for taking time in preparing the children & making it fun for them as well.

Wish all staff at Kinderland a Happy National Day!

Mom of Zannon/K2

Hi, Ms Prama

I think today’s performance is fantastic. Most importantly, the kids enjoyed themselves.

Thank you.

Ms Tan Hwee Hoon
K1 Hazel’s mummy