This year’s Kinderland Day was one of mutual appreciation, learning and bonding, bringing together teachers, staff and guests.

Close knitted bonds evidence between teachers from different centres

General Manager Mr Seet Lee Kiang and Curriculum and Professional Development Director Dr Carol Loy started off the day by thanking the Kinderland family for their continuous efforts. Dr Loy then shared the latest in curriculum and professional development areas.

This year, a specially-curated music curriculum by Dr Diana-Lea Baranovichto to enhance cognitive development was introduced to the infant care programme. While E-learning and coding were incorporated in the S.T.R.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Reading and wRiting, Arts and Maths) programme. Through such initiatives, Kinderland aims to raise early innovators to give them a head start in an increasingly digital world.

Our children’s work from various centres which encompasses coding were showcased at our S.T.R.E.A.M. exhibition

In April, educators attended the World Forum on Early Care and Education in Macao, and the Asian Preschool Education Annual Conferences and Asian Preschool Education Exposition in Zhuhai, China. The team shared views on global trends and leadership experiences and visited local preschools to glean insights into alternative teaching methods.

Keynote speaker Dr Akira Maehashi, Japan’s Waseda University spoke of the importance of cultivating routines from a young age. After which, Professor Yang Li Zhu, Liaoning University explained the correlation between success and healthy personality traits, while Dr Nirmala Karuppiah, NIE/NTU emphasised on the importance of quality teacher-child interactions in preschool classrooms.

Dr Akira Maehashi explaining how prolong irregular sleep patterns in young children will affect their developmental growth

In recognising our professionals for their dedication and effort in upholding Kinderland’s quality of service, the delegation also enjoyed a string of specially-planned activities and lucky draw.

Teachers cheering for the winners at the Awards Presentation

The day ended on a high, with recharged, reinvigorated attendees ready to apply what they learnt.

The Kinderland team with guests in unity