Kinderland – Marine Parade reopens this year with a new service in Infant & Toddler Care as well as brand-new facilities such as the Self-Help Kitchenette and Piazza.

The first few months of a growing infant is crucial, and it is important that they get the chance to grow in a safe yet stimulating environment. Hence, the new Infant and Toddler Care service offers specially selected toys, including teacher-made resources, to stimulate their sensory learning. The infants’ exploratory play includes the use of mats, soft-gyms, wall bars, cruiser boxes and climbing loft that will aid the children in developing a creative and curious mind.

Spacious and well-padded mobile and immobile areas for the infant to explore in comfort and safety.

The Self-Help Kitchenette, a hallmark of Kinderland’s key offerings, is inspired by the early independence of pre-schoolers in Japan. This place provides children an opportunity to grow as independent and responsible individuals from an early age.

Part of a Kinderland child’s daily routine is to take charge in helping to lay the table for their classmates before meal time. They will collect their own food and return their dishes after the meal. This helps them to grow self-confidence and a sense of accountability in choosing how much they want when it comes to food. These small acts of independence contribute to a child’s development and equip them with necessary skills for the future.

Self-Help Kitchenette, where children gain independence and confidence.

The newly built Piazza boasts a wide indoor space of 160 square metres, providing children ample room to engage in games and activities which help build their interpersonal and motor skills. KinderFit classes are conducted in this large space to encourage all Kinderland children to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Piazza – An open space with unlimited possibilities

Interested parents who want to experience our new centre up-close and personal, please call 6881 8818 to book a private tour today!